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WOW — If we could just bottle the enthusiasm and anxiety around the launch of our classes! Who knew you all would be so excited. First let me say how thrilled we are that so many of you have registered! Because of the rush to access the classroom, we are experiencing some technical difficulties. Please know that we [when I way "we" I mean primarily our webmaster, Kayce -- who has not slept all night] are feverishly working on these issues. We appreciate your patience so much. Here are some answers to questions that we have received. Please help me share these answers — OK?

Q Why can’t I access the class that I have paid for?
A Because so many people are trying to access it at the same time. I know it is hard to wait, but please remember that the classroom is open all week long. The information in the classroom will not change until next Monday, January 9th. If after you have logged in, a part of the classroom becomes unavailable, please log out and log back in. It seems that so many people are hitting the site that we are having some issues with the classroom timing out for people that are inside — does that make sense?

Q I wanted to sign up for Donna’s class, and didn’t realize that registration was closed, what can I do — I really want to take her class?
A We have re-opened registration for Donna’s and Cathy’s classes — once you register and pay, you will have access to the classroom [but you may need to be a little patient.]
In the future, registration for classes will end the day before the class goes live. Please note these dates [they are listed with the class descriptions] for any class you are planning on registering for. It’s in our best interest to preserve the energy of our webmaster. I really want her to keep her job, and want to avoid giving her extra,  uneccessary work — our customers will always come first and we want your experience to be a smooth and happy as possible.

If you have other specific questions or situations other than classroom access, which we are working on, please email us. We cannot respond to questions or comments left on the share your thoughts page of the website!

All this aside, I sure hope you had, and are having a Happy New Year!
Our family has so enjoyed some time away. I’ll be back soon with some of the details.


  1. Happy New Year, Stacy!
    Thank you for everything. And please let Kayce know how much we appreciate her and the job she does! I can’t imagine what a mess it is with all the hits this morning. Hope she can get some rest soon. I got into my class just fine after a bit. Others will, too.
    Thanks again for sharing your “big ideas” with all of us.

  2. I might have missed it, but can you put an “email us” link on your BPS page to make it easier for people to send you questions/issues directly

  3. Stacy – the classes ROCK! This morning while I had my coffee I got to listen to Cathy – all the while in my pajamas and slippers. FABULOUS!! Thank you for coming up with the perfect way to inspire me and make 2006 my best scrapping year ever! I’m off to listen to Donna now. :)

  4. You’re awesome, Stacy – and I can’t wait to get home from work and start playing!

  5. Thanks for the update Stacy! I haven’t scrapped in months, but since receiving your book, hooking up with a grop of similarly inspired scrappers only and listening to Cathy Z this morning, I’ve completed a 2005 highlight spread and am 80% through my 5 Random things page.
    You guys are AWESOME!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Please pass our heartfelt thanks to Kayce for all her hard work…we can be very impatient creatures when getting a chance to start the new year off with the likes of Donna and Cathy! What I did see of the class room looked great!

  7. Happy New Year, Stacy!

  8. While this online class thing is so new, would it be possible to do this for Donna’s class:
    POST a new class each week, with all its downloads and such, but…
    HAVE the class available for two weeks so everyone can get access?

  9. I have had no real problems… just go back in through the “enter classroom” button on the my account page.
    I’m excited, except that no-one seems to be carrying the SS planner for Donna’s class. I ordered it reluctantly from the SS site (I want it NOW…)
    Now to kick the family out of the house so I can listen to Donna and Cathy’s podcasts.
    The “look” of everything is so great- I love not having to sift through ads and such.

  10. I am having only 2 problems.
    1) I have not been able to post photos to the photo gallery for donna’s class. At the log in page it states that there are no photo galleries available. I know there are because there are some photos already posted. Help me!!!
    2) I can’t stop thinking and planning as to the other creative things that I want to do. (this is not really a problem but I have to finish laundry today and all I want to do is create!!!!)
    Thanks for coming up with this BP Scrapbooking and the online classes.

  11. Thanks to Kayce for all her hard work! I was able to get in and download everything smoothly and have complete both projects! What an exhilirating start to the new year. Thank you Stacy, for showing us the “big picture”.

  12. Stacy,
    Great success with the start of CZ’s class today! Just wanted to have you hear some good news while working out the kinks. Love what you’re doing here! CZ’s class is awesome! And I love you’re whole ‘Big Picture’ thing you got going on here – the book, the classes – it’s revolutionary…really makes me look at things differently! THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thank goodness that today finally arrived! I’ve been waiting *patiently* for the start of Donna’s class, then realized that I wouldn’t have my planner in time & so signed up for Cathy’s class too (just to have something to do while waiting the postman to arrive with my planner! *grin*)!!! Have had great fun downloading all the info for both classes and pulling supplies fromm my stash – I’m off to create my 5 things page…and one for my husband too!
    Thanks Stacy! (and all at BigPicture!)

  14. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!!!

  15. Stacy,
    I’m so excited to be taking classes!! Especially in the comfort of my own home!!
    I’m TRYING to make a spiral bound notebook work for the class I’m taking from you. Would you have any suggestions on how to make it work for me? The pages are lined and purple.

  16. Sophia Allison says:

    Hi Stacey…
    It’s me all the way from sunny Durban, South Africa. I got to meet you at the Scrapbook Convention in September in Joburg, actually I was one of your helpers at one stage.
    Ordered your book “The Big Picture” as you mentioned it to us, it is awesome…just found your site too…love it, I am thinking of joining your You are Creative class. Will I enjoy it? What a question, I am sure I will…
    The only thing I wanted to know is that I work from 8 – 2pm, will I have chance to log in to do the class or not?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  17. Mette Thomas says:

    Wow I just had to thank you for providing the online classes, yeah yeah i know everyone is thanking you but its so exciting being an Australian I can participate in these great classes without even spending 1000′s of dollars on a plane ticket what more can i ask for.
    I heard you speak at the 1st CKU and have never looked back, my scrapping did an about turn and is just about ready to have another prod in the right direction. Thanks so much and can’t wait for news on the new baby when she arrives we are all waiting with you !!
    Mette Thomas
    Melbourne, Australia

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