a little BIG update …

there have been so many questions about big picture scrapbooking, the classes, and how everything works, that we will be adding a FAQ page to the virtual classroom. It will be posted tomorrow [Sunday] night. We will also be sending the promised e-mail confirmation to everyone that has signed up at the site. Can I just say "thank you" one more time? The response has been amazing.

I do have a quick update and I need your help spreading the news.
Registration will NOT be open on MONDAY. We have discovered a more robust program for registration and it will make things so slick, that it is worth waiting for. Kayce is on it — and the good news is you will be able, with this system to register for classes/workshops up until the night before they go live. Of course, the earlier you register the sooner you will receive the materials checklist, that will help you prepare/gather stuff for your class or workshop.

I also wanted to share part of an e-mail I got from Kristi Sikora-Blankenship. Kristi and I have been friends for years. One time, at ACCI, I had an interview downtown at the same time I was supposed to be teaching. I called Kristi to fill in and she was awesome. She totally taught my class for me. People often say that we are the two fastest-talkin’ teachers around. Anyway, Kristi is a gem, she works for Cropper Hopper and she is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm — she is giving her friend of copy of my book for Christmas [nice] but she has also made her a notebook to record what she learns from the book and from the online classes — she can essentially, track her own BIG picture inside. I love it and I want to share it with you.
Thanks Kristi!Bp_notebook_2

Here’s what Kristi wrote …
I have ordered her your book for Christmas, and I wanted to make sure she had a place for all the great things she will learn from you this year.  I have 7 sections so far…
1) Big Picture – classes & more  (I already printed your FREE class for her and your Home Tour PDF and have it in page protectors for her)
2) My Mission… my goals, my plans, my blueprints, my intentions – with a copy of your mission statement worksheet
3) Ideas to try – a place to keep a list or sketches of great  ideas from the site and your new book
4) Random thoughts, ideas, notes, plans – a place for all that random stuff that fits no where else
5) Albums in Progress – A chart is included for her to outline all the various albums she has in progress and list out the sizes so she has a starting point to make great pages and keep on track.  And a page for each album to write ideas for each album as she gets them – all in page protectors, so she can add photos and memorabilia to have it handy
6) notes on my HAPPY LIFE – A place to take notes on the great things that happen each day so she does not forget them
7) A zipper pouch with "Pebbles from Along the Way" – a place to keep stuff from falling out of the binder.

cool idea — eh?


  1. Thanks for the update. Any idea when registration will be open? I’m so eager to sign up and start gathering materials for classes! Have a good weekend!

  2. oh, my goodness! it is a perfect idea and i love the ‘albums in process’ idea. i would add to it that it could be a notebook on it’s own with sections for sizes, sketches for that album, color/pp swatches, the envelopes for respective memorbilia….it is perfect for shopping. i am always in the middle of lss and can’t remember which album is which size and what exact color scheme…I HAVE to do this now.
    Can’t wait to register! thanks for keeping us in the know!

  3. You’re right, Kristi ROCKS and how stinking cute is that notebook! Can’t wait to sign up for classes and get started! WOO HOO! ps.. adorable bowties.. can’t wait to see THOSE pictures!

  4. Love the bowties!
    Just a quick question about the site. I still haven’t been able to log on to view the classes. When I go to the home page the links on the left hand side are all garbled (is that a word?) up. I was able to view the free class because someone had posted a direct link to it on their blog. Is there a direct link that you can send me to the class listings? I have been dying to check them out! Thanks in advance :)

  5. What a great idea! I’m so “on” this!
    Went to look for your book – GONE, so was the SS Planner! The workers at my LSS seemed stumped…they just had some they said. I let them in on “the big picture”!
    So going to go order online. Can’t wait…happy mail!

  6. I love the idea, will start to do one note book soon.

  7. Here’s to ‘scrap lifting’!!! I’m making my own note book right now. Kristi had a great idea with this…hope she doesn’t mind it being ‘borrowed’!!

  8. I tried to register but got this:
    Error in provided query.
    Why doesn’t it like me?

  9. Suzanne Talleur says:

    Stacy, I just want to thank you so much for the care you took in writing the Big Picture. Since I have a few precious minutes at home alone, AND it just arrived in the mail, I wanted to follow through on all the positive thoughts I was sending your way. This book is amazing. From the spiral binding, to the envelope inserts, to the tag book in the back, it is the best value for the dollar in scrapbooking books I’ve ever seen! And, I’m hooked from page one. You are terrific!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

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