A Peek into Yesterday

Had the good fortune of being invited to chat with scrapbookers at A Peek into Yesterday on Friday evening. It was my first chat without a moderator, so I was a bit slow catching on — but what fun!  What most impressed me was the generosity of their founder, Linda. She caught wind of the free class at BPS and offered to mail out free Altoid tins, to anyone who requested one — talk about happy mail! Here’s a pic she sent of her box ready to go to the post office.

Wow — Thanks Linda!


p.s. Did you all get the e-mail from Simple Scrapbooks? Our darling 2 Minute Memory Scapbook Cards are on sale — see the cover and pg. 78 of my book — I love these little mini albums and now you can get a bunch (on sale for .99 each)

p.p.s. BPS confirmation e-mail goes out tonight — for sure!   


  1. Oh cool! Any chance of Linda sending some tins to SA?? :) <= hopeful grin.

  2. WAHOOO!!!!!!! I’ll be on the lookout for my HAPPY EMAIL CONFIRMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’ll be lookin’ for that e-mail tonight! Can’t wait!

  4. Kathryn Whittaker says:

    Wow! That is really kind of Linda to offer to send altoid tins out. Would I need to do anything special to get one? I have already printed out my free class, but I don’t have an altoid tin (or any other kind of tin for that matter). Have a “happy” kind of day!

  5. Linda is the best! So bummed I missed the chat at Peek – I had a 3 year old who just would not settle into bed! Anyway looks like you all had a great chat. I hope you will come back to do another soon!

  6. Am I missing something in the Virtual Classroom or have the FAQs not made it online yet?
    Thanks, slm

  7. Hey guys – I still have tins left! Just zip me off an email! :) There’s a link on my blog. :)

  8. YAY! I just got my email! So very cool, Stacy!

  9. Hi Stacy- I have a scrapbooking editor in my ward (Ana Cabrera at Scrapbook Answers, Blake and I were the cover on their November issue) and I followed her site and eventually found you. I am so impressed with you and have to agree with the title of your blog. Looks like you are doing well – tell Geoff Hi and thanks for being a great YW president. – Kristen Barnes Edwards

  10. Linda is so sweet! : )
    She’s sending me one.

  11. I didn’t get an email Stacey :(

  12. I am one of the lucky ones who Linda is sending a tin to. I am so excited to start this project.

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