Calling all ..

Runner Moms. Guess what I just did?
I signed up to do a half marathon on June 3rd in Salt Lake City. I’m not ready to do another marathon, but the fact that I am considering another "long" race is making me happy. When I was training for my marathon I found that my favorite distance to run was 8 miles. That’s enough to really lose yourself in the rhythm of it all and also, to "get the heck out of Dodge" meaning, in 8 miles you can really go somewhere and that is kind of fun.  I want to get back to the point where I can comfortably run this distance, so I thought a half marathon would be perfect.

So, and here’s where it gets good .. just after I decided to do this [last Saturday] I got a package in the mail [Monday] from  Vickie Leff, who is also a runner mom. She saw my marathon scrapbook in The Big Picture and sent me her book, called [guess what] Runner Mom. I love it. It has chapters on why you should become a runner, how you find and make the time, how to get fit and train and then it has a cool training log at the back. Vickie wrote the book with her friend Kristi Greene and they have a website.
This all made me think, what if I posted a challenge on my blog …

So …
Here it is, with three options!

If you are already a runner, schedule a road race sometime during the month of June and train for it. It can be any distance.

If you are not yet a runner, and want to give it a try — do it now. Get this book, or another one and set a goal to run your first road race sometime in June.

If cannot run or do not want to, set another goal that would push you in some type of physical activity [say biking or swimming] and then work toward completing your goal sometime in June.

In June, I will post pictures of anyone who take the challenge, along with part of their "story" — I think I may even make a little scrapbook about it. I will also send anyone a personal note of congratulations!

What do think?
Who’s in?
Let me know — post to my blog, and tell me what you are going to do. I’ll keep track of all the names! Now, since I’m very deadline driven — I say you have only until January 31st to post and accept the challenge. I will post everyones name, state and goal on February 1st!

Let’s Do It!!

p.s. Thanks Vickie!


  1. Okay, I need a reason and you are it. I started running (again) last fall and did a 5k. Then I broke my toe in October and haven’t run since. But here today, in front of Stacy and the millions who read her blog, I pledge to start running again and do a 5k in June. Or maybe May. It gets hot here in Memphis.

  2. I am IN! I am NOT a runner Mom, but I want to be a healthier Mom. I started the New Year out being more mindful of my health and this is just the “shove” I need! Oh I am actually excited about this now….

  3. forgot my actual pledge…..
    I pledge to do a 5K by end of summer. (Not waiting that long b/c I am lazy or scared -okay a little scared- but my participation depends on hubby’s work travels, We have three special needs kiddos and I CANNOT run with all of them….
    Oh I needed this….it all starts with me!

  4. OK, I’m in. I’m a walker not a runner. I completed just 1 half marathon last year and want to do a couple more this year. This challenge will do me good, so from Auckland, New Zealand, I promise to train for and complete the Whenuapai Half Marathon on 2 April 2006. P.S. I’ve just turned 55 and seem to have a whole new outlook on life.

  5. I’m in too! I’ve never been a runner, but I’m wanting to give it a try. I definitely need to pay more attention to my health. But really, the daily alone time is what makes this so appealing! My goal is to do the Rex Lee Run at BYU this spring!

  6. I am definitely in!!!
    I am not a runner, but I just started walking regularly at my local Y on the treadmills, and already I feel healthier!! I have a goal. By June, I want to be able to walk at a fast pace for 2 miles at least 3x a week.. believe me, for me, that’s an accomplishment!
    Thanks Stacy, you are an inspiration!
    Bonnie K In MN

  7. I train and run Bloomsday every year, but this year WILL be different! I will run before AND AFTER just for me, because I know I feel good about myself when I am running. I wanted to run the Couer d’Alene last year but chickened out. I will do it!

  8. Stacy, I’m so excited that you liked the book!!! And you’re all too kind to post info AND a picture of the book on your blog – wow! I love the challenge you’ve issued, I know it will help to get us regular gals movin’! You will LOVE the half marathon distance – it’s very managable but enough of a challenge to make it fun. Setting a reachable goal is the key to success – in scrapbooking and running! Keep us posted on your progress! I’m happy to help anyone who needs encouragement, tips and motivation. Thanks SO much for your support and Happy Running!

