Who Loves Shimelle?

I do. I do. If you don’t know Shimelle, go here and check out all that she does for us and this industry. It’s funny, because after all of the thousands of scrapbook pages I’ve seen over the years, I can still clearly picture a page Shimelle made for SS magazine about her apartment, at least 3 years ago — I loved it that much! So, I love Shimelle and because I do, she has given me permission to give away two spots in one of her online classes. In other words, it’s a little contest. If you can be either, the first to guess my  favorite vegetable or the first to post the kind of ribbon I use the most then you are a Winner!

Good luck, and may the best bloggie win.
Now I’m going to bed.


  1. I’m going to guess you favorite ribbon to use is American Crafts because it comes in so many colors and your fave veggie…hmmm…what’s a happy veg…how about corn?

  2. I think carrots are happy… happy orange! Makes me want to get out a orange sweater right NOW! :)

  3. I like eggplant so I’ll guess you do too…why not!

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say asparagus. (actually my favorite veggie so I’m going on the theory that great minds think alike). ;)

  5. I’m guessing green beans.

  6. The vegetable you wouldn’t want to live without, asparagus. Your favorite ribbon…black gingham and polka-dot ribbon because it goes with everything!

  7. Hmmm…..I’ll be wildly crazy and say peas and favorite ribbon is from Chatterbox!

  8. amy williams says:

    ummm, how ’bout broccolli?

  9. Ann in MA says:

    Ribbon – not sure if you mean brand or type, so I’ll say Maya Road ribbon and/or grosgrain …

  10. I am going to guess potato. Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes or french fries. As for ribbon well how about Making Memories?

  11. i’m going to guess the vegetable I like the least…asparagus. :)

  12. I may not know the type, but I know you love yellow ribbon. My veggie guess would have been potatoes, but that’s already picked. :)
    Have a happy day!

  13. I love Shimelle! I just finished her Christmas Journal class and it was awesome. It was something I never would have done on my own and I’m so proud of it. I have signed up for Done & Dusted. I can’t wait for that to start! Oh, I’m guessing any ribbon by May Arts.

  14. For ribbon I would guess H Swapp and veggie maybe cabbage

  15. I’m going to say that the ribbon is Striped Grosgrain ribbon from Strano! I think Green beans are you favourite veg!!

  16. mhepperla says:

    Your favorite ribbon comes from stranodesigns.com

  17. asparagus? just a guess-but could the ribbon possibly be black with white polka-dots?

  18. I’ll take a wild guess of artichokes and yellow ribbon. absolutely no idea.

  19. I’m going to guess green grossgrain ribbon. Your favorite vegetable would be brussel sprouts.

  20. Shannon Stamp says:

    Hmmmmm, I don’t know my manufacturers very well, but I know you have tons of layouts with the Offray ribbon!!!!! I had to try and find the name.
    For veggie…. hmmmm, so many people have already guessed what I would have guessed. But I am thinking you love salads… so I am guessing lettuce!
    This was a great idea Stacy!
    Shannon Stamp
    Mill Creek, WA

  21. My guess is white grosgrain ribbon and collard greens.

  22. Italiangirl says:

    broccoli and May arts ribbons–stripes

  23. Alright… I’ll give it a shot too. I’m thinking spinach :)

  24. I love Shimelle too! I just finished her Christmas Art Journal Class and I’m signed up for the current Journal Art Challenge weekly class.
    I’ll guess yellow ribbon with black polka dots or the other way around. As far as vedgetables I’ll guess carrots!

  25. Eileen Zetoff says:

    hmmm….trying to think of a veggie that hasn’t been posted yet….how about…zucchini? From your book it looks like you grow your own tomatoes and zucchini so I figure you must like it a lot right? :)
    I think every type of ribbon has been chosen too. I know you use alot of grosgrain and gingham. So versatile!
    Shimelle does rock, I have been a fan of hers for years as well.

  26. Kelli Kemmerer says:

    My guess your favorite vegetable is YELLOW squash and the ribbon would be by Making Memories– YELLOW

  27. Hmmmm…I don’t use ribbon very much, so I can’t even venture a guess. As for veggies, I’ll say turnips (only because it hasn’t been guessed yet!)

  28. Pam Cooper says:

    I’ll guess tomatoes!
    As for ribbon…. I think they’ve all been guessed already but I would go with the American Crafts brand.
    Am loving Big Picture classes so far!

  29. Brussels Sprouts??? (Yum. But never met a veggie I didn’t like!!)
    Totally digging my BPS book and Donna’s class!! You ROCK!!!

  30. My favorite veggie is peas, so many it’s yours.

  31. Your favorite (and mine!) is black gingham and polka-dot ribbon…because it goes with everything.I know corn casserole is on of your favorite dishes.

  32. hmmmm…
    I am going out on a limb here I am going to guess okra (no one else has guessed that.
    Ribbon I would say anything yellow, because most scrapbookers tend to use their fav color alot.
    Have a great day Stacy.

