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Night_treeSometimes when I want to stay up late, but all I can think of at 9:00 pm is my bed, I go for a quick walk around the block. A night walk. You see things at night that you can’t see during the day. I think if I wasn’t so imaginative about things that might happen at night I would go for really long night walks. I had insomnia once in college. I finally got out of bed at 2:30 and walked all around the BYU campus [in Provo, UT.] I still remember the moon that night and the way the lights made the trees look. I thought of this the other night when I saw this tree — and no, I did not have my camera with me. I had to walk home and then walk around the block again — this was my everyday art for Friday.


  1. I love the lighting on that tree! It almost looks like it’s on fire. I may have to try that walk for insomnia…I usually clean my house! LOL

  2. Laura T. in NJ says:

    Love the artful tree and the link to find the art in the everyday. I am off to find the art in straightening this disaster at home…thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Art for SURE, Stacy! :)
    Love that that you can get out at night & see & feel the world in a different way…
    so peaceful…
    TFS! :)

  4. what a beautiful shot:)
    the only thing i see around here at night are stray cats:)

  5. so beautiful. And I love what the night does to what I see, alters it somehow. And that over-active imagination about what COULD be happening is part of the picture.
    I have a bunch of shots I took of my boys leaf-jumping at night. The pictures aren’t “good”, but the images are ones I love – my guys, goofing around at a “daytime” activity in the dark.
    Altogether too much fun.

  6. Ahhhh. . . I remember those walks at BYU!! I used to leave my apartment at 6:45 am just so I could walk past the Maeser building before campus was crawling with students. What a beautiful campus. I loved that walk from my apartment to class in the morning. It was my thinking time. I really miss that. Thanks for reminding me!
    BTW, SOOO excited about your new site!

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