  9. Kathleen P says:

    Stacy, you are so awesome!
    I have always hated running but I’ve recently been trying to like it. ;) I can now run 4-minute week it will be 5! My friend and I are working our way (minute by minute!) towards the Race for the Cure 5k in SLC in May. Thanks for the challenge…it’s just extra incentive!!

  10. Does it count if I’ve signed up to walk 60 miles next November for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk? It’s 20 miles per day.

  11. no marathons or races here but I’m thinking of training for the 5 miler in September. I am going to check out this book! Awesome, sign me up :)

  12. I’m not a runner either, but I’m getting back into a fitness schedule. My goal is to be walking 3 miles a day at least 3x per week by June.
    Thanks for the added incentive to keep going!

  13. Stacy; you have already gotten under my skin and instilled some seeds of positive change and have inspired me to try and be a better person, thank you. But run? plan for something in June? I will try the former, am reluctant about the latter but who knows, as the seeds of change continue to germinate,one may feed the other.
    Would love to meet you someday and talk about Bothell…
    MissyH (in Bothell)

  14. OK Stacy … that is TWICE this week that I say to the universe “this is my goal” and there you are with a solution on how to get there! Holy smokes … to freaky. It’s true, just earlier today I wrote down this goal “I proudly complete a 5K race by September 30, 2006.” No joke … and now you have a tool to show me how to do it. I have goose bumps!

  15. Wow a marathon! How cool are you! My biggest race ever was the first leg of the Triple Crown of running in Colorado. It was a 10 mile race held a few months before the half and full marathon up Pikes Peak. I figured I could do 10 miles comfortably. I finished, received a medal for finishing and have never done that distance again! So you have me thinking about challenging myself once again. I will see what is out there for me to commit to, but I will be moving this summer so it makes it harder to pick a specific race for June when I do not know what state I will be in!!
    I guess I better up my miles on the treadmill just in case!!

  16. Yikes! I can’t believe I’m about to commit to this. My husband is an avid runner and completed his first Marathon last September. I used to run with him when we were first married, but I haven’t run since I got pregnant with my first (he’s 3 now). The biggest race I ran was a 10K. I’m going to start small and say I’ll run a 5K in or by June. Thanks for the shove, Stacy. BTW, I LOVED your marathon album in your book. I think I’ll do one for my husband. And what the heck, one for me since I’m about to jump back into this crazy sport! :)

  17. Marissa Noe says:

    This is going to be tough for me, but I’m gonna say I am in! My RS President wanted me to be in a half-marathon with her this MARCH… but June sounds a little more realistic since I have never done a half-marathon, and running 4 miles on a treadmill is tough as it is!! I don’t even know how to train for one, so I’ll have to get that neat little book. But I think it will be a great way to get into shape!
    Lexington, KY

  18. kathy st. louis says:

    I am IN!
    I started working out this month by signing up for a Fencing, yes, Fencing class. Who says women over 40 can’t do anything new??? So, my goal is to keep going with this through the intermediate class and graduate to become a Senior Fencer by June 1st. I am also trying to walk every day and do some fencing/stretching exercises for a half hour daily.

  19. Sign me up!
    P.S. Loving all this – so looking forward to the Family FUn Library class in April.

  20. I am in too! I used to be a runner and I want to really get back into it. However, I live in Park City (a bit too much snow for running outside) , so I am going to start swimming in the mornings, at least 3 times a week until I can start running again. So I am going to say I will do the SL Half Marathon on June 3rd too. I am also looking at doing some sort of 10K here in PC.
    Also Stacy, thank you so mch for all of your inspiring words. I am in your creativity class and it has truly been a great, grand experience already. Thank you for being so motivating and original.
    How fun!

  21. I walked the Portland Marathon in 2000 but have allowed myself to become derailed. This is just the push I need. I’ll commit to walking again and will enter a 5K walk this summer.

  22. Sharon Simoncini says:

    I’m participating with about a dozen friends in the More Magazine mini-marathon for women over 40 on March 26th in NYC. Half the women in our group are turning 50 this year (including me…on Feb 6th!), so we’re celebrating ourselves through this marathon.

  23. Oh, this is hard! for many years, I have ‘dreamed’ of running a 5k! What can be so difficult about a 5k? That’s what I say until I start training for it—then, I see how far the end of the block is…my muscles ache, burn, and I give up! I am such a whimp! :( BUT….I will check out this book–and see if it can motivate me to actually do it this year! I REALLY want to—-I just have to remind myself that running a 5k is 99% mental—–

  24. Not a runner either…but I am walking away the inches here! Joining in the fun with you is just one more push I need! I am trying to walk 5x a week or more! Keep pushing us girl!

