Color is an antidote

I believe this 100%. It’s 2:04 at my house and I just made the darn cutest thing — for my creativity class. I’m working with my favorite colors and I am reminded again how happy and energized they make me. I love this quote by Alexandra Stoddard "It doesn’t cost any more to have happy colors around you than to have depressing colors. I think that a lot of people who are borderline depressed don’t know it; they think it’s because there’s too much stress in their lives when it’s really because they live in such dreary environments." I agree with Ms. Stoddard — "You should come home to an environment that reflects your personality and your JOY!"

Speaking of color — check this out, it’s my new hand-knitted and most colorful scarf. What a wonderfully happy surprise from Regina, who I got to meet and get to know a little, at CKU in Stamford, CT. {Thanks friend}

and just so you don’t say it first — I’m looking really pasty!
Maybe I need more sleep — ya think?

If you can, spend some time exploring Alexandra’s site — it’s so good.



  1. Hi Stacy. I’m so glad you got it. I thought it was lost. It was such a joy to make it for you. Don’t you love that envelope? I got it at the UPS store and when I saw it I said, “that’s Stacy”.
    Keep warm.
    Your friend in Jersey.

  2. Great scarf! I had to post here because everyone else was posting about your favorite vegetable and I didn’t want Regina’s comment to feel lonely. *grin* Sorry, feeling a little goofy today. :)

  3. Great Scarf!
    A friend just emailed me a great picture of you & I goofing at NESC last summer. It’s in her snapfish account so when I get my copy I’ll scan it and send it to you! (You are wearing my happy color in it – green!)

  4. I started reading Alexandra’s books about 15 yrs ago. Her book about color is awesome. I love Regina’s scarf. She’s one of the sweetest women I know and I’m proud to call her my friend.

  5. What a nice scarf! I love love love scarves! I got three for christmas!

  6. You’re not too pasty (although I’m sure you are sleep-deprived…after all you are a superhero – ahem, I mean MOM). You just need a touch of lipstick to balance out the bright cheerful scarf!
    : )

  7. Stacy – I’m so glad to hear that you also like Alexandra Stoddard. I have quite a few of her books and actually thought of you the other day when I saw them on my bookshelf. I thought, “Stacy Julian would love her!” LOL!
    Soooo true about color. So true.

  8. GREAT scarf! you look fab chica!

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