a little bird told me …

that through February 15th, my book is the Pink Project at ScrapTalk.com and that there are actually books on their way, to their warehouse. You still have to pre-order but if you do it quickly — you will have a copy! Wait, it gets better. Three people that pre-order at ScrapTalk will win admission to my Family Fun Library workshop coming up this Spring. If you have questions ask them here!

Busy little bird also reminded me that I will be dropping by the Scrapalatteescapes Retreat here in Spokane on Friday, February 3rd. I’m even bringing a fun little treat for everyone! If you need more information, or want to register? Email Karen Scott

Can I also just say my UR2Crea8ive workshop started today and I’m just so happy! Please email me if you are having any problems getting daily emails or accessing the classroom.

PS  The sun is shining at my house and I just choose a wool, yellow-checked carpet for the study [aka music and memory room] in our new house. Now I just have to figure out how to sneak it by my husband. He just has to trust me on this one — it’s going to look so great!


  1. Sounds great! I bet the yellow carpet will look terrific!!

  2. my quest for your book continues. I believe in mirackes. It’ll happen!

  3. The carpet sounds wonderful – wanna come decorate my house when you’re done? You’d love our kitchen, we just painted it in the most beautiful yellow!

  4. My bedroom is yellow, and I love it! Wish more scrappy companies would take a chance with a yellow line!
    Finished decorating my “Fun Book” already – you can take a peek on my blog! I’m going to love your class, Stacy – I can tell already!!

  5. Hey, Stacy-think they make yellow nail polish for my toes? :)
    Can’t wait to see photos of the rug.

  6. Yellow floors are unbelievable mood brighteners. Our kitchen and breakfast room have a BRIGHT yellow floor. It was a spontaneous choice for a floorcovering that was supposed to be temporary. That was four years ago…now other decisions have been made to work around it. It’s just too happy to change. These rooms were my choice during Ali Edwards “favorites” 8×8 class at CKU-Dallas last year. It’s also the space I was thinking of when I read info on your class today.
    I know you’ll enjoy it!

  7. Oh my gosh. When I was in high school I came up with the idea that some day I would need a specific room just for me in my house that would be called my “music and memory room”, as I am a music teacher and a scrapbooker. AND it would be yellow, my favorite color. I am feeling this cool connection to you now :) Just got your class info, love it!!!

  8. I am having so much fun with your class Stacy! I decorated my book and have already made a few entries and decorated some pages. I just LOVE it!!! Thanks!

  9. I Love Scraptalk! :) So excited to see you mention it.
    The yellow carpet sounds fabulous!

  10. We have yellow walls in our bedroom but yellow carpet just never occured to me. I just discovered somethign new!
    AND I am loving the U R Cre8tive worshop, just loving it.

  11. Love that you were part of the Pink Project and LOVE that book!
    Very happy to have your class start too! I can’t wait to “alter” my rear-view mirror this weekend. :)
    And he’ll love the rug once it’s in. It sounds cool! Please post a photo.

  12. Made the mirrorsign and told 5 people I am in your class. Starting on my book this weekend. So loving this class.
    Gonna buy your book this weekend, whoohoo.

  13. Cat Geiger says:

    Hi Stacey…you don’t know me yet, but I know alot about you-thanks to your incredible book!! I have been in a huge scrapbooking rut for about 8 months now, and this book has finally got me truly excited about scrapping again!! My son is 4 years old now, and I have one album done, basically his first year album. I take a ton of photos (would be taking more, but dang digi camera died 3 months ago) and I have been mentally blocked from scrapping them since I haven’t done his “second year” and so on. But NO MORE-I am done with trying to “keep up” chronologically!! It’s so freeing…lol! So, thanks from the bottom of my heart! I am super excited about your “Family Fun Library” system..you really should patent that thing!! But, could you please give me a little synopsis about your Family Fun class coming up this spring? Is there a manufacturer out there that you have been able to work with on some albums and accessories? If so I want to wait before trying to find some new albums. Thanks for any sneak peaks you can give me and thanks so much for your book-life changing I tell ya!! :)

  14. I’m loving your Crea8tive class! When I read the 2 rules for the fun book I had to laugh! Glad to know I’m not alone on the do-overs! LOL! It was like man she knows me too well!

  15. Haven’t had time to start working on your class, but I am so excited about it that it helps me get out of bed in the morning hoping I’ll get time to play with my new creativity book!!!!

  16. So thrilled to have you as part of the Pink Project!! I’m enjoying the class so far – I posted my toes on my blog :-)
    The girls at Scraptalk are very excited by all the things happening at Big Picture! I wish I could come to Spokane… but I’ll be slogging away on the West side of the Cascades.

  17. I love the class and am looking forward to what’s to come…I can’t wait for the next mini-assignment! :)

  18. Stacy,
    I have not received any e-mails from the U R 2 Cre8tive class. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve sent two e-mails to you about it, but still have not heard from you, so I’m trying to contact you through your blog.

  19. Cori in WA says:

    It is nice to see your smiling face each time I log into ScrapTalk.com :)
    Your newest book is truly wonderful and a testament to all that can be accomplished with a bit of ingenuity, time and desire.
    Thank you for all that you do!

  20. Dee in WA State says:

    I am SO enjoying the UR 2 Crea8tive class!!! My DD9 even grabbed her own journal and together we painted our toenails wild colors and documented them in our journals.
    Dee in WA State

  21. Help Stacy,
    I had a question about the creativity class on Big Picture. I emailed the “if you have questions” link and it came back, undeliverable, invalid domain name. Help…
    Tina J.

  22. I am so interested to see what you do with your study, I have one in my new home that is sitting empty just needing an idea… I don’t want to do the traditional study… music and memory room… sounds so fun!

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