14 shopping days left

YIKES! but, take a looksee at what came in the mail yesterday!

4 Christmas bow ties, for 4 handsome boys.
I might be tired, but I still say being a mom is so dang fun — picture of ties on boys coming soon.


  1. Stacy–those are the cutest bow ties! DS has a plaid one,but I’ll have to look around for Christmas bow ties! :)

  2. Oh man! That reminds me of a photo of my brothers and my parents (my sister & I weren’t around yet) and my mom had made matching plaiud vest and bow ties for the 3 boys and my dad. It was way too cute!

  3. Sitting here chuckling at the site of those bowties! My boys would have been plotting to kill me while I was plotting to take pictures of them in bowties like that! LOL As they have gotten older it has gotten tougher and tougher to get them to stay still and let me take pictures! My next order will be for rope to tie them down so I can take a picture!

  4. Stacy,
    You have inspired me. I was doing a search for a Library Card Catalog and ended up at your site.
    After reading some of your info, it sounded like I could have written it. Your site is beautiful, colorful, organized and easy to use.
    I have a graphic design business and somehow my office and my home have been taken over by “stuff”.
    It’s so frustrating, but your site has inspired me to get organized. Thank you, Janet

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