ok, here we go …

it’s phase two at bigpicturescrapbooking.com!!!!!!  Five things I want you to know:

[one] if you’ved signed up, you’re in. we will very soon have the ability to send out a confirmation e-mail to you. Just for the record, we have 3290 charter members — you guys ROCK! Congratulations to Laura B in New Jersey. She is #3000. She is getting a phone call and some seriously happy mail. I’m going to call Adrienne N in Alabama too, because she is #3001.

[two] our very first classes/workshops have been posted, but registration doesn’t begin until December 12th. There is a FREE class posted, so you can get a feel for the virtual classroom and give this whole thing a test drive. The audio file in my free class is not fully integrated yet. This means it opens it a separate window now, whereas with the other classes/workshops you’ll be able to just listen while you download [trust me, it's slick]

[three] Donna Downey, will be teaching our first ever one-of-kind year-long-hang-out-with-somebody-cool class. This will be our only 52 week-long workshop in 2006. Somehow I don’t think "workshop" is sufficeint — when I said I wanted big picture to focus on lifestyle, this is what I was talking about. Kudos to Donna for jumping in and working her cute little you-know-what off. I love this girl. Please note that you will be able to register for Donna one quarter at a time, however, if you can swing it, you’ll get three months free by signing up for the year!

[four] The other three offerings represent the kind of classes/workshops we’ll be bringing you, on an ongoing basis. One time "quickie" classes, like Cathy’s, where you can get all the inspiration and instruction you need for a page or easy project — more of these, coming soon. Four week workshops, like mine, often focused on organization, creativity, writing, design, color awareness — you know, the "behind-the-scenes" stuff that makes us stronger scrapbookers. Eight week workshops, like Beth’s, that will break down the creation of meaningful theme albums and projects into totally doable chunks. We will run classes a second and third time if need be and because you are doing this from the comfort of your home. You can easily take a class and workshop simultaneously!

[five] Keep in mind that our education model is totally new and different. We aren’t going to show you specific projects ahead of time, because what you get is about so much more than just the "take-a-way" — it’s about what you learn by doing it [think big.] We will always share a generic list of materials you’ll need, so your pages and projects will be customized — a reflection of you. At big picture scrapbooking, you’re not paying for the "project," you’re paying for the inspiration and instruction. The pages and projects are the icing — remember that for me oK?

We definitely want your feedback. You can post comments on the site, or e-mail me. stacy@bigpicturescrapbooking.com

ONE MORE THING — I have two of the most talented and dedicated partners in this thing [Paula and Kayce] and I want them to know how much I appreciate everything they have done — they are both amazing women.


  1. Yippy skippy!! Off to check it out. Thanks Stacy and everybody who has put this fantastic inspirational endeavor together!

  2. I’m excited to read all about this cool stuff, but I can’t find where it is posted?

  3. I couldn’t find it either?

  4. I can’t wait to be a part of this. So new and so cool! Thank you to all you forward-thinking ladies bringing this to us!

  5. It’s me again.
    It’s not there, Stacy….are you teasing us???
    Also, I think Laura B. is a friend of mine and I’m very envious of her right about now.

  6. Heather S says:

    I am excited to see everyhting as well but I can’t seem to find it either. Is there a special place we should be looking?

  7. What the heck???? There is nothing new on the site. WHERE IS IT???!!!

  8. me either…funny! there was only one post when I first read this and went looking. when I came back a few minutes there were 8 of us looking. this is going to be big big big….

  9. I can’t find it either… deep breaths…deep breaths…dying to be a part of this ;) I hope I can find it before bedtime…

  10. Where are the classes listed?

  11. marci lambert says:

    agghh!! where are the classes!! stacy, you are killing me!!!!!!!

  12. Ack! Nothing new is there!

  13. I can’t wait!! This is torture!!
    ~deb~ :)

  14. Wow-this is incredible! I will never have to leave my home and (my computer) again! haha

  15. ahhhh, now I can actually get some work done today. :) I love the classes and I hope that I can afford to take them all! Thanks Stacy!

  16. Looks good!
    Wanted to add…GREAT idea to offer a free class so we can “test the waters”…and it’s a cute project too!! So thank you for that!

  17. karen in maine says:

    i am so excited about the classes – think i’ll probably sign up for all of them. the audio file is so fun – i feel like you’re right here with me. congrats!!!

  18. Just checked out the classes – I am so stoked!! This is going to be amazing. Not only am I excited about the teachers (you all rock!) but the thought of taking a virtual class and meeting all sorts of new online firends and to be able to share our projects is just , well… neat! Thanks for doing this I am so excited to sign up for the classes.

  19. Dinah Lee Schaller says:

    Wow, I am sooooo excited to do this, it will be great and can not wait until the 12th to reg. for the great classes you have offered! Yeah!!!

  20. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! I’ve been stalking the website and was so excited to see the class info up. I want to take every class! LOL I’m counting the days until registration starts! I also listened to and printed out everything your the “free class” too and I can’t wait to get to work on it. This is just SO WONDERFUL what you’re doing for all of us scrapbookers. Thank you!!!