  25. Okey dokey Miss Stacy – I guess this is where the feet hit the road! I have been an avid exerciser for many years and actually talked to my dental assistant while in the chair last week about walking a full marathon with her in June. Hummmm…..looks like I have a real incentive here and will definitely join your challenge! Hey, thanks for the information on the book – I will definitely be giving it a look over and who knows, maybe some running will be in my future.

  26. LOL… somehow I knew one wouldn’t be enough for you… even though you swore you’d never do another one… so I guess a half marathon isn’t the same as a whole one… still makes me smile.
    love you!

  27. I am so in! I’m a jogger. My Mom runs marathons and has for years been trying to get me to run a five mile race that happens every June. Count me in for this challenge even if I have to tote my three year old in our runner stroller!

  28. Stacy, good for you. You really got the ball rolling. I’m not a runner, but I do Tae Kwon Do with my 9 year old son. My goal is to get to my next belt before we break for summer. I’m currently a green; blue is next. It gets harder as we go and now the instructor is throwing Judo into the mix. If I can stand all the throwing and falling, I might make it. Good luck with your goal and to everyone who’s posted, I wish a happier, healthier year to you all.

  29. I am signed up for the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon on Saturday, May 6, so I’m up for the challenge but a month earlier. My training class started this week and it was awesome to see familiar faces from training last year and new people too. I did a mini book about my training last year and I think I’ll be doing more of a scrap log this year. It’s so great to share group runs and I’ve met some fabulous people all because we run (okay, jog) an 11 minute mile. I’m slow but determined and our group has so much fun.
    Your marathon book in Big Picture was very inspiring. That’s a very intimidating distance. Half-marathons are totally do-able even for a slow runner like me.
    The 500 Festival Mini-Marathon is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and the field closed early with 35,000 people signing up to participate. I’m excited to be a part of the anniversary and to get to train with people who also have interesting stories to tell. Training is as rewarding as scrapbooking is!

  30. I had been thinking about doing the SL half as well and this is just the push I need. If Stacy’s doing it well, then, I better do it too! Haven’t done a long race since the SL Marathon 2 years ago and at that time decided a half was the perfect distance. So, I’m in!

  31. I am not planning to run a marathon, but my husband and I would like to try and get pregnant with baby #2 this June. So to that end my goal is to get my body as physically and emotionally healthy as I can before nurturing a new life. I have been running 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week on the treadmill all month. I just need the motivation to keep it up! This is perfect :-)

  32. Michelle Anderson says:

    I used to be a runner, but have through a series of unfortunate events, gained weight and stopped running altogether (that’s much more concise than what actually happened, but this is your blog, not mine). I recently told a friend that I’m tired of living in past tense and I’m ready for the new me that’s raring inside to bust out. Count me in. June, eh? Gotta go – training to do.

  33. Ok, thanks for the kick in the butt Stacy. I only started running last year and 5 miles just about killed me, but I pledge to run a 5K or 10K in June and train for a half-marathon in August. Now, you’ve inspired my sense of color, my scrapbooking, my creativity, the organization of my scrap room, and NOW my running. What’s next?

  34. i was so excited to see that you are going to do the half in slc! i am too. i would love to meet you, maybe get a picture together. i have never ran more than 5 miles, but i am training and i am going to do it. yeah baby! this will be so much fun to have all these runner moms going for a goal together. thanks!

  35. Laura Fiore says:

    I’m in. Actually doing a half marathon in San Francisco next week. My real goal for this year is to run either a half marathon or a 10K every month this year. I’m normally a marathoner, but my body is tired…so I want a more doable distance. The half has always been that for me, so I’m excited for you and the challenge you’ve made. It’s very exciting for me to see you creeping into more aspects of our lives than scrapbooking. We are a strong, diverse group of women who can only make each individual stronger by the contact. You go, Girl!

  36. Chris Sheetz says:

    I am in — I will walk the Cleveland (Ohio) half-marathon on May 21.
    PS Stacy knows where Cleveland is now!

  37. Chris Sheetz says:

    I am in — I will walk the Cleveland (Ohio) half-marathon on May 21.
    PS Stacy knows where Cleveland is now!

