Toothpaste Drawers and More

My house is never all the way clean — I’m assuming I’m not alone in this. I could easily spend my entire day cleaning and organizing. I decided quite a while ago that I don’t want to do this — life is too exciting and perfection and spotless environments are overrated anyway. What I do now is clean one small corner somewhere, almost everyday. For example, this morning I took 31/2 minutes while the boys were getting ready for school, to clean the toothpaste drawer. It is now immaculate and even though it is unlikely that anyone will notice I feel a sense of accomplishment. If, this afternoon some unexpected visitor drops in to see my not-so-tidy house, I will think to myself "my toothpaste drawer is clean" and I will be fine — in fact, I will in a secret sort of way feel quite powerful, in that this small, unseen and seemingly insignificant corner of my life is in such order. Try it — go scour your laundry room sink, or alphabetize your spice rack or organize your make-up drawer — and then tell me if I’m not right!

So … here’s the more
I’m going to Albuquerque, to meet Barbara Brandt — she just won a Big Picture party at the SS website and I’m just feeling happy about that. I’m going to bring green and pink M&Ms that coordinate perfectly with the cover of my book. I’m going to make brownies too and I’m going to bring everyone a big picture frame, so we can take pictures. We are going to make a page or two and just get to know each other better — and then, because I now have a blog, I’m going to post it all here! 

I’m also working on some other really cool things that are just around the corner, and you’ll hear all about here first! I’m off to work on my keynote presentation for CKU-A next week —


  1. Clean drawers are always exciting! They give you a sense of accomplishment. For me dishes are that way. My day can be horrible and busy but as long as my dishes are done and my sink is shiny life is good!!
    Have fun in New Mexico!
    can’t wait to hear about the new stuff!!
    Love you!

  2. beth proudfoot says:

    I am so happy I found you here!
    Do you know how many excited people there are
    waiting to hear that keynote presentation next weekend?! You are going to rock the house, and I for one can’t wait!

  3. Thena Smith says:

    What a special joy and neat treat to find your blog this am!
    It sure was nice to see your smiling face in Vegas at MT! I can’t wait to get your new book!
    Thena (Smith)

  4. Laura Buchanan says:

    I just have to tell you what an inspiration you are. From the moment I saw your enthusiasm and excitement for life in the “QVC Study Hall Crop” when you got back from NYC (I’m the one who asked you where you got the diet dr. pepper) I knew you were a great person who would be so fun to know.
    I LOVED your keynote presentation and felt more inspired to learn and apply my learning to my life during that hour than I did any other time at CKU (and that’s saying a lot because CKU was great and very inspiring).
    Thank you for sharing your great personality and enthusiasm for life and learning. Thanks for your knowledge of color. I too have always been drawn to color and loved learning about it, but I needed your little boost to get me going again. So, thanks. (I’d love any recommendations for books; I already have the Beatrice Eiseman ones on hold at the library.)
    It’s been fun now reading your blog and I especially loved your “toothpaste drawer” story. Thanks for sharing.
    Laura Buchanan

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