Day 1 – Stamford


Checked in last night. There was a plate of fruit and cheese waiting — nice. Slept in a Westin Heavenly bed — very nice. Had a slumber party with Beth Proudfoot — who btw, designed the layout on our current issue. I found out that Beth doesn’t use pattern paper — she doesn’t even own one sheet. This, she says makes the design process much easier [fewer decisions] — hmmmm, made me think. Took this picture this morning. Yes, we know that it is much too close, but we are having fun and that is our report.

more later.


  1. hi stacy, hi beth!!
    no patterned paper?
    wow, that makes sense…
    but what would i cover my mini albums with? nope can’t do it but totally admire the simplicity!
    have fun!!!!

  2. No pp? A girl after my own heart! I’ve only recently taken the plunge into pp. I’d rather just wallpaper my scrap room with it instead of cutting it up!
    p.s. SO glad I found this blog! I love “reading” you.

  3. Lynne Hardy says:

    Thank YOu, Thank, You, THank You for an awesome FRiends & Family album class. Everytime I open my book, I fall in love with it more and more. ALthough I did not finish it at CKU-A Ct, I plan on working on it later this week. You have given me the tools and knowledge to creat more meaningful ablums and get more pictures scrapped. YOu are such an inspiration to those who meet you. And a big Thank you to Beth for all the help in the class as well. Loved all of your albums the two of you shared. I was sharing all my CKU-A news with a good friend and almost break down crying as I told her about “A Tree Named Steven” and about Beth’s “These are YOur Roots” book. Thank you again for an awesome experience!
    Lynne (PS-I sat at the middle table up front and was your nurse [my name on my name tag is my first name 'Joy'] that explained Triage the first day of class)

  4. Forgot to tell you I took quite a few photos of you at the Baby shower. Would love to send to you through email or snail mail if you would like.

  5. Bernadette Sikorski says:

    Had the best time at Stacey’s “Friends & Family” Class. I know I was “blocked” at first – but wow did I ever love getting the hang of that concept. Now I think of scrapping a whole new way – loved meeting you and talking to you – took photos (I take awful photos – my eyes are closed!) Beth was the best – and felt connected to you like we’ve been friends forever – you made the whole class feel that way – miss that – I am anxious to get my project done – although I’ve been side tracked and couldn’t get to it, but will make an effort this weekend. Love this “blog” thing! it’s great reading your stuff.

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