Passion, entry 23

Passion_On my whirlwind tour of NYC last month I spent about 12 1/2 mind-expanding minutes at the Kate’s Paperie in Midtown [57th between 6th and 7th.] Purchased this journal there — it’s my passion journal. Decided to invite as many scrapbookers as possible to write and tell me about their passion. Thought perhaps I’d share a few entries with you — I’ve found them uplifting and insightful — undeniable evidence that you are unique, fascinating, and completely scrap-worthy. I delight in meeting and learning from you …

{entry 23, Elaine}

I am a professional woman, a daughter, a sister, a love and I am passionate about learning. I love to learn new things, via taking classes, watching videos, reading and doing — anyway I can enrich my skills and knowledge. For me, learning isn’t just about mastering or "achievement," — it’s about broadening my horizons, the scope of my imagination. I take pride in being an educated person and sharing what I know with others. It’s amazing to me how much I learn while teaching others …


  1. I have loved Kate’s website and longed for an hour or two in her shop to browse…I guess you lived a few minutes of a fun dream of mine! [note: dreams can be really simple things for me.] I have had a very busy week and started my own blog- which I thought you might enjoy. As for my passions~ lately they inlcude Buttercream icing (I took a gourmet cake class & posted pics at 2Peas), reading and thinking about Heaven, and realizing that ALL that I do and say can be an act of worship to God. I have been a SAHM who imagines that God is my boss and that I would want to do my best- even when the tasks are mundane and routine. That is my passion. To be and do my best, no matter how small or big the task- knowing that God is watching and might choose to tell me one day, “Well done.” Thanks for your “inspiration” today. I think I’m well on my way to a book deal with all the event of my life. Hope to talk with you soon.

  2. I thought it was so cool when you asked people to write what inspires them (beside scrapbooking) in that book.Very cool idea and BTW…I have a paper store that is online that I adore and it’s called….tons of yummy stuff and paper that I use in my scrapbooking….

  3. Can you be passionate about your family??? Is it possible?? With grown children in college I find that its now time for me to learn from them– They are so open to new things, new ideas and new ways of getting the most from life that I find myself spending more quality time with them now (via computers, telephones and the occassional visit) then I have in a long time.

  4. I have that very same journal! Bought it while in Arizona…

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