  38. Katie Bowers says:

    So, I so needed this. I have become a running mom, it has become part of my therapy. I am the worst person to follow through, and now that my running partner is dropping out on me, I am on my own. I have already commited to run a half marathon in April, The Race To Robie Creek, in Boise Idaho(they are still trying to figure out when). So, I need all the support, help, and well someone to answer to. I need to run on my own, I need to learn to do it myself. So thanks for this. And add me on. Now I need that book, and I need to really start training. any helpful hints, this one is a lot of hills, and well Boise is not the hilly area. So, with the expierence you have I would love some ideas and helpful hints. Oh, and I have never ever ran in anything before, I am crazy. I am a running mom.

  39. Jenn Guymon says:

    Okay! I’m in. I use to run track and cross country in Jr. High and High School, but after college and getting married, I kind of gave it up.
    My sister has challenged the whole family, but especially the girls, to at least walk the Top Of Utah marathon this year in Logan, UT. So that is my goal. I think it’s in August, so it’s a little out of the June range, but I’m going for it!
    I am going to become a Running Mom!

  40. Eileen Zetoff says:

    I am so glad you posted this! I was a long distance runner in high school and I loved it. After high school, I steadily piled on weight until I found myself at over 300lbs in my thirties. In the past year I have lost over 100 lbs and one of my goals was to participate in a road race. This has given me the drive to do it. There is no way that I could do a marathon, half marathon or even a 1/4 marathon at the current time. I pledge to do a 2K by June. Watch out, here I come!

  41. Yay Stacy! I’m working on walking the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco on October 22. I’m hoping to do a 10K in June as part of my training.
    The great thing about the SF event… every woman who finishes her distance within 6.5 hours (I’m aiming to walk it in 4) gets a commemorative silver charm from Tiffany! That’s motivating!

  42. Okay count me in – First I need to read the book! :) RunnerMom, since I have never been a “runner”. Then it’s off to search for a half marathon event in Portland in June. But I am intrigued by what I saw on and the marathon in San Fran – you want to go in October? Like Jill S said we get jewelry if we finish within 6.5 hours!!!

  43. Ok Stacy, I’m in. I will run a 5k by the end of June. I’m currently running 1 mile (on a treadmill) in 11 min. and am working my way up. Thanks for the motivation!

  44. Keary Nield says:

    You sound so happy and extremely busy, Sounds as if you need four or five lives and it seems as if I have more than I want so you are welcome to some of mine if you can figure out how to get them.
    I am legally blind, have had a kidney transplant, a stoke, about 5 heart attacks, 2 below the knee amputations,and 3 severe cases of pneomonia, so you can see that I do not need any more lives.
    BTW:I am Cathy Blackburn’s father.

  45. Sharon Kile says:

    I am in..Not sure the race but probably the Gasparilla…

  46. I’m in! I used to run a ton in h.s., but since then have really gotten out of it. I just had my first baby four months ago and really wanting to get back into running (and shape!!)again. I don’t know what race I could do in June, but I am already planning on doing Bloomsday in May (walking in with my sis-in-law). But I’ll be looking into June races…
    Thanks for the motivation!!

  47. Hey Stacy! I am in! I just ran my first 5K in the Houston Marathon. Signed up for the Rodeo Run, 10K in February and am going to my home town of St. Louis, MO. in April to run a 1/2 w/ my brother and sister. Totally need to make a scrapbook of all the women out there who are willing to hit the pavement for something, anything. Let me know how i can help bring it together in an online scrapbook!

  48. oh Stacy! how timely this is!! I used to LOVE to do 5Ks and was getting ready for my first 10K when I hurt my foot several years ago. I don’t run….can’t seem to make the leap from walking really fast to running….probably something to do with boobage. lol! anyway, stopped walking, got fat, stayed fat. I bought myself some super cool walking shoes on clearance right before Christmas. they still haven’t been used. maybe this horribly public accountability is what I need??? I am going to track down and buy that book TONIGHT. and here is my run date: June 17th sound good??? looks like I better hit the treadmill and soon! thanks for the kick in the pants!