  33. Shimelle is awesome – I took her Art Journal class last year and had a lot of fun. What a fun contest – whoever wins will love her class!

  34. From what you “food” tag says in your book your favorite veggie is Asparagus. Ribbon I’m not sure maybe black gingham and polka dot ribbons! I thought I would tell you I got my Russell and Hazel book yesterday. I am in love with it! Can’t wait for the class!

  35. i’m guessing carrots. what a happy crunching sound and a happy color. thank you for all you happy!!!

  36. I think you love Strano brand ribbons and brownies. Wait, brownies aren’t vegatables are they?? Ok..let’s see, how about artichokes? They make me happy, so maybe they do you too!! ;)

  37. I am thinking your favorite veggie is cauliflower.
    Your favorite ribbon is American Crafts.

  38. Christyne says:

    Hmmm… I think your favourite vegetable is asparagus – it’s green :) and it makes me happy, so maybe it makes you happy too!
    I think your favourite ribbon is black gingham (what we used in your “My favourite things” class at albums) because it’s incredibly versatile!
    Have a happy day!

  39. Michelle OKeefe says:

    You love carrots !
    That’s my guess.

  40. Michelle OKeefe says:

    You use Offray ribbon most often – huh? Do you?

  41. How about Yucca? It is a root. I know they sell it here in the USA, but I found out about it cause my hubby is from Peru. All the other veggies are taken. Maybe there should be an honorable mention gift for most creative answer! (smile)
    I also can’t wait for your class!

  42. april haymore says:

    I am going to guess carrots and polka dot ribbon.

  43. Love those tomatoes?

  44. Broccoli!?
    And American crafts ribbon?

  45. Let see could it be green beans and yellow MM ribbon?

  46. I took two classes from Shimelle at CKC Bellvue. She’s great!

  47. I was going to guess asparagus, but it looks like everyone guessed that. How about tomatoes? And I’ll say Chatterbox for ribbon.

  48. Sweet potatoes! No one has guessed that!!! Ribbon… how about brown? with polka dots? It is the new black you know….

  49. Karen Wilmes says:

    I don’t know if someone already guessed this but I’m going to say butternut squash!

  50. I’m guessing yellow ribbon and would lean toward tomatoes if it were a veggie, but since it’s not I will choose beets.

  51. tomatoes and american crafts ribbons

  52. My guess is green grosgrain ribbon and brussel sprouts.


  54. I’ll say broccoli and May Arts ribbon, because I don’t think I’ve seen either of those. :)

  55. I just finished Shimelle’s Christmas Art Journal Class & have you seen her take on Cathy Zielske’s BPS 5 Random Things class? It’s in her gallery on 2Peas and it is Shimelle :)
    As to favorites: I think Asparagus and yellow gingham ribbon (since yellow is your happy color) – though I know you LOVED the vintage yellow ribbon you got from Margie Romney-Aslett from CKU-A in Stamford.
    I was thinking of ordering & altering a Sarabinder for your U R 2 Cre8tive class – a question for you too – should I have blank paper (for sketching) or lined paper or both?

  56. I am sure the ribbon has been guessed, but I am going to say Black & White checked/gingham.

  57. Broccoli.

  58. I know from the Big Picture that you used a lot of both black ribbon with white polka dots and black gingham ribbon. (You even said in your comments at the back of the book that those two ribbons go with everything.) So that is my guess for ribbon. Now, I’d like to try for vegetable…hmmm… I think you mentioned that asparagus was your favorite vegetable. Looks like I am too late guessing. I see both of these answers posted now. Oh well. Can’t blame a girl for trying.

  59. I know from the Big Picture that you used a lot of both black ribbon with white polka dots and black gingham ribbon. (You even said in your comments at the back of the book that those two ribbons go with everything.) So that is my guess for ribbon. Now, I’d like to try for vegetable…hmmm… I think you mentioned that asparagus was your favorite vegetable. Looks like I am too late guessing. I see both of these answers posted now. Oh well. Can’t blame a girl for trying.

  60. is it butter nut squash
    This is fun thanks, have a great weekend.

  61. Well, as my first guesses are already posted, I’ll say yellow (wax) beans and argyle ribbon! Great idea for a contest – thanks. Keitha

  62. umm….how about eggplant and striped ribbon?

  63. I’m guessing that your favorite ribbon is Yellow Polka dot Grosgrain Ribbon from one of those fancy schmancy shops in New York. As for your fave veggie…I’m thinking probably squash…I’m thinking Yellow Squash!! Just a guess!!

  64. Im thinking you love beans for vegies and ribbon, hmmm i think polkadot and argyle grossgrain ribbons…cheers

  65. My guess to your favorite veggie is squash…because you love yellow. Oh wait…I just realized someone up right up there said yellow