Beautiful Pear


Don’t you think?
Find some ordinary beauty today and take a photo.

p.s. you should have tasted it — candy, all naturale!


  1. Looks yummy! Great idea…

  2. kelli kemmerer says:

    It’s funny. I am finishing my lunch eating a red pear. I think they are the best!! I am trying to give up SWEETS and replace them with healthier sweets.

  3. Mmmm…yum!

  4. For some reason I don’t think the pizza I ate for lunch would have the same beauty. So much for my resolutions this year.

  5. Oh, yum… my mouth’s watering looking at that. Just ate lunch and could use a nice, sweet, juicy pear… ack! Where am I gonna find one in my office building? LOL

  6. Will a picture of KISSABLE Hershey’s work!?!!? LOL I want my sweets as chocolate! And now they have these wonderful candies and they are coated in wonderful COLORS!

  7. Thanks for inspiring me to look at the everyday things in a new way. The red background is perfect!

  8. I can’t even remember the last time I ate a pear, lol!
    Great challenge to find something ordinary to photograph. :-)

  9. Ooh, I love fresh pears. I love them even more when they’re poached and served with a bit of vanilla ice cream.

  10. As long as you’re on the topic of food- thought I’d let you know that I just posted a recipe on my blog for Baked Caramel French Toast. Your family will LOVE you for this easy, delicious recipe. Just not the lightest, healthiest fare out there. But hey, for a special occasion morning or simply to tell your family they deserve a treat from the ordinary breakfast- this is the recipe to do it with!!

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