is there anything better than …

woops — I almost forgot, I have a BLOG!
What a wonderfully busy time of year it is. My heart is full and my list is long. Utah was a good trip — can’t wait to tell you more. The personal highlight was meeting my new niece Brooklyn! Img_5704_2
Thanks to everyone who responded so quickly and thoroughly to my recent query — I’m happy to report that I will be teaching a class at on the Family Fun Library — in fact, I’ll be teaching two different variations  [just wait.] Watch for the first class in mid February. In the meantime and in an effort to reflect on some of the good things in my life, I present the "Is there anything better than …" game, where you just think back a few days and fill in the blank as many times as necessary. Makes a great scrapbook page btw. Are you ready? Here goes, in no particular order.

Is there anything better than …
1. Enjoying a perfectly ripe, juicy grapefruit in the middle of Winter?
2. Going to Costco with your husband [pushes cart, loads and unloads van?]
3. Listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice after a long and tiring day?

4. Sharing a bowl of potato chips after church?

5. Talking to a long distance friend heart to heart?
6. Snuggling and reading by the Christmas tree?
7. Watching your Dad on TV?
8. Attending a neighborhood party where you really want to mingle?
9. Listening to the fruit of your labors in the form of a piano recital?

10. Finding an inspiration piece for your future daughter’s nursery!

11. Sipping an Orange Julius, while chewing on an Aunt Annie’s pretzel, while shopping at the  mall with your friend all the while feeling like your a teenager again?
12. Receiving three UPS deliveries in one day. The boxes of needed goods are arriving [phew!]
13. Getting kid and house help in the form of a responsible 20 year-old home from college?
14. Eating kinda plain, but really good, colorful food after coming home?

Truly, is there anything better than being alive?

p.s. Watch your e-mail box today — some Big News coming!


  1. Oh Ashli’s home!! Tell her I say hi!
    Love your list! Love the boys in their bow ties!
    Missing Christmas at the Julian house. Are you doing the big “count the candy” game?
    Hope you guys are doing good!
    Love ya!

  2. Adrianne McDonald says:

    It’s great to remember the little things that really make life so wonderful.
    Just wanted to let you know when I try to sign up to get emails from the big picture I keep getting an error message. I would love to be kept in the loop though!

  3. I needed that list today. Things have become so hectic in the past few months that I seem to have forgotten the little things that make me happy.
    Thanks for geting me to think and to sit and enjoy life before it passes me right by.
    I’m starting my list today…

  4. Thanks for the list, your boys are adorable with their bowties and the choir picture is beautiful. I’d love to come and hear it one year.
    Can’t wait for the big news today. I need some big news.

  5. Is there anything better than…Stacy’s happy writing?! [Well, unless it's finally sorting out my color drawers - LOL!] The baby quilt is gorgeous…

  6. Thanks for that list – I sure neede it today as I was feeling grumpy that I must work when my dh is starting a 2 week vacation!
    So here is a quick list from me:
    Is there anything better than -
    1. seeing a new entry on a blog you check everyday?
    2. An overworked dh who finally gets to stay snuggled warm in bed on his first day of vacation?
    3. the excitement of a BigPicture email?
    4. a 5 year old dd with a fantastic imagination and the magic of Christmas in her heart?
    Yep, life is good!

  7. What!?! Your Dad is King Kong?!?! LOL! I followed that link and it took me to “Giganto: The Real King Kong”. :O)
    In all seriousness, is he going to be on that show? Where do we find him? Neat!

  8. Great list! Love the orange julius/pretzel/teenager feeling – that’s a good one! Can’t wait to get the BIG news! :-)

  9. Love the list – such a good idea, especially right now, when I’m feeling the holiday crunch!

  10. Love the list.. but also waiting patiently..tap, tap, tap for the big news newsletter today.. Can’t wait to see what is in it.

  11. What a great list…I think that later today I shall ‘steal’ it and use it as a blog entry as well. Thank you for sharing part of your life with those of us out here in cyber cpace!

  12. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

  13. What a great post! I love your list…I may want to “borrow” your idea too when I get a chance to update my blog tonight. Thanks for sharing a part of you with us!

  14. Thank you Stacy for another great blog entry and idea! I ran right over to my personal blog spot and did a list myself! What a fun and happy thing to do amongst the hustle and bustle of the Season! THANK YOU!! Merry Christmas!

  15. I have a daughter from China, so I know all the great websites to buy adoption scrap supplies if you need them! By the way, I LOVED your new book, and I’m going to take ALL the Big Picture Scrapbooking classes!!!

  16. Your dad is King Kong??? Very confused here! Is that the right link??

  17. melissa deakin (momteacherwriter) says:

    love your list, stacy!
    that is a fabulous idea
    for a scrapbook page.
    looking forward to some
    BIG news in my inbox today;)

  18. ooh I’m excited for the big news in my inbox :)

  19. Bernadette Sikorski says:

    Giganto????: My husband was watching that INTENTLY the other night. What does your dad have to do with the real King Kong? I give up!! Help us out – What’s better than reading your “blog” with happy thoughts, cute photos of the boys, your anticipation for your daughter, the beautiful niece you have!!! Thanks again for sharing

  20. Tracy Enriquez says:

    OMG! Giganto! I had to watch that show because my brother did some animation for that. I only saw his name in the credits. Don’t know exactly what he did! I taped it so you’ll have to let us know what you Dad did!

  21. Are you perhaps pregnant? Need to check my inbox & do some digging ;o)
    Anyway…being alive is just the best & you’ve done a fab job (as always) in summing that up!

  22. Hey, where’s the Big News email?? I can’t wait much longer!

  23. The registration on the BPS IS slick! Just signed up for classes – wahoo! Can’t wait to start!

  24. Your list is great. I personally think that a Jamba Juice Peach Pleasure or Starbucks Carmel Macchiato are much better with Auntie Anns Pretzels. You will have to try the party pack sometime….Yum!

  25. Monica Ahlstrom says:

    Here´s a little list from me!
    1.Having had a wonderful christmas with all your children at home (exept the one who is having a christmastime all the time in heaven).
    2.Finding out that one of the stores here in Sweden is actually selling the Big Picture book now!
    3.Seeing your absolutly wonderful babyquilt which made my day.
    4.Seeing your children having fun in the snow, even though you yourselt can´t go to town because of the snow.
    5.Having the internet and beeing able to travel the world in your own home.
    6.Beeing loved by God,your husband and your children ( my husband said the other day that he wanted to buy me a small house for me to live in when he is dead – we´re only 45… – and when I said that maybe I couldn´t manage it on my own, he said to our oldest son, who´s 19, “you will help your old mother with her house, won´t you” and the dear boy answerd “sure will or I might send my troops to build her a bridge” (he intends to make a carrier in the army…). Isn´t it lovely to know there is people who cares for you?
    Love, Monica

  26. I know that you may not have time to actually read and then respond to your comments, but I’m giving it a shot!
    Where is that beautiful patchwork quilt from?? the one that has inspired your nursery? (congratulations, BTW!!!)
    I love it! If it was purchased by chance, I’d love to know your source….
    If it was crafted by some loving hands, then please pass on my compliments… they did a fabulous job!

  27. I’m expecting a new baby this spring, and was wondering if you can share the source of your cover??? LOVE it and would love to find something with those colors….any info you have would be great! e-mail is Thanks!!

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