Thanks Wendy!

Standard_206780202So, three years ago at a trade show, after walking approximately 17 miles in two days I said to my friend Wendy — my feet are getting too old for fashion, I need to find a some nice, comfortable, old-lady shoes. "Dansko" was Wendy’s reply. Two days before Memory Trends, I unexpectedley found myself wandering around in Nordstroms [never happens] and suddenly remembered "Dansko" — OK, I love my shoes. I loved them at Memory Trends after only two days, but I really love them now. Seriously, calling all sore and tired feet — don’t wait three years, go get some Danskos!

p.s. I don’t know anyone who works for this company and my husband doesn’t own any stock [yet]  — I am however about 83% Danish.


  1. Ok those are cute for old lady shoes…and I’m all about comfort. Might have to do some shopping before CHA!

  2. Ok…I own a pair of black dansko clogs. LOVE THEM! Going to get a pair of brown soon….maybe for Christmas.

  3. Hey there Stacy,
    I have to say, one of the pickle gals had a green pair!! She loves them. I wore my good aussie sandals, and my feet were in heaven too!
    Just wanted to take the opportunity to say that I was so pleased to meet you and all of the SS gals, and Brian:) Thanks so much for your time. I am so exicted you are blogging!!
    Dee Sutton

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