  49. done…book bought….that was WAY too easy! hope the rest is half as easy! ;)

  50. I actually got online tonight to look at training schedules (and check out the blogs) …well if this isn’t a kick in the pants I don’t know what is! So I am actually considering (terrified of) a ridiculously hilly 10 mile run in May (I can only run 3 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill now). So taking a deep breath and hoping my I-T band in my knee holds up while I jump in…

  51. great stacy ,ill take your challenge ill get running by june and run a 5k,what is that even, 5 miles ?lol. i was challenging jessica simpsons daisy duke workout for three months i did it.when my family didnt think i would ,that was 6 days 2hours each posted in past people magazine now ill take on yours .thanks i let you know

  52. I’m in!
    Just signed the whole family up for a gym membership at the Y so this will be interesting :)…I am not a runner, but I do aerobics :)

  53. Amy Beatty says:

    The school where I teach is doing a 5K next month in honor of a student we lost to cancer last year. I have a 18 month old and have been so bad about exercising (especially biking which I love!) since he was born, so I am accepting your challenge- although I’ll be doing my race a little early. I guess my goal is just to be able to run the whole thing!

  54. Alrighty, my Stacy friend…
    I’ll do Bloomsday this year. I’ve never done it and have always wanted to… this is just the push I need to follow through on it this year.
    Haven’t decided if I’ll walk or run.

  55. Rochelle Kjar says:

    Stacy-You are awesome! I am so excited to do this! I have been running faithfully since OCT-2005 and I love it! I pledge to do the 5K on 6/3/06 in the SLC Marathon. Yeah!!!

  56. Like many others, this is the push I need. I used to play field hockey so running was as essential to me as breathing. Marriage, 2 kids later, no exercise at all and I SO miss running. I keep finding excuses why I can’t fit it into my day but NO MORE. I will be running 3 miles a day at least 3 times a week by June 1.

  57. count me in! I ran 2 half-marathons back in 2001/02 but have been semi-retired since my daughter was born in 2003. I have been looking for a challenge to help get me back into it again–and here it is. My goal will be to run a 10k. I cant wiat!!! by the way–I am also taking your BPS class and I LOVE IT! you rock! :)

  58. Lori Carlson says:

    Thanks, Stacy–I am a runner and relate so much to your scrapbooking about running in your book. I’ve never thought about a marathon until I saw your scrapbook about yours. I’ve never done a competitive run before. I have been thinking about doing the Race for the Cure, after walking with a good friend through breast cancer this year. I would love to do a half-marathon but need to do more research about where/when. But I’m in!

  59. Lori Carlson says:

    Thanks, Stacy–I am a runner and relate so much to your scrapbooking about running in your book. I’ve never thought about a marathon until I saw your scrapbook about yours. I’ve never done a competitive run before. I have been thinking about doing the Race for the Cure, after walking with a good friend through breast cancer this year. I would love to do a half-marathon but need to do more research about where/when. But I’m in!

  60. It’s waaaaay too hot to run ANYWHERE but from the car to the house in Tucson in June, but, I am committing to run a 5k in April. Nervous? Yes!!!

  61. Stef Bullard says:

    Count me in…I’m already signed up and training for the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon on Saturday, May 6. Nice to see that so many other scrappers enjoy getting fit and staying strong and healthy as well. You’re an inspiration.

  62. What inspiration! I committed to completing my first marathon in 2005 – did it in Portland, OR!! Now it’s on to Bloomsday in May, followed by the Hippy Chicks half marthon on Mother’s Day and Seafair Marathon in July! I’m now addicted! BTW, I’m a very slow runner (11 min/miles) – it’s the finsh that counts!!!
    Blessings, Stacy!

  63. What inspiration! I committed to completing my first marathon in 2005 – did it in Portland, OR!! Now it’s on to Bloomsday in May, followed by the Hippy Chicks half marthon on Mother’s Day and Seafair Marathon in July! I’m now addicted! BTW, I’m a very slow runner (11 min/miles) – it’s the finsh that counts!!!
    Blessings, Stacy!

  64. Okay, count me in as well!
    I ran (well, walked and jogged a bit) a 2 mile race last May and participated in my first 5k last June (the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure in Detroit). I just started up the Couch to 5K training program last week actually because I’m planning on RUNNING the 2 mile race again in May and RUNNING in the 5K Race for the Cure again in June.
    So there it is, Tracie in Michigan will RUN this year! Whoo Hooo! Thanks Stacy and good luck to all of you!

