Top Ten for Yesterday

I was ready to post my top ten list yesterday and decided to snuggle with Trey and Taft and read a fairytale first — that was at 4:30 p.m. — next thing I knew it was today [guess I was tired]

10. A Good Deed
Got to help a Japanese woman in the Denver airport — walked her from gate B37 to B60. Every few seconds she would look at me, smile and say "You help me" –  I would smile and nod back. Loved that.
9. A Shuttle Friend
Was hoping I wouldn’t have to ride the shuttle alone. Got to talk to Nikki Webber about winning contests at CKU-A and about really great friends and scrapbooking. Good conversation.
8. Sharing with Taft
Dad and the boys went to trunk-or-treat while I was away. The first thing Taft said to me when I got home was "come see my candy" — he dumped it all out on his bedroom floor and said "you can have any one that you want Mom" So sweet.
7. Music to Listen to
Listened to Donny Osmond on the flight from New York to Denver — I don’t care what people think, that guy can sing. My new favorite song is "My Perfect Rhyme"  — the song he wrote for his wife of 26 years — made me miss my husband, which is a good thing.
6. A New Book
Bought The Universe in a Single Atom, by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, in the Denver airport. It’s about the convergence of science and spirituality — the idea that science shows us ways of interpreting the physical world, while spirituality helps us cope with reality — I agree 100% with the author when he emphasizes the fact that an extreme pursuit of either is impoverishing. Very enlightening.
5. Crisp Autumn Air
No explanation needed — just loved breathing it in.
4. Playing Catch
Threw the football with Clark for about 40 minutes — doesn’t get any better than this.
3. Comfort Food
My friend Heidi, who sometimes watches my kids, also makes meals and puts them in my freezer. [I know, I'm spoiled] Defrosted the Ritz Chicken and baked it for an hour. Served with little red potatoes and cooked carrots. Just what I needed.
2. Uneventful Travel
Left on time, got home on time. Thank goodness.
1. Coming Home
Wish I could describe the feeling.


  1. ain’t life great when it’s good? (and even when it ain’t so good, it still is. thanks for the reminder)
    p.s. – i LOVE Donny, too…saw him this past June in Cerritos, CA and the man still has it! :o)

  2. Hey Stacy,
    I’m so glad I found your blog through the ladies on yahoo. I will now be able to see you from a far. Great seeing you in Stamford.

  3. I was glad to have a shuttle buddy also. Glad to hear your flight was smooth. Mine was also…slept through most of it. Enjoyed our conversation.

  4. Hi Stacy!
    So glad I found your blog (and no, I am not stalking you! LOL). Your life sounds good and walking the Japanese lady to the correct terminal was a VERY nice thing to do.

  5. Sharon Chandler says:

    Hi Stacy – Yes, I’ll admit it … I did have Donny Osmond posters! So excited you have a blog! Thanks for your excellent presentation at CKU-A Stamford. Loved your “favorites” project, too, because I LOVE books! Can’t wait to read more … Sharon (in TX)

  6. Hi Stacy!
    The book by the Dalai Lama sounds interesting — but how on earth can you digest something so HEAVY after CKU — I still feel like I’m catching up on sleep!
    I completely enjoyed your album track — I just finished my dedication page on my album and I’m giving it to my daughter tonight — hope she likes it. And I have other concept albums in the works!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Melanie Rooney says:

    Stacy – you always inspire me. Thanks for creating this blog. I cherish the way you help me to see the simple things in my own life.

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