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my new OLD phone

which I’m sure I bought because Taft drew this picture that I thought was a skyscraper. Long story short, I said to him, after observing his rectangle with little squares on it and an antenna like thing coming out the top "That’s a cool picture, is it a building?"
"No mom, [with that "duh" look on his face] it’s a phone." A phone, I think to myself? That’s not how you draw a phone — at which point I glance over at our phone standing on end on the kitchen counter — long rectangle, little squares and an antenna — what do you know?  I guess phones have changed a wee bit in my lifetime.
So, no kidding barely two days later I see this phone and am overcome with a sense of nostaglic obligation to bring it home, so my children will know that when I was little we actually "dialed" numbers and stood attached to the desk/wall by a cord! They will with gratitude, walk and talk on the cordless and I will, with a renewed sense of appreciation, hunt it down and rescue it from couch cushions and closets.

It is, btw, going in my new scrapbook studio. What should I put in the little circle part — any ideas?


Also got this cutest little cardboard box-purse thing magnetic closure — which is so going to be my 12 Days of Christmas accordion album. Found it in the $1 section at Target. I bought 7 — not sure why. I guess it’s just that cool old things and cheap new things make me so happy!


  1. Ceci Ortiz de Hurtado says:

    In the little circle part:
    a big yellow happy face!!!!!!

  2. Love the new “old” phone. I remember talking to my friends on the phone with the cord stretched from my parents room all the way to my room. That poor cord had seen better days!
    Have a great day!

  3. OMG.. how awesome is that phone..and how precious is your little one!! I love the color of that phone.. too cool… for the middle… well.. that “big” button of course!!! :-)
    cheryl d.

  4. You know, I saw those little things at Target. I didn’t occur to me to make an album out of it though. my mind was not in the right place I guess. I will walk around with fresh new eyes today. thanks!

  5. Love the phone, have fun with it. I would put Tafts face in that spot, since it was his picture that made you purchase the phone. Just a thought :)

  6. LOVE the phone…looking at it would totally make me happy too! Makes me think of long conversations with boys while twisting the cord in my fingers over and over. Also love the Target find…what is it about that $1 section? I always see something cool and then grab a handful “just in case”. LOL

  7. Stacy,
    I would like to know what your 12 Days of Christmas Album includes. Can you describe it for me? I am interested in anything that such a creative person, like you, can imagine and make into reality. I am still waiting, patiently, for my book. I did receive my SS calendar yesterday and almost hugged the UPS man. Thanks for making people so happy.

  8. DanaHollis says:

    Love that phone… I want one, too! It’s so cute and blue… oh my gosh I’m rhyming I’m so excited…Yikes! ;)
    Hey! I bought that SAME little box purse from Target with the very same intention! For real!! LOL! I thought I was being oh so clever! Huh… ya know… that DOES make me feel clever to have had the same thought as someone as creative as you! I’m smilin’. :)

  9. Oh my gosh I bought that same little box at Target too! I had no further intentions than to put it on my table for some pretty color, but maybe I’ll have to do something more fun and creative with it as well. :o)

  10. That phone sure does bring back memories!! I think my grandfather still has one at his house!! Seeing yours totally makes me smile :)
    I picked up one of those Target finds last week too! Started it last night. So far, so good :)

  11. I was thinking along the same lines as some of the others – your phone needs a happy face! :)
    That little purse thing is too cool! I wish our Target was closer sometimes!

  12. the little box…bought three of them and am busy altering them with Basic Gray Paper…
    Truth be told I looked at it and thought..”Donna Downey would do something cool with that..” so I need to buy it and try something…lol..I was close.

  13. I would put the word “BIG” and “2006″ in the middle circle with a little ribbon etc. and then use the phone as a paperweight. I’m new to the blog thing and quickly becoming a “blog stalker”. I really enjoy your creativity and am very excited about getting your new book. Thanks for doing what you do and sharing it with the rest of us!!

  14. I’m voting rotate little circles of pattern paper according to your mood.

  15. Love the phone! Have a black one like it that I can’t plug in because it adds static to the line although it does work. I put some paper and a KI pice in the middle of mine that says “art”. Really enjoying your blog! Best of luck on your new venture!

  16. I cracked up to see the photo of the magnetic bag/box on your page–I just purchased 4–1 of each color and pattern available. I showed my DH the photo on your blog–he laughed and said, “Well, aren’t you avant garde!” I am planning mini books for each of them. My 4 year old thinks she needs one to go to tea party though!

  17. Oh, the memories! I need to phone a childhood friend now and remember those times. ;)

  18. the center of the new/old phone should be the Big Picture SB logo.
    happy phoning! be careful with it though – I know people who’ve hurt themselves when picking up a new phone after using an old one. the new ones are so much lighter – exerting the same amount of effort results in the phone FLYING at your face. one friend actually broke her jaw with her phone! so lift with care and many happy calls.

  19. Hi, Stacy! I picked up 2 of those boxes from Target. I have a cute gift idea. We should all post our ideas! Couldn’t resist them!

  20. Amy Stultz says:

    Please tell me the phone has that “feel” to it when you dial it. Not sure how to describe the “feel,” but just thinking about it makes me happy. :)

  21. Juel McDonald says:

    Creative Scrapbook minds think alike!! I was at Target and bought 6 of those little boxes!! LOL LOVE the idea of 12 days of Christmas……hhhmmmm……you’ve got me thinking again!!

  22. I just discovered this site yesterday (thanks to Cathy Z’s blog)and downloaded the sample FREE class. Today I started looking at the other areas of the site and saw you’ve posted the Target boxes. Aren’t they cute? I’ve been snapping them up and decorating them to carry gift cards, candy, etc. It’s been a great way to use up some of my “stash”. I’m laughing because I now know the reason stock has been dwindling at my local Targets!!!K

  23. Love the phone!! I try to have things that look old timey so my child will know what things are supposed to look like! ha!
    I’m also doing a 12 Days of Christmas Album! Can’t wait to see yours!

  24. Ginger Roberts says:

    Stacy, I love the idea about the 12 days of Christmas scrapbook. I also LOVE your new book–The Big Picture! I have read it twice already and I have only had it for two days. Thank you for putting together such a book to open my eyes to a new way to scrapbook my life story. You are an amazing person!
    Thanks again!

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