Almond Roca and more

So, we drove to Seattle this past weekend, which btw is my hometown, to watch my son play in a soccer game. The game was actually in Tacoma [they tied] and on our way to see the  Chihuly glass bridge [something I've read about in airplane magazines and wanted to see for a long time] — which was absolutely amazing, we drove right by the Almond Roca factory. Honestly, I’m a bit perplexed as to why I found this so exciting — but I did. All of a sudden at an unknown intersection there it was, this really old building and really old sign that said Brown and Haley’s Almond Roca and I squealed and bounced up and down and made my husband stop so I could go into the little pink gift shop and buy everyone a treat of real Almond Roca, from it’s place of origin. I’ve realized again, thinking about this unexpected encounter that little things like Almond Roca and the mix of memories that surround them are part of what makes life so good — and the better we get at stopping to pay homage to them, the better we will be at recognizing them the next time. So, here’s to the image of my grandpa sitting in his leather chair on Christmas Eve opening his can of Almond Roca and here’s to the can that I will buy for Taft to give to my Dad this year. Here’s to all the little things that help us make connections between people and generations — and here’s to really good butter crunch candy.

Hey and if anybody has cool pictures of the Chihuly bridge I think they should scrapbook them and submit them to SS!Pavilion_018_menu


  1. i need more full circle stories like this in my life!!
    that is so awesome!

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