Laura in NJ

Finally connected with #3000 on our list today. Laura has lived in New Jersey her whole life. She started scrapbooking when her husband retired at 45 from the police force. She wanted to make him a gift — and the rest is history. We discovered we have a boy connection. She raised three sons. Her oldest, how has three children. After two boys, he and his wife were blessed with little Morgan — and grandma Laura finally got a little girl! Laura watches two of her grandchildren during the week, so time to scrapbook is scarce [anyone? anyone?] Her husband, who is discovering an interest and talent in photography took this photo of her whilst we chatted on my new "old" phone. I think I will make it my official big picture phone — and use it to make official big picture calls!

p.s. I just checked and we now have over 4000 on our list — YES!!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun chat, cool! over 4000? wow! that’s awesome!!! Love the idea about the phone, you’ll have to make a BigPicture accent to put in the center :-)

  2. SO cool! Congrats to Laura! I love the “bat phone” idea!

  3. Hi Stace!
    That is my friend Laura (from the ckmb)! How cool is that?! She said she had a great time chatting with you. What a way to make a scrapbooker happy. Congrats to everyone who received a call from you and happy mail, too!

  4. How cool is that! Congrats to Laura!
    Hey… anyway you can tell us our “number”?? I personally would LOVE to know mine! LOL

  5. 4000 members?? Wow! This is going to be so cool!

  6. That is sooo much fun!
    It’s awesome that her hubby got involved. This is really cool of you Stacy. ;)

  7. I bet she loved getting a call from you. And time being scare. Yep, that’s me.

  8. Bernadette Sikorski says:

    How cool!!! Where is Laura from – since I am “Jersey” gal too~!!
    Love this board – so much fun

  9. Sharon Kile says:

    How exciting Laura? Hey we can call you Mrs 3000. “like the movie Mr 3000″..
    Stacy do u actually dial on that phone?? I remember calling the wrong # so many times as a tween.

  10. PAM TALLUTO says:

    STACY JUULIAN! I really need to talk to you. I lost the email you gave me that you said you alway check. Can you PLEASE PLEASE email me? I’m having some kinda emotional issues that I think you can help me with …. REALLY need to talk to you. THANKS! Love you! Pam

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