it’s 3:00 a.m., and …

I’m going to bed. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, not to mention exhausted. The good news is, I’ve been scrapbooking, and we all know how happy that makes me. I’ve been wanting to address questions that have been posted and e-mailed to me — hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime …

[note: photo removed]
more happy mail. YUM.


  1. 3:00 am is too late. I finished up at 1:00 am. : )
    I’m sure what you are creating will be wonderful!

  2. Karen Wilmes says:

    That’s my little girl! She had so much fun with that package. I got a zillion pictures of her eating it, hugging it, tossing it…just having fun. It really made her happy, probably because it was something different. I couldn’t resist sending in the picture! Thank you for posting it and Thanks again for the happy mail!!!

  3. Sharon Kile says:

    Cute picture. My husband doesn’t understand how I can stay up all night..I guess we all get creative at certain times mine just happens to be when everyone in the house is sleeping peacefully..My doctor even prescribe me Lunesta, I am still up..

  4. As I once reminded Tara Whitney…”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” (this, of course, coming from our good friend, Dory…

  5. I am loving seeing the pix come in with you! Great job brightning up our days girl! Love it! Also wanted to say 3:00 am IS prime sbing time at my house! Anything after 11:00 pm when dh and kids are in bed, I have my choice of tv, radio and snacks without 101 lil’ fingers poking at me is all good. :O)

  6. Here’s hoping you get some sleep! Love that picture – such a little cutie holding the happy mail! :)

  7. 3.00am is a typical scrapbooking hour for me but I pay the price the next day, especially if the kids forget to let mummy have a little “sleep in” LOL.

  8. That’s a really cute picture! Get some rest, don’t wear yourself out. :-)

  9. What an adorable photo!

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