Here Goes Nothin’

I returned from the Memory Trends trade show in Las Vegas today. I like trade shows — I always get a bit nervous right before I walk onto the floor the first day, because I’m making that transition from mom to editor and I wonder if I’ll remember names and products and all that — I give myself a little pep talk, get my “game face” on and before I know it, I’m in the groove. In fact I get so engrossed I have a hard time stopping to eat or pee or anything. I just go, go, go — love it so much. If I can figure out how this blog thing works, I’ll be posting a few of my favorite finds under Makes Me So Happy. And maybe next post I’ll tell you the story behind my blog’s title. In the meantime, don’t hold your breathe or anything, because I’m no Cathy Z, Donna D or Tara W — these women amaze me. I’m a low-tech wanna be, anxious to have more of an outlet to share thoughts about scrapbooking and life. I’ll require some patience for sure.
Happy dreams.


  1. Well of course you’re not me or donna or T….
    And you figured out how to post!
    Oh please, please tell the story of your blog title. I told dan and he just giggled.
    It’s just so YOU!

  2. You’re blogging!! How exciting!!!!

  3. I am THRILLED you are bloggin’! Can’t wait to share a part of day reading your thoughts.
    And I think you’ll have a serious following like CZ and DD and TW in no time flat!
    Yippy! SJ is bloggin’!

  4. SJ blogs. All is well with the world.

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