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this would be Lucy Lin and Brooklyn Rose, my two nieces and future cousins to Addie Mae. These girls got together for the first time over Christmas. They were practically inseparable, loved dressing alike and chatted non-stop, planning future sleep-overs and  birthday parties. Many of you have asked for an adoption update. There isn’t unfortunately much to tell. We are family number five on the list waiting for a baby girl from Korea. We are hoping to receive a referral [newborn picture and acceptance papers] sometime before Spring. After that, it will take between three and six months to bring her home. She will probably be around 7 months old and she will be eagerly received by four handsome protectors and two best girlfriends.

Needless to say, I can’t wait.
For information on international adoption go here.


  1. So cute!!! Love their matching outfits! Cousins are the best!

  2. I empathize. My DH & I are adopting a 7 year old girl from Russia and waiting to hear when we get to make trip #2. Unfortunately Russia is on vacation until after Jan 9th. Patience is a virtue, but some days are much harder than others.
    I’m greatly looking forward to the Cre8tive class, and can’t wait until you post about “how to organize a family scrapbook library” class!

  3. KatieButler says:

    What cuties! I’m sure they can’t wait to meet their new cousin. Wishing your family all the best in your adoption journey–two of our family friends have adopted children from Korea (one girl, and two boys, respectively) and their children have been such blessed additions to their families.

  4. Eileen Zetoff says:

    Oh my, aren’t they adorable! I have been getting the baby bug again. Unfortunately, my OB advised me not to have any more kiddos because of all the complications that I had during my pregnancies. DH and I are considering adopting a child in a few years. Here’s to hoping everything goes quickly and smoothly with Addie Mae :)

  5. So many prayers for you, Stacy – for quick and happy news – how wonderful and frustrating this must be at the same time…

  6. I have followed your journey to Addie with much joy! We are awaiting our referral for our daughter, Emma, from China and hoping to bring her home this spring. I have been thinking that our adoption blog is a scrapbook of sorts, and definitely helps me remember the “big picture” throughout the long months of waiting. Ours is at for anyone who cares to peek in. Thank you, Stacy, for sharing your exciting adventure with all of us! We’ll keep your daughter and your family in our prayers.
    PLEASE do that “Our Family” albums class soon so I can get organized before the zillions of new baby photos join the mix. I definitely need to get going on that! :o)

  7. The wait will be so worth it in the end, I promise! If you want to read about our adoption story, go to: . :)

  8. Sharon Kile says:

    They are adorable.. so sugary sweet…

  9. Bless you & your husband for opening your hearts to your dear little daughter to be. My dh and his sister are both adopted, and dh & I went through the homestudy process for a domestic adoption. But we were able to do an embryo adoption instead,and now have beautiful 3 YO triplets that I was able to carry for 30 weeks. I don’t know how you do all the things you do, but I’m sure glad you do SS & BPS! Can’t wait for the Cre8tive class!

  10. Oh wow, how awesome!! I pray moving up on the list and finalizing everything goes quickly for you. I personally can’t go through any more pregnancies, and if I ever get the urge to have a baby again, hubby and I are also going to adopt a baby girl.

  11. This is my first post to your blog and I just want to pop in and say congrats! on your decision to adopt. My hubby and I have two amazing kids through adoption, one international and one domestic. And we are working on our third! I look forward to hearing more about your adoption journey as things progress. Lots of prayers heading your way!

  12. I have been following your adoption journey and can’t wait to see your adoption pages.
    We too have adopted from Korea, Twice just recently bringing our baby girl home (2-6-06 is her Family Day). Ethan came home 5-22-03.
    Even after Isabella came home I think this picture/page of our son holding her envelope of information (w/ the picture we would see for the 1st time in that envelope) is my absolute favorite!!!
    About our referral:
    Congrats on being in process!! It is such an amazing journey!
    P.S. There is a great post about your book on 2peas:

  13. Congratulations on the impending adoption! I am also the bio mother of only (however wonderful!) boys. We adopted a beautiful baby girl from Honduras nearly 17 years ago! She is and has always been a delight – we are so blessed to call her our daughter! I have been making cards for years, but am new to scrapbooking. Jenna’s adoption story will be one of my first! Much happiness to you all!

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