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Well, take a look — it’s a page from My Favorite Things album that I started at CKU-A.
I meant to take the photo this morning in some nice natural light, but just kept forgetting. It’s dark in Spokane by about 4:30 p.m. — so you’ll just have to settle for this less-than-desirable photo with flash option.


I love Asparagus and I use black and white gingham and polka dot ribbon a ton!
So .. the winners are:

Post # 4, Carrie for the right vegetable
Post # 6, Melissa – who actually got both questions right. We’ll have her win for ribbon!

This was fun. I guess I should do contests more often eh? BIG Thanks again to Shimelle. Carrie and Melissa, all you have to do is email Shimelle and tell her you ARE one of the lucky winners!

Just in case you care, my journaling reads:

The dictionary says asparagus is a plant having edible roots, but to me it is much more than that. It is my favorite vegetable! I love the fact that when eating it, I feel a bit more refined, than I do eating other vegetables. I love the fact that when I fix it for my family, I get that "I’m-such-a-good-mom" feeling — that, I’m rising above the usual frozen mixed veggies and canned corn in an effort to elevate their culinary experience and introduce their taste buds to the joys of mature dining. These feelings aren’t unfounded either. I recently learned that asparagus is a member of the lily family — and was for centuries the province of the privileged, reserved for royalty. In addition to the fact that when prepared well, asparagus is mouth-wateringly delicious, I also think it is the best looking of all vegetables, from it’s long, graceful stalks to it’s flower-like tips. Asparagus is a beautiful, healthy and culturally respected way to celebrate our need for fiber and our ever-present goal to find palatable low-calorie foods. And, to those that find it odd that I have photographed and scrapbooked a vegetable — I say, hey no one will ever wonder what to serve at my funeral.

You guys are the best — thanks for playing.
I’m off in the morning to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit Barbara, the woman who won me, and my book at her door!  We’ll be partying with about 7 of her friends, and I’ll take pictures to share with you here.

p.s. oh, and the next round of classes will be posted at Big Picture Scrapbooking later this week!


  1. Sharon Kile says:

    Yummy asparagus!! It is so expensive here in FL but great..Cannot wait for the classes to be posted…

  2. carrie conforti says:

    Whoo hoo! Thank you so much Stacy! I’m so excited to take one of her classes. I’m going to email Shimelle right now!
    You are the BEST! Thank you very much! :)

  3. YEAH!!!! I’m so excited!
    Thanks Stacy!!! I emailed Shimelle to let her know I was a winner.
    Thanks again. And thank you for doing the Big Picture. Already I am seeing changes in the way I scrapbook…

  4. great page Stacy.. love it!!
    I love asparagus too!
    question for you.. why is it when I log into bp sbing.. I can’t register for beth’s class today????
    it’s not avail for me to enroll after I sign in.. only your class the creative class… I know today is the last day to register.. and I would just like to know how.. if you can tell me/show me how.. I would sure appreciate it… thks,
    bonnie in MN

  5. Looking forward to see what the next round of classes will be.

  6. Stacy – I LOVE your journaling and this layout is just fantastic.
    Great job.
    And I LOVE asparagus.

  7. Can’t wait to see the new classes! Had so much fun doing Cathy’s and am lovin’ Donna’s. Can’t wait for yours to start!
    I am taking a Shimelle class too. What a great give away that was!

  8. I was going to say asparagus, cause it’s my fave too!! Yeesh!!!
    Okay, so I’m re-reading BPS. You Rock Stacy. Everytime I read through the book I find something inspiring and new. Thanks for an awesome book.

  9. Stacy, you are just too cute. I don’t know anyone else that would do a layout about asparagus! You know what though, that’s one of the things I like most about you. :)

  10. More classes??!! Awesome!

  11. Two of my great loves in life. Shimelle’s classes and asparagus. You guys are so gonna love winning a spot in her latest class cause they are all fab.
    Brill LO, Stacy.

  12. Well I’m too late to enter the competition but I’m smiling anyway as I’m doing yet ANOTHER of Shimelle’s classes. This lady is seriously good. This will be the 4th on-line class I have done with her and I am talking serious commitment by me on every occasion. Shim is just the greatest.

  13. We have an asparagus patch out back; there truly is NOTHING better than fresh asparagus, steamed while it’s still cryin’ from the garden.
    You will HAVE to come to VT in June to try some…..;-)
    And when it goes to seed over the summer you get that beautiful asparagus fern waving in the littlest breezes. Too pretty.

  14. I love asparagus, and your page celebrating it. I’m on pins and needles waiting for your class to begin – and to see the next class postings!

  15. Congratulations winners, you’ll love Shimelle’s classes, she’s a fabulous teacher and a great inspiration, she always manages to make you think of things you wouldn’t normally have done. I was already signed up for this journalling class…my 5th online class of hers now I think – hope you have as much fun with it as I do :)

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