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to tell me if you would take a Family Fun Library class at BPS. The class would delve deeper into my method of photo organization and my four colored/category album system for storing pages. I am headed to Utah tomorrow and will be meeting with a couple of manufacturers that make colored albums, for 12×12, 81/2×11 and 8×8. I would like them to develop a "kit" of sorts that anyone could purchase to help them set up these albums.

Here’s what I need to know:
Would you be interested in such a class?
Would you purchase new albums to set up your system?
Would you purchase a kit that included spine labels/bookplates and index dividers and tabs?

Thanks for your feedback!


  1. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    Stacy: I absolutely would take a
    Family Fun Library class at BPS. Yes, I would buy new albums (along with the spine labels, etc.). Would prefer 8×8 or 12×12 size. I started scrapping “your” way without knowing it two years ago when I was really sick on chemo and wanted to get an album done for my daughter of her life in case something should happen to me. I rediscovered the joy of scrapping and love event and theme albums now. Thanks so much for inspiring us to think outside the box. Kathryn

  2. yes, yes and yes…to all of the questions!

  3. Stacy, I would really like that kind of class. I haven’t felt like a “real” scrapbooker because I don’t have “albums”. I love your way of seperating and would buy the whole thing. Thanks for your site. I agree it’s the future. I’ve been looking for online classes to take for months. I can’t wait to register.
    Deb Y

  4. Jane Schneider says:

    In short, Yes, yes and yes!

  5. Yes, to all your questions! I am looking for a better more productive way to scrap and organize my albums.
    Thanks! Jen

  6. Yes, yes and yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so hoping that you present a class on this very topic and having albums available would be icing on the cake. I am so inspired by your way of scapping that I am ready to move my layouts around according to your system I just need some albums to put them in!!!!!

  7. Yes, definitely. And I really think that 8.5×11 albums need to be “brought back”! A decent quality one is so hard to find anymore!!

  8. Um, duh….H*** YES!!!!!! :-) (hope I didn’t offend you by using the h word. Just needed to get my point across!!!)

  9. I would soooo register for a class like that and I’d be excited to purchase an album and set it up using your system so my answer to your question is YES! all the way!

  10. I would definately be interested, and as for buying albums – I probably would but I would want to buy them locally (UK)
    Amy :)

  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know we’ve talked about this before but it would be fun to have the colors in 8.5×11 and 12×12. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

  12. YES

  13. Yes to all things! I was just in the process of trying to set this up myself and looking for new albums. This would be fabulous!! I would like either 8 x 11 or 12 x 12.

  14. karen in maine says:

    ditto!! i’d prefer 8×8 albums, but would go for 8 1/2×11. thanks!

  15. Laura Fiore says:

    yes, yes, and yes. Hopefully, you would offer it a little later in the year so that we can keep our heads above water with all of these new projects. I’m excited to start this BPS, but I’m a little scared that I won’t have time to keep up and my to-do list will just be extended into eternity! I know, too, that that is soooooo not what you planned, so I won’t commit to too much ;)!

  16. Claire Walraven says:

    Yes, I would be interested in taking the class. Buying the albums would depend on the price, but after taking the class I could probably be convinced!

  17. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do I need to say more????
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A friend and I have been talking aobut your “no longer available albums” and where can we get similar ones to set up our own systems that allow us to scrap 12×12 or 8 1/2 x 11 when the urge moves us.
    so. . . .

  18. YES!!!! I would take this class definitely. I am a member of a yahoo group focusing on The Big Picture book and this has been the thing we talk about the most–crazy, huh? I just don’t think there is that much info out there about this, and people get overwhelmed with the idea of organizing their albums in a workable, approachable way. Thanks so much, Stacy. Love your book, BTW.

  19. Barb DeWitt says:

    Stacy -
    Absolutely, positively YES!!! I was actually on line last night looking for a group of colored albums to revamp my system!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have someone come up with a kit for us!!

  20. yes, definitely interested

  21. Yes, I think I would be very interested in such a class and album library. I am feeling a little let down by my hodge podge collection of half done albums. I am a recent “convert” to your way of scrapping, even if my pages are still a bit more than “simple” ;)

  22. yes to all of the above!

  23. Deena Hopkin says:

    Yes to all your questions!

  24. Yes to all – if you offer 8.5×11 albums. Otherwise, yes to the classes & no to purchasing the kit. The class sounds awesome! I can’t wait to get going with the whole Big Picture thing. :)

  25. yes, yes, yes! I would like 8×8 albums. I seem to work better in the smaller versions!
    Thanks for all you are doing!