  65. This is exactly what I needed! Lately I’ve been an un-motivated running non-mom. So, this comes at just the right time. I’ve been wanting to train for my third marathon, and your challenge reminds me that there’s no time like the present. I have the time to run, it’s just a matter of doing it. Thank you, Stacy, for challenging me to just do it!

  66. ok I use to run in high school….23yrs ago but would love to start again to get into shape. I’m not sure when the races are or when they start here but I will pledge to start running and find a race to take part in this year. Better find the book and a good pair of running shoes….

  67. Okay…Count me in on this awesome challenge. I recently started running again, and boy did I miss it. I did make a personal pledge to myself that I wasn’t going to run anymore races b/c I hate the pressure to improve my time and to run fast. But deep down I know that’s not what it is all about — it is about feeling good about yourself, just crossing the finishing line is enough. So here goes…I’m going to run the race that was my last race when I stopped running a little less than a year ago. I’m running the Kayla 5k in Granville, OH the weekend of my son’s 5th birthday party!!!!
    Good Luck to All!

  68. There’s nothing better than positive peer pressure! I’m for sure in! See you at the SLC half-marathon in June! Since I live here, I’ll wait a few months to drive the route and see how long it REALLY is. Thanks for the great idea! We’ll have to think of some way to identify everyone who is taking your challenge and is at this race. That would be so cool!

  69. Melissa A says:

    I’m in.
    I actually hate running. Maybe hate is too strong of a word, but I do definitely dislike running. Yet, as I watch my dh enter race after race (he did 2, count ‘em 2 marathons this fall) and watch other women who look even more out shape than I am finish these same races, I know it is something I can do. It’s time to turn that knowledge into reality. I pledge to work up to a 5K this year. Can’t say when yet bc of work and family schedules but it will happen.
    There. I’ve said it. Now to live up to those words!

  70. Rachel G. says:

    I’ve always wanted to do the Run through Redlands but just never got around to it. I actually made resolutions this year(have not done that in years) and made this run a goal. Now I have you, and this group of women youre pulling together, to give me the push I need. What a great positive thinker you are!;) Love ya for that.
    So here it is-I will be doing the half marathon, in the Run through Redlands, California on April 30!
    Yeah me! Yeah you! Yeah all of us!!!

  71. I’m in! I’ve never run more than a mile and never been a ‘runner’ but have wanted to for a long time. I am going to run my first road race, a 5K, by the end of June. Thanks for the kick in the rear to get going and do it!

  72. I’m in! My DH and I are doing a half-marathon for our 1-year anniversary in April, but we want to continue running through the summer. A 10-K would probably be ideal! :)

  73. Stacy, is that the half marathon that goes with the full marathon in SLC? My sister and I are training for it! So I’m in for your challenge. I LOVE the half marathon distance (of course, I’ve never made it to the full marathon so I guess I don’t have a lot to compare it to other than 5ks and 10ks). I am NOT a fast runner by any means. But I adore it!

  74. Ceci O Hurtado says:

    Hi Stacy:
    I am all the way with you! I am not a runner even though my husband has ran 3 marathons and is training for a new one, next April in Paris!!! I ride my bicycle next to him when he is doing the long runs. This year I will train with him in rollerblades!! And I will do half of the skating marathon in Frankfurt the first tuesday of June, just before de Soccer world cup starts!!!
    I am in!!!

  75. I am in…I am not a runner so my pledge is to work out for 5 days a week by June. I am starting at 0 days so I will have to work up to the 5 days. I want to live a healthy lifestyle, so I will include in this pledge to drop 20pounds by June also. This will require will power and new eating habbits!
    Thanks Stacy for the inspiration and the push to get out and do some physical activity.

  76. Stacy! What a treat to discover your blog today AND to find out that you are a fellow marathoner! I’ve got to get my hands on your Big Picture book and check out that marathon album of yours now. It sounds amazing.
    I’ve already signed up for two marathons this year: the National Capital Marathon in Ottawa on May 28th (is that close enough to June?) and the Chicago Marathon in October. This will be my first attempt at doing two marathons in one year, which I know is more than a little crazy. These darned marathons are addictive, though.
    Count me in on the challenge!

  77. Amy Hunsinger says:

    Hey there Stacy!
    Sign me up for the challenge! I’m a runner and a mom, just not sure what my goal will be. I want something challenging but realistic. Maybe a half marathon. Will be looking for one. Oh, by the way, I’m glad you know ALL the words to “You are my sunshine” Could you please email them to me sometime in your busy schedule? I forgot after please don’t take my sunshine away. It is me & my 3 year old son’s song. I am still loving your book. I have implemented so many ideas from it. Love Big Picture classes too! Take care!

  78. Thanks for the incentive here. I decided to not only take my health more seriously but combine it with a cause that means a lot to me. So in my Grandmother’s memory I pledge to participate in the 5K walk in the “Koman Race For A Cure” in Madison, WI on June 3rd. For others interested in finding a walk near you to help fight Breast Cancer go here: or here:
    I’m also going to try to get my mom to join me, it will mean getting time together for something that affected our lives deeply. Thanks so much!

  79. I am in Stacy, my husband, and brother, and I had already planned on running a race that is 8 miles around a lake in Pennsylvania in June. So now I just have to start training. The weather has been so bad that I can’t make myself get outside and go but now I will have no choice.

  80. As an extremely out of shape new mother, I will take the challenge too.
    By June I will be walking 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes.
    Thanks – love your books and all your work!!
    Cinda from Florida

  81. Stacy, I’m up for the challenge. My Dad passed away last August after a very courageous battle with lung cancer. In June, I’ll walk in the Relay for Life in my hometown in Ohio. A typical Relay is 12 hours. Each team keeps at least one member walking on the track at all times. My goal is to walk the entire relay.

  82. karen Hobbs says:

    OK! I had been walking with a girlfriend regularly but holidays and continuous rain(I live near Tacoma, WA!!) slowed us down. We pledge to walk at least 4 x a week for at least 30 minutes. And I pledge to try the 12K walk in the Sound to Narrows in June! There I said it , now I have to do it!!!! Please hold me to it. I work much better with a bit of positive pressure!! Just like all my wonderful classes at BPS, I paid for them and I WILL do them!! thanks Stacy, you are wonderful!

  83. Jacqui Bourne says:

    Thanks for your inspiration Stacy. I have taken the plunge and joined the gym. I need to do some serious getting fit and loose some extra pounds I’ve been carrying around. I pledge to go to gym at least 3 times a week to start with and by June I want to have increased it to 5 times a week doing all the exercises prescribed by my trainer. This I must add is a huge goal for me, as I’ve never been much of an exercise/sport person. Thanks once again for being so GREAT

  84. Meredith Shepherd says:

    To Run or Not to Run? That is the question. Thanks to EVERYONE who posted – and to Stacy for using your GIFT of inspiring others. How gratifying to have such an influence for good!
    I personally hate running but I do like to exercise – especially if music is involved. I know your post was addressed to runner moms, but it seems like setting a goal and reaching it might be the underlying message here!
    I joined Weight Watchers this week – already down 3.8lbs – and plan to commit to exercise 3 x week. I wouldn’t be happy running outside in FL humidity – so I plan to go the the Y.
    I know that to stick with any physical activity it has to be something you enjoy. I often here about the endorphines & runner’s high that comes from training and I have yet to experience that. What I am addicted to is the feeling of accomplishment and pride I have when at the end of the day I followed through with a commitment I made to myself to exercise that day. It is very empowering to know that “I CAN DO THIS!” So… I pledge to reach my goal weight by June, through diet and exercise… I’d like to become a WW coach and use MY gift of communicating and enthusiasm to help others succeed. Wish me luck.
    PS – I’d like to chat with you for a few minutes about my proposal for BP. Give me a call if you get a chance to catch your breath. Thanks. Meredith :*)

  85. My hubby and I signed up to do the 5K in Salt Lake. I am not quite ready for a half yet, but I feel the 5K is a good start!!

  86. Okay, I missed the deadline but I am in anyways! My goal is to exercise 5 days a week – I even bought an mp3 player to motivate me on the treadmill. Thanks for the challenge – sorry I missed this earlier. :-)

  87. I just saw this and had to add my challenge…I signed up January 21st this year to do the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in Az. I have been walking and running since then on average of 4 days a week. My longest time is 65min. and 4 miles. I walk most of it and do about a mile running. I just wanted to tell you that one of the reasons I did it was your layout in the Big Picture. About why you run. I used to do it all the time and then life got in the way…Now that I am back on “track”, it feels great!! Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder of how good it feels to be doing something worth while and also doing it for me as well.

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