Chase Style

This post is really for my mom. You might think I’m good at sending
her school photos and other pictures of her grandchildren, but I’m not.
In explaining this blog thing to her over the weekend, I said "I will
for instance create a place where you can click to see pictures and
read updates about "The Boys"" She reminded me that I’ll soon be needing a category called "The Girl" too — this makes me giddy!!

boy is developing a style all his own. I think I might describe it as
sloppy preppy. Today, he came out in his baggy khakis and a striped
T-shirt wearing both his green CTR band and the beaded one I brought
him from South Africa. His hair was combed — which means he is putting
some thought into the whole personal presentation thing [the kind of thing we expect from Trey, but not Chase] and it just made me think "If
I was in the fifth grade, I might just have a crush on this boy!" I’m lovin this Chase style — even the little scar on his left eye brow, he is so cute!


  1. I love Chase! What a cute picture. Is that from this year??

  2. ok he looks like he could be a geof mini-me!
    love it!

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