  21. Stacy — thank you for changing the model!!
    I love that the classes will be about the *process* and not the product. Inspiration is a beautiful thing and I can not wait to experience it.

  22. i am so excited about the classes and can’t decide which one to take! Thanks for all of your hard work and sharing your great ideas with us. by the way, i am a former “spokanite” i lived there from 1981 to 1991, well actually in veradale, the “valley”. hearing that you were from spokane brought on a serious wave of nostalgia for the town i did most of my growing up in.

  23. i am so excited about the classes and can’t decide which one to take! Thanks for all of your hard work and sharing your great ideas with us. by the way, i am a former “spokanite” i lived there from 1981 to 1991, well actually in veradale, the “valley” (now i live in Albany, NY) hearing that you were from spokane brought on a serious wave of nostalgia for the town i did most of my growing up in.

  24. Fabulous!!! You girls are doing such a cool thing!! Thanks so much for this!!

  25. Have to say that I am soooo excited about your new site, Stacy, and am totally looking forward to taking as many classes as my home schedule will allow! You are such a huge inspiration and I’ve read your new book several times over already! Plus I am strongly recommending it to everyone I know!! Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this…I know it will be such a huge success! Be “seeing” ya soon!
    Trina Ü

  26. Woo Hoo!! Classes from all my favorite Simple Scrapbookers, all in one place. Will the wonders ever cease (I certainly hope not.). Thanks for igniting my passion for Scrappin. And for making us all “All together too Happy.”
    See you in class TEACH!!

  27. Nancy Lee says:

    Whoa!! These classes look great! I have been a bit disappointed I would not be taking any CK classes this year because the money was going for a big family vacation but now I can stay on top of my scrapbooking creativity by taking these ‘virtual’ classes — I can’t wait!!!

  28. So excited with the list! Can’t wait til January! This is such an awesome idea!
    Being a SAHM it’s a big blessing not having to leave home AND having some of my favortie scrapbook “celebs” virtually coming to me – PRICELESS!
    I’m so excited to lock myself up in my “space” with my laptop LEARNING & CREATING…two of my favorite things!
    Thanks so much to you and everybody involved!

  29. Stacy,
    I cannot wait for these classes to start! Let me tell you I just *loved* your book! It’s amazing the way it makes you dive right into it. I couldn’t stop reading it and making notes, writing reminders, etc. I am now working on my tags and I am enjoying every second of it! I knew your book would be great, but it surely has over exceeded any expectations I had.

  30. Ceci Ortiz de Hurtado says:

    Stacy: Thank you, thank you for the great gift of your classes!!! I loved to heard you!! It feels like you were here in Germany!!!!
    Be sure I am going to be back in more of your classes!!

  31. It was wonderful hearing your voice again Stacy – felt like you were in the room with me. (how cool is that!) I, just like the others, am very excited about the BIG PICTURE. Very innovative. Thanks to you and your whole creative team for thinking of it and making it a reality. Now, how to pass the time until Monday.. hhmmm?

  32. AWESOME! It looks so good, I can’t even tell you. Very exciting! This so rocks! :-)

  33. so…so….so…..totally excited!!!

  34. Help! Classes? Where are the classes? Having technology-brain link up failure.
    Am drooling on keyboard in anticipation…where do I go?

  35. never mind…found them.
    OOOOHHHHHH now if only I didn’t have to work, I could just do all this cool stuff all day.
    Too psyched, and altogether too happy about this.

  36. ooh this is so exciting!! I’ve just ordered my copy of the book!!!!

  37. Kim Kesti says:

    Stacy-I’m so super excited right now, I have to tell you. I just listened to your Free Class and besides the wonderful ideas and thoughts I now have churning around inside, I have a little lump in my throat because your voice brought back such great memories of my first CKU in Provo and how mind blowing your class was and how it really changed my life; the way I scrapbook, everything was different after that. Scrapbooking was no longer a hobby, but a way of life for me. Now, that’s BIG!!! Love you!
    Kim Kesti

  38. Thanks Stacy for the model that allows those of us who will never ever be able to travel to USA soon to be able to take the classes.

  39. Awesome stuff~! Question — I registered at the site but did not receive any email mailing about the classes. Did one go out and I missed it? Just curious so I know if my email is blocking stuff, or if I need to re-register. (Hey! Maybe I’ll be #4000 and get a call from you!).

  40. Stacy – I’ve been busy so I just found out about all that’s new with BPS! I’m super excited!!!!! When I heard the initial concept, it didn’t click in my head as much as seeing the actual free class project. It is so ultra professional looking and happy! The entire design of the site and your awesome free project just makes me happy and there’s your sweet face smiling back at me. That makes me happy too! I think you have the market cornered on inspiring people. LOL
    The best part is, I’ve had a little silver tin sitting on my desk for months and didn’t know what to do with. It’s the exact size I need for your project. Love it! I love the gallery idea. Sharing what we’ve created will be so much fun.
    It’s all coming together so great! I can’t wait to see and hear more. Thanks for coming up with BPS. I am just amazed at how cool all this is!
    Tracie :)

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