  26. Absolutely yes! I’ve been looking everywhere for albums that would help me set up this system. I would love it.

  27. Absolutely, positively yes – to all of the above!

  28. Most Definitely!

  29. YIPEE!!!! I was just going to order a bunch of albums from American Crafts, but maybe I should wait!!! I would LOVE to be able to buy something made specifically for the Family Fun system. I am so excited to make the switch. LOOOOVE your book, way inspiring. Oh, and yes to the class, too. I’d love to hear more about it and see more of your system.

  30. Don’t even have the book yet (waiting patiently for mine to ship!) but YES! I think this would be an awesome class and I’d be interested in a kit also! :)

  31. Am I the only one who won’t answer “yes, yes, yes” …?
    Sorry, Stacy – but when it comes to photo organization you’re talking to a 49-yr old scrapbooker with thousands and thousands of pictures, plus digital scans of old slides and negatives, plus originals and copies of heritage photos, in all shapes and sizes. All organized in a poor way, but at least some way …
    So ….
    Question #1 – YES, Absolutely! I’d love to take your class!
    Question #2 – Probably not. Much as I’d love to, I would need too many and wouldn’t be able to afford it! I would probably go with recycling the albums I have, and perhaps add spine tags that are color-coded.
    Question #3 – Probably not. Again, the cost of the kits, times the photos to be managed, would mean I’d need to take out another mortgage on my house!
    I’ve already tried to organize using archival sleeves, Walmart albums, etc.
    How about providing a suggested shopping list of items which are easily available at the local WalMart,Staples, etc.?

  32. Yes…Yes…Yes… Most definitely

  33. Yes to all the questions. I so need some “real” organization in my scrapbooking life. Can’t wait to hear more, and also to sign up for the class. Thanks for being you Stacy…….. we LOVE you!!!

  34. YES to all of the above! I’ve loved your approach since the first Simple Scrapbooks book, and I’m loving the new book, too.

  35. Stacy,
    What a great idea!!! I love the look of those albums. I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

  36. yes! yes! yes!
    what an awesome idea for the new year! shouldn’t surprise anyone, coming from you! thanks!

  37. Now you tell me! After I already went out and set up my library with what I could find available online (had to be D-ring and able to accommodate a tabbed page)!!! hahahaha! I love your system (thanks so much for writing The Big Picture!) and already have a photo system, so no, I wouldn’t take your class because I think I get it now. But you can look at my albums here if you want:
    I think a lot of people would love this class, though, so don’t just go by me! tee hee!

  38. I would be very interested in the class!
    And I would be very, very interested in the albums IF they came in 8×8.

  39. Regina Seeger says:

    Hi Stacy. Yes to all of your questions. The class sounds awesome and just what I would like to take. I would definitely buy the albums and all the goodies would just be the icing on the cake. You are the bomb! Love ya.

  40. melanie ballard says:

    Yes but would like 8.5 x 11″ size albums and if the postage to Australia was not too high.

  41. I would soooooo totally LOVE this class….I am dying to arrange my scapbooks your way. It makes so much sense and I love that approach vs. the chronological approach. I would be very interested in taking the class and purchasing albums similar to the ones you show in your new book! Keep the details coming! Thank you so much for looking into this! Ü

  42. I would love to take the class! I have 35 years worth of pictures I haven’t done because I just haven’t had the time to get to it yet. I’m not sure about getting albums only because I have no more room to put anything away in my scrap area. I also would prefer to have the class start after April, as life would be alittle less hectic then.

  43. Yes is the answer to all questions.
    I find it difficult to start this type of project, a system to help me do so takes the pressure off.
    I would be up to the challenge with help from “kit” with instructions.
    EXCELLENT IDEA!!! I know I need help with organization.
    I look forward to registration.
    Joy in Canada

  44. Yipee! Yes to the class, without a doubt.
    As to the albums, I don’t know. After I took your album track at CKU in Stamford, I went out and bought 5 new Scrapworks 12×12 Baybox albums just for the purpose of reorganizing into “your” method. So I don’t think I’d be buying new albums, though you have already inspired my album purchase :)
    As to the tabs/bookplates, etc. – not sure on that – it depends on what they look like, how they work, etc.

  45. Yes – I’d love to take a class.
    Yes – I’d buy more albums.
    No – probably not a kit.

  46. I am still waiting on my copy of your book but I would definitely want to hear more at any time about your “system.”
    I probably wouldn’t buy all new albums for my current layouts because I already use a specific brand and they’re all alike.
    I definitely think it would be great if you offered them for people who need good albums!!! There’s a huge shortage of 8.5×11 albums out there.

  47. Yes, yes, and YES!!

  48. I totally agree with some of the other posters that it would be neat to have the albums available in both 81/2 x 11 and 12×12. I would love to take this class!
    Oh and thanks for making Donna’s class available by the month- I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Pam Cooper says:

    Yes, I would be interested. I scrapbook 12″ x 12″ so that would be my preference, 2nd choice 8″ x 8″.
    I am extremely interested in your photo organization method and getting more into that to simplify my organization process.
    Albums would be great too!
    Will be waiting in anticipation for more details!

  50. ABSOLUTELY!! I want to set up a Family Fun Library and I’ve been wondering what kind of albums to use. It would be so great if you had a kit, and also if there were different size albums that match like MaryRuth said. I would definitely buy the ablums and definitely take the class!!

  51. Yes to all questions…this is a wonderful idea!

  52. Count me in!!! I was so intriged when i first saw your system in the Simple Scrapbooks Book then again in your latest book, then disappointed when i read in your book that the albums were unavailable.

  53. Absolutely yes to a class! :)
    Possibly to the albums (I can trust you to have some in 8.5×11, right?!)
    And it sounds like the kit could work with the new albums, or with others? Yes to that.
    You’re awesome. :)
    And I cried at least five times reading The Big Picture. A good cry at that. Thanks! :)

  54. Sharon Kile says:

    I would like the class. Not sure about the albums. I would have to see them and the cost. I am sure they would be wonderful.

  55. yes!!!!

  56. Bernadette Sikorski says:

    This sounds great – organization – yeah, that’s the ticket!!! Keep us posted.

  57. Would love a class!! 12×12 is my preference. It would make it easy to have the albums set up and then just file the layouts. I do scrap out of order since reading your articles, and let me tell you—I really love it.
    Albums-yes, cost is important, but quality is more important.

  58. Count me in!!! i would love the class and albums I was so intriged when i first saw your system in the Simple Scrapbooks Book then again in your latest book, then disappointed when i read in your book that the albums were unavailable.

  59. Juel McDonald says:

    Yes, I would be interested in taking the class.
    Purchase albums? Not sure on that one. I have such a stock pile of differant sizes right now.
    Kits? Depends on what it holds.

  60. yes

  61. Holy cow! Looks like I’m a little late here but I will add my .02 worth! YES to all your questions…I think it would be maaaaaaahvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Yes to all….love the idea…can’t wait to see more. Keep the great ideas coming.

  63. I am thinking YES is the answer of the day. I just reorganized my books and bought new ones after reading BIG PICTURE!!! (yes, I felt the guilt leave and the fun begin) BUT…I am a true scrapper and if there is something new, cute, and worthwhile. I’m In!!!!!!

  64. Yes, Yes, Yes!! I’ve been reading your book and absolutely love how you have your albums and everything organized! And I would love to know more so I could re-do my system!

  65. Yes to all of the afore mentioned questions. I hope that this comes to fruition, because it sounds awesome.

  66. Allison Shontz says:

    Yes, I would definitly sign up. I would also be interested in purchasing the albums! Let’s go!!!!

  67. Yes, I would definitely like a class like that. I’m not sure I’d buy new albums. I just purchased some nice 8 1/2 X 11 albums to start organizing my layouts more the way you do. I’d love to get dividers, tabs, and more ideas, however. I LOVE your book and have so many ideas for scrapping–just not much time right now so it’s all floating around in my head. But yes, a class would be great.

  68. Are you kidding…This is just what I need. I have thousands of photos (Photography has been a hobby of mine before scrapbooking and I have been scrapbooking for 8 years)…I would love to learn you method and do whatever it takes to get organized.
    Kim Bolyard

  69. Are you tired of hearing YES????? I have a few more to add, YES YES YES!!!!!!!! Have a good trip

  70. Yes..I have been looking on my own to figure out what 12 x 12 albums I can use to develop a system similar to yours. I would love to see what albums you find. I would love a class where you went into more depth on your system and maybe a chance for a Q & A session.

  71. Johanna Kubicek says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I would absolutely take the class and purchase all the stuff, as long as you could add on extra albums and stuff as your collection grew. I was thinking of starting now, but now I think I’ll wait to see if you put this togehter!!!! Thanks for all the inspriation!
    Johanna : )

  72. Stacy.. YES YES YES. It sounds like a great idea! I would purchase new albums as long as the cost of the album itself wasn’t like 40 or something.. unless it was just a really cool album haha. I would also purchase a kit that had labels and all that jazz. I have a soft spot for them lol.

  73. Yes, I would definitely be interested in such a class!
    Maybe is my answer to buying new albums. It would depend on the cost, how many pages they hold, availability of page protectors, size, etc…
    Yes, I would most definitely buy a kit.

  74. not that it needs to be said again, but absolutely YES!

  75. Yes to #1, maybe to #2 and yes to #3.

  76. I’ll chime in with all the others that “Yes” I’d love to take a course about your system of organizing your scrapbooks & layouts. I think that a large part of my not accomplishing many layouts is that I don’t know what to do with them when they’re done, and I certainly don’t have an idea of how to organize them into albums.
    Seeing as how the only “album” I have currently is a 12 x 12 ringbinder so that I can move pages around randomly, I would definitely consider buying other albums. I like the 12 x 12 size, but some times that’s too big. And I really like the 8×8 size. I haven’t ever done any 8×11.5 layouts, but after trying to made reduced copies for all my cousins of a 12×12 album I did for my grandfather, I definitely like the idea of cost efficency for multiple copies. What might be a useful idea is a system flexible enough to be adapted to what ever size one likes the best. I realize that that means developing a broader product line, but there isn’t really one “best” size after all.
    I also really like the idea of the book plates or spine labels. I’d like to have all or most of my albums be similar in color & size, so just looking at the spine to get the one I want would be pretty cool.

  77. Janie Holmes-Davis says:

    Stacy — are your reading our minds? LOL! Because you’re definitely on to something with this library of albums idea. I would love this class, buy these albums, kit, whatever … I am so inspired by your way of organizing. You have opened our minds to this way of thinking; please bring on the tools! Hugs, Janie (and thanks for asking!)

  78. Another yes vote here all the way from the UK! I just bought your book last week after registering at the BP website. I’m really enjoying the book, and just on the first read through at the moment but have been wondering where to get the lovely albums from that you use to make your library. 8.5×11 albums are quite hard to get hold of over here, so a kit would be fab :D (as would a class!)

  79. yes, yes and yes! Just read your book, loved your Spokane album- I have a picture of myself by the huge Radio Flyer in my Prom Dress! Thanks!

  80. Lynne Hardy says:

    YES! YES! YES!

  81. Stacy: tough question. I say that because I’m sitting in the middle of my scrap area (and I have a small room) surrounded by unopened bags, cardstock, patterned paper, finished pages from the class I take each week, mini-albums completed, frames I’m doing for christmas presents, coupon/memo books I’m doing for christmas, Loose embellishments AND my personal mail, books, tools, etc.
    I’m organized, I have a place for everythng, but once it all comes out I can’t managed to put it back efficiently (sp?). THAT”S MY PROBLEM! But to address yours…
    1. I’d love to be able to more efficiently organize, categorize and keep track of my photos – big photo boxes now that I have to dig to get access to.
    2. My albums are fine. I can even reach them. Do they have pictures in them? NO! Do I really need a way to organize them, I don’t think so – I need a way to get pictures in them! Get the foot pile of layouts in them. I’ll probably need more albums to store what I’ve got and I could probably use a better way to categorize them, vs. “Italy” “Pages about Me” “Alexa” “Family and Misc. Pages” Can what you want to do help me with that?
    3. I’ve gone wild and very overboard with my scrap purchases. I want to do Donna’s class and several others. I don’t know when and how I’d get your’s in.
    But…I think I’m interested. I basically have gone so far over the top I need help with just about everything. Photo organization, embellishment and paper organization and storage, supply usage (how to use what I’ve got vs. buying new all the time)and just keeping up!
    More than you wanted to know, but any help would be deeply appreciated! Donna

  82. Stacy, I am anxious to find your new book under the tree on Christmas morning. I was a good girl this year, so hopefully Santa will have clicked on the URL to buy the book that i sent him! I LOOOOVE the 1st book!
    1 – I would for-sure take the class!
    2 – I would not buy albums; I am partial to my Creative Memories albums.
    3 – I would be interested to see the kits, but not sure if I would buy. I would need to see more and would probably duplicate it on my own for the strap-hinge album. Maybe you could make a digital template for them?
    I hope that you have a good trip & look forward to hearing more!

  83. Yes!!! Please find someone to make a quality 8 1/2 x 11 album- they are so hard to find these days!

  84. yes!

  85. Rachel :0) R says:

    I would SO get into this – and would probably purchase the system. I am a devoted 12×12 scrapper, but really am getting into smaller theme albums. I do believe, however, that anything smaller than 8×8 wouldn’t accomodate the photos and journaling amount I would like and need. Yes – please launch this one. :0) R

  86. I would DEFINITELY buy dividers for albums. It would be so fantastic! I’d probably also buy binders and other items to set up the organizational system.

  87. You bet I would take a class like this!! IT would help me to move forward in the new “Big Picture” way!!

  88. kristin kanner says:

    I would totally take the class, totally buy the albums and/or kits. I think your system is liberating and life-changing and I am totally for it.

  89. Melanie Rooney says:

    Yes to all! I remember when I first read about your system in the original Simple Scrapbooks book. I was hooked then, but still haven’t implemented the idea for myself. I have been scrapbooking whole “theme” albums lately like Our Disney Trip and My Life A-Z. I need to reconnect with scrapbooking my daily life one page at a time and I think this would make all the difference. Thanks!

  90. Yes…but um, can you get it all set up quickly? I promised myself I’d have everything organized before the new year!!!!!

  91. Yes, yes, and yes.
    In fact, I just bought your Big Picture book for a friend for Xmas (last one, will have to wait longer for one for myself), and couldn’t put it down. (Now it’s a “well loved” gift!) I’ve copied some pages to hold me over until more copies come in. I’ve been trying to recreate your file “system” with my current supplies.
    I think the albums part would be fantastic!
    Thanks for getting us the products we need!

  92. i’m not sure if i’m too late
    but YES to all of the above:)

  93. I’m pretty sure I’m too late, but wanted to add my two cents. I was intrigued by your system when reading the book, and having it all ready to go for me would be great. Like everyone else, I’m sort on time, so having a packaged, Stacy-approved set to purchase would be awesome!

  94. Stacey,
    I would really love this class, and the kits.
    I loved your albums in the BPS book, and am looking for 81/2 x 11.
    As long as someone will ship international I ok :)
    (London, UK)

  95. Would you be interested in such a class? Absolutely!
    Would you purchase new albums to set up your system? Yes, I would!
    Would you purchase a kit that included spine labels/bookplates and index dividers and tabs? If you were teaching it, yes!
    I read your new book and I have changed my entire way I’m scrapping. I LOVE it! It’s so refreshing to feel like I can scrap whatever I want. THANK YOU! for opening my eyes. You are the best.

  96. Stacy, YES YES YES!!!!
    I have a studio that I go into and I sit down and look at all the pretty things I have from too many shopping trips and then get overwhelmed with how much is to be done. So after I have looked at a few things and thought about all the pages I should do – I leave. Help please!!! I am waiting for your book to arrive on my doorstep in Australia – and from the rave reviews everyone has posted – I can hardly wait. Love the idea!!!! Narelle.

  97. Would you be interested in such a class? Yes, the sooner the better!
    Would you purchase new albums to set up your system? Yes, would love to but cost will be a factor. I will need quite a few albums for “the library.”
    Would you purchase a kit that included spine labels/bookplates and index dividers and tabs? Yes and again the cost would be a factor.

  98. dancinglydenise says:

    I posted yesterday…but don’t see my post…so I am trying again! Just to see if I am doing this right…but like evryone else…the answer is YES…it sounds like an awesome class!

  99. Gilda Harvey says:

    Oh, yes. Would love something like this. I just received your book, and love so many of your ideas. Organization, albums, kits, dividers, tabs – whatever! It would be more than helpful – would be a life saver!

  100. Yes to all, cost will be a factor on the last two though. I can’t wait for registration to open so I can sign up for yours and Beth’s class. I am ready to get started for the new year.

  101. Linda Joseph says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  102. I would be interested too.

  103. Absolutely to all !!
    Any idea when registration for classes will go live (the classes already announced)?

  104. In answer to your questions…yes, yes and yes!!!!

  105. Absolutely! Yes and Yes!

  106. I am too late, but yes. Always love the organization!

  107. Karen Bierdeman says:

    I would love to take a class like the Family Fun Library one! I would also be interestd in purchasing albums and other things!

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