Passion, entry 47

{entry 47, Judy} It took me 50 years to realize it’s all about today. Forget the past hurts and the fears of an unknown future. Today is all we have. Live it as if it’s the only day you have left.

Nothing I can add to that.
Except, if you haven’t been to this site [edit: link removed] yet, it will remind you to find the art in today.


  1. so true.

  2. I LOVE this paragraph..I’m going to copy it..TFS!

  3. OH..I wanted to add.. I WISH I was that smart!! Judy is ONE smart woman!! would love to hear more about her!!

  4. I loved Judy’s comments. That is exactly how I feel! I have said those same things to my daughters so many times, but it is so interesting hearing from someone else the same thoughts/feelings.
    Would love to hear more….

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