this girl rocks!

holy jumping up and down in front of the TV Batman — did you see our Donna on QVC? I am so totally proud of her I just can’t keep it in. I think she has found yet another way to rock our world.

She’s a natural.
One heck of a QVC host[ess] that Donna D.


  1. Yeah, I got up early on my side of the world to check her out :)
    She rocks! No other words are necessary (sp?), I think. She just ROCKS!
    She just makes me wanna buy schtuff that QVC won’t send over to the Netherlands ;)

  2. I know!!! How awesome did she do???
    Ready to rock the creativity today in honor of Donna!

  3. I saw her too and thought she rocked! Her and David really seemed to work well together. Way to go Simple!

  4. She really was awesome. I watched her the whole time. I am just so proud!!

  5. Yeah, she was awesome! Very cool to watch her. She seemed like a pro not a newbie to TV at all! Can’t wait til this afternoon!

  6. So worth staying up past my bedtime. Donna ROCKS!!!!

  7. Rats! I missed it, but just checked site for goodies for sale.
    I can’t wait for your Big Picture class to start. I keep logging on to check if it’s started even though I know it’s early. I can’t wait until tomorrow!

  8. good think my husband was out of town, or he would have been startled awake at my shouting, “I KNOW her…” (Or rather, I’ve MET her…)
    She was awesome.

  9. Yeah, she totally rocked! So relaxed and natural!

  10. I thought she did an incredible job! :) And unless I was mistaken, I did hear my favorite Donna phrase “this ROCKS!” sometime around 1:20 this morning! lol! :)

  11. Wasn’t she just the CUTEST? I think she did awesome and represented SS fabulously!! WTG Donna!!

  12. I totally agree! I’ve worked with Simple for how long? …and I didn’t meet Donna until CHA Winter (2 weeks ago). She has the funnest personality; I could totally hang with her and look forward to doing it more often! Our WHOLE TEAM ROCKS!

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