Behind Trey’s Bed

So, I was inspired today to create a layout. I haven’t done it yet, but here’s what it will be: A picture of Trey sitting on his bed with a title something like "my mom found some stuff behind my bed" and I will then follow with this list …

one bicycle-sized Washington State license plate with Trey J
two miniature rubber sharks [a leopard shark and a great white]
fourteen Pokemon cards
the blue satin vest I wore as a musketeer for Halloween three years ago
one small plastic Carebear with a shamrock on his tummy
one plastic squirt bottle from our "Make Your Own Gummi Candy" kit
one red rubber wrist band that says Strike Out ALS
one Nerf bullet
three pencils
three plastic Easter eggs halves [green, purple and pink]
the lid to my bubble gum dispenser
one Hot Wheels car
one individually wrapped malted-milk Easter egg
five red push pins
four gum balls
one lobster Beanie Baby named Stinger
a Power Ranger sword
one sock
one badly damaged miniature Cadbury Milk Chocolate Easter egg
one, 1980 penny
one clear plastic toothbrush cover
one flash card [11x9]
one Arthur book [Arthur's Hiccups]

"good thing I have a mom"

funny huh?
I’ll post it here.


  1. too funny!! can’t wait to see that layout – that’s an original concept!!!

  2. things we do everyday…ha!
    reading your post today, i actually heard myself saying and saw myself laying across paytons bed, the bottom bunk under mckenna’s and reciting a very similar and equally long list of things that are swallowed up in the gap between her and the wall.
    love it!!!

  3. The boy obviously need a bigger bed! LOL!! Can’t wait to see what you create!

  4. That’s so funny! I look forward to seeing the layout too!

  5. oooh….that’s funny. I’d be scared to make a list of what could be under my son’s bed. lol

  6. I love your list…but I’m afraid I’d have to have some sort of special permit to excavate the stuff that might reside under my son’s bed! :)

  7. not just funny – HILARIOUS! Can’t wait to see the resulting LO…truly inspired idea!!

  8. LOVE the list!
    I will have to make one for myself and scrap it. For Emma, my three year old collector/hoarder since the space under our bed is spotless….ha!

  9. I’m already finding similar things stashed in strange places and my son isn’t even three yet!?!? Boys are a different breed of person, aren’t they? Man, I LOVE him!

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