Our Tree Named Steve

is my new favorite children’s book. The author is Alan Zweibel and it’s a story about a family and the memories connected to one very special tree in their yard. It’s a scrapbooker’s story. I just said to Trey and Taft, who are getting their PJs on "I’ll meet you on the leather couch" — this means it’s reading time.
I like trees. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without trees. I’m going to read Our Tree Named Steve to my CKU-A class next week.


  1. Sounds like a great book! I’ll have to go get me a copy. thanks for sharing!
    P.S. such a cute picture of you!

  2. you will need to plant a seedling at your new house and name it a girl’s name in honor of your family’s new chapter in life.

  3. hey Stacey!
    sounds like a good book, didja know Alan Z. wrote for Saturday Night Live back in the 70′s? He also wrote a book called “bunny bunny” about his friendship with Gilda Radner…
    has the adoption gone through yet? i’m so excited for you and a little jealous, too! have fun & thanks for a fun read on your blog! valerie

  4. karen mcgowan says:

    stacy – so glad you shared this book at cku – i’ve got to have it now! we’ve moved around too much and all of our seedlings have been left behind, but i like to think that there are families out there enjoying the little trees we’ve left behid.

  5. Lynne Hardy says:

    Thank you for sharing this book at CKU-A. I had to chuckle when youtold us you would probably cry while reading it. You were right, it may me cry too. Can’t wait to pick up 3 copies, one to keep and one for each granddaughter.

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