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Busy weekend — had a great Big Picture meeting on Saturday morning [can't wait to tell you more] and stayed up way too late that night finishing an assignment for Simple. Took a nice long nap yesterday and slept until 6:30 this morning — feeling good. I’m singing in the church choir. This is a first, and a big thing for me, as I can’t sing. I love to sing, it’s just that I don’t sound too great. I’m standing next to my friend Whitney who has a beautiful alto voice that I can follow. It’s cool being a part of something that exists to delight others — kinda like scrapbooking, you know? Got to teach the 14-16 yr. old girls at church. The lesson was on improving our associations with others and shared three things we can do. One, reach out. Do your best to look good and feel good about yourself, and then forget yourself and look for ways to interact with and make others happy. Two, don’t criticize. Criticizing just creates negativity and there is absolutely nothing positive that comes from that! Three, pray for charity. I don’t mean for this to sound like sermon, but I do love the idea that we can pray for the ability to love someone — especially when you’re not feeling it. It was a great lesson for the week of Thanksgiving. When I think about it, what I’m most thankful for are people. People like the pilgrims who sacrificed everything for freedom from oppresion; people like those in my community who do honest work or volunteer their time in a million different ways to make our lives better; people that I work with, who are bright and insightful and fun to be around; people like you who make me feel like I have something to contribute and want to be a part of it! I’m thankful for the people that are coming to my house on Thursday for dinner. I haven’t cooked in at least three years — went to Target to get new glasses for the big-people table and matching tablecloths and cute plates for the kid-people table — it’s got to look good don’t you think? I’m most thankful for the people I live with. A hard-working husband, constant and kind and four little people that wear me out and give me so much love. Taft_draw_1Found this note from Taft on the stairs to my bedroom last night. He is drawing lots of pictures of "mommy and Taft" lately and I love it — it just doesn’t get any better than this. People make life worth living — go be thankful this week, go celebrate your people!


  1. all 3 of those lessons really good to remember…i cannot wait to hear more about sat!!
    and i once for christmas got singing lessons…the poor teacher,but to this day it was the best gift i have ever gotten. i still can’t sing but i love to.

  2. Can’t wait to hear about Saturday’s meeting as I’m sure you are cooking up something great! Talking about cooking, have fun this Thursday with your meal preparation for Thanksgiving! I wish I could say I cook, but my hubby is the one who cooks *every day*…yeap, lucky me!
    And those 3 lessons are awesome. Thanks for sharing and inspiring my week! Have an awesome Thanksgiving week!

  3. Awesome lessons. Samantha, my oldest, came home talking about that very lesson (she’s almost 15).
    Love the note from Taft – SO cute. Kid drawings are the best.
    Cannot WAIT to hear about the Big Picture meeting! :)

  4. Can’t wait to hear about Saturday! I’m new to scrapbooking and I just wanted to tell you I love your magazine and you truly are an inspiration. Thanks for

  5. Julie Medeiros says:

    I had to chuckle…I’m so with you on the choir thing. Love to sing but, really, I’m just a warm body up there! ;) Loved your thoughts from your lesson…great things to think about. It’s nice to take a step back and think about what we are grateful for. Have a wonderful holiday…I’m sure your extra efforts to make the “big people” AND “little people” table to look good will be appreciated!! :) julie

  6. melissa deakin (momteacherwriter) says:

    thank you for your beautiful,
    inspiring words today.
    great thoughts for Thanksgiving week.
    thanks for all you do for all of us–inspire us, create and share with us, and teach us to savor the everyday!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  7. Just want to say thank you for reminding me of what is important. In the rush of everyday life I have a tendency to forget this. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. It seems one of life’s crueler tricks that so many of us who love singing are not especially good at it. But why is it we sound so good to ourselves in the car, but lousy when we sing in front of someone else? My boys, bless them, ask me to PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE not sing in front of them. Ouch. I wish I didn’t love it so much. I think that’s the first thing I would ask for if I could change anything about me – to have a beautiful voice.
    Love the lessons, but have to differ on one of them. Criticism, when offered from a loving heart, has the power to transform. Criticism, when offered without love, is just plain mean.
    Enjoy the big people table this holiday. Though I have to say I sort of expect you will end up at the little people table before the end of the day.

  9. what perfect timing…having felt overwhelmed about the prospect of hosting for 17 people and almost forgetting the LOVELINESS of cooking and sharing a meal with family – I am truly blessed! Thanks for the reminder of positive thoughts!

  10. Beautifully said. :)

  11. Your blog is oh so bright and cheery!

  12. You probably sing better than you think you do! I can sing but I can’t cook so there you go. ha!
    I’m thankful for so many things this year and one of them is you! You are a blessing!!!
    Tracie :)

  13. We teach the same class. I must be behind by a couple weeks in my lessons.
    Can’t wait to hear more about Saturday.

  14. I, for one, am thankful that you have given us a lesson in charity. One that I definitely need to pray about and work really hard at.
    Love the sweet drawing your Taft left you. I cannot wait for those days to appear at our home.
    Have a happy and blessed thanksgiving!

  15. Took a moment from a busy week to check your site and see what you and the boys were up to – gets me kinda connected to life back at home in N. America.
    I find the hardest lesson you can learn is how to get along with people. This week I am challenged by that and your message came at the perfect moment. It was what I needed to get me grounded and to see the “big picture”. Rather than focus on what I can’t change and being critical I should be grateful and thankful for the blessings in my life. You somethings forget about that and just need a little reminder. There are so many more important and happy thoughts I should spend my energy on. Thank you for the lesson!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat an extra serving of turkey and stuffing for me.

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