Trey aka The Human Torch

Trey_1st_gradeHas yummy brown eyes and a cute little notch in his left ear. I think [sadly] he is losing his curls, but he will have two front teeth by Christmas. Takes art after-school on Tuesdays, prefers loafers to tennis shoes and actually likes vegetables. Said tonight, "I’m really liking this book" about a picture dictionary [should I be worried?] I’ve decided there’s just something about seven — we did a taste test tonight between regular and inside-out Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — life doesn’t get any better than Trey on a good day. Today was an exceptionally good day.


  1. He is so adorable!! I have a 7 year old fella, too…such a great age. Mine still has his 2 front teeth though. Love your banner!

  2. He’s adorable Stacy!
    Put us down for two voted forthe inside outs here — Amanda and I love them!

  3. Hello, Stacey. I have been a blog fan of Cathy Zielske’s and a couple of other SS designers and just found your blog. I happened to click the link to the Mormon church site and wondered if you could answer a question or two for me? I’m just curious about the Book of Mormon…why it’s necessary if one has the Bible and believes it’s doctorine. Also, what is the basis of Mormon- I believe in faith through Jesus Christ- that He died for my sin and rose again and that I can have eternal life by confessing that sin and accepting Christ into my life. Am I missing something more than this? If you have the time, I would love to hear more. Thanks so much and have a great weekend.

  4. Ooh! Trey is my kind of guy!
    My favorite thing to do as a kid was to grab a popsicle and a volume of the encyclopedia from the shelf. :D
    Hugs to Trey…{{{Trey}}}

  5. Trey is darling! Oh and my vote…Trey can have all my peanut butter cups! I like them, but they like my hips a little too much! LOL :)

  6. Give Trey a big hug for me! I miss that kid!! ESPECIALLY on good Trey days… he’s one of the most charming seven year olds I know!

  7. Thena Smith says:

    Something About Seven
    Our Trey was wonderful when he was six
    But now suddenly he is seven
    And I must say
    I make new discoveries about him each day!
    There is something about being seven
    That is so delightful!
    Trey at seven is fun and whimsical
    But downright insightful
    He loves peanut butter
    And for chocolate has a taste
    But doesn’t let his vegetables
    Get cold or go to waste.
    Trey is seven now
    And what can I say?
    Life doesn’t get any better
    Than Trey on a good day!
    Thena Smith

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