Do You believe in Bigfoot?

I guess I left a few important details off my earlier list. My Dad, Dr. Briggs Hall is the wildlife veterinarian for the State of Washington. This means, in addition to protecting and studying our wildlife, he fields calls from people that have seen or heard very strange things. For the first time ever, an official study is being conducted to try and discover what may be a descendant of the "real King Kong" — anyway, the History Channel interviewed my father last Summer for a show, currently airing, called Giganto  — two reporters actually came to my parent’s home, cameras and all — they talked and compared notes for hours and ended up staying the night [partly because my Dad is so interesting and mostly because my Mom is hostess to the mostess and a very good cook.] I watched the show the other night and really got into it — likely because I’ve grown up hearing stories — so much so that when my Dad was suddenly on screen it totally caught me off guard — kinda fun, when all of a sudden you’re like "Hey, that’s my Dad!" My Dad is on TV!!

p.s. For those that do not know, I am adopting a little girl from Korea. I am NOT pregnant, I do however know someone in the industry who is!


  1. No fair posting a p.s. like that and not sharing what you know! :)
    That is so cool about your dad. I will try to catch that show sometime. I’ll have to tivo Wed. night’s showing.
    p.s. I’ve been hearing all about your adoption and am very excited for you!

  2. Sharon Kile says:

    I love reading the blog but the comments are just as good. It is great when someone is thinking the same thing. Love the quilt and the colors..

  3. Congrats on your pending adoption. I have two daughters from China. Adoption is a great way to build a family. Hope your paperchase goes smoothly!

  4. How exciting for your Dad and for you to see him on TV. Congratulations on the pending adoption. Hope all goes smoothly.

  5. Altogether too happy for you & your family. Lucky little girl. LOVE the inspiration piece.

  6. Thanks for explaining about your dad! I went to the link and was so confused! LOL That’s really cool, though!

  7. love the History Channel anyways – but don’t tease! who’s preggers?
    congrats on the adoption – can you have a talk with my DH to convince him this is the way to go for us?

  8. No wonder why you are all together too happy…how cool to adopt! Congratulations to you and your family! Best wishes! Courtney

  9. Congratulations on your adoption! You must be so excited, and your family must be thrilled!! ((you’ve got to give a hint, though, on your other revelation and not leave us hanging! lol!))

  10. Congrats about your wee girlie! How exciting! I am so thankful for adoptive parents- what a difference you make to those children!

  11. You know, I fully agree…that’s really not very nice leaving such a teaser out there! ;) I, too, heard about the adoption somewhere, congrats! I watched a neighbor go thru the process and we just love her little girl to pieces! Oh, and SO happy to get that BIG email this morning!

  12. That quilt is a beautiful inspiration piece!! Congrats on the impending adoption! What a lucky little girl! : )

  13. Hi Stacy!
    My husband and I are adopting a sibling group from Poland. We are transitioning from paperwork to waiting for a referral…what a blessing that you are adopting as well. It is so comforting to know other people are going through the same thing!

  14. I am also waiting for the referral of my daughter from China. Congratulations on your little one. Hope your wait isn’t too much longer!

  15. Bernadette Sikorski says:

    This is great – must tell the DH about your dad – he’ll think I’m “connected”! LOL

  16. Bernadette Sikorski says:

    Okay – spill the beans – who’s preggers?

  17. Congratulations on you upcoming adoption. I just returned from Korea, my best friend adopted a baby girl and invited me to go with her to bring the baby home, what a great experience! Congratualtions again!—Lisa

  18. Congrats on your adoption! Yes-that was quite sneaky to give us that little tidbit of information that is going to keep us wondering for months! lol.. Thanks!

  19. Sooooo, now you’ll have to share the secret…who’s pregnant?
    I’ll Tivo your dad’s show tonight. I love History channel!
    Congratulations on your adoption news!

  20. Oh yes, BTW I got the Big News e-mail this morning and I’m signed up for a few of the classes already. What an exciting thing this is!!!

  21. Hi Stacy, sorry but I can’t find a place at BPS to go to for help. I’ve tried to register serveral times and keep getting a “This transaction cannot be accepted.” error message. The card is a debit Visa and it has plenty of money on it so I don’t understand why I keep getting it. Can you help?

  22. Stacy,
    I am the proud mother to 4 children who were brought to me through the grace of adoption, my two youngest (4 & 2) were born in S. Korea. I also work for the agency as an adoption specialist, I get to place children into their forever families.
    Congrat’s on your process, I know that once you hold her in your arms your life will change forever and she is going to LOVE and worship your sons!
    I also, someday want to share my Dandelion story with you, I have a picture of my son with one of those big dandelions just like the one on the cover of your book.
    Bless you on all your adventures and your daugther as she waits to come home!
    Dinah Lee

  23. How cool your dad was on TV! And congrats on your upcoming adoption…how exciting!!

  24. Cherie Intintolo says:

    Congratulations to you and your family on the addition of your new little girl! How exciting! I’m sure you can’t wait until she comes home.
    I was so excited to read about your dad. I have a degree in Wildlife Biology and am always happy to hear when someone actually has a job using this wonderful degree. That is so cool that your dad is a wildlife veterinarian. I worked for a little while as a Park Ranger in Colorado after I graduated from college but had a hard time finding a job that paid enough money for me to live. After that working as a bartender was the closest I ever got to working with “wildlife.” LOL I’ll have to watch that show tonight on the history channel.

  25. I, too, must add my congratulations to your family on your upcoming adoption. My husband and I have three children through adoption. It is always so wonderful to hear from so many people who have experienced this miracle.

  26. Cool to be able to watch your dad on TV. Proud girl moment. :)
    Congratulations on your adopting a baby girl.

  27. I have a great guess as to who is PG. I recently took a class from her and she has a cute belly! I’ve been waiting for the announcement. ;)
    Congrats on your adoption!

  28. I love that quilt!!!! I hope you’ll share your baby room when it’s done!
    That is cool about your Dad! I will watch for that program.

  29. congratulations stacy…so much excitement going on all around you right now!! :o)

  30. That’s your dad? I just watched that show with my son the other day. I noticed your dad, I even thought he looked familiar! Funny that.
    So, enough with the spoilers, you better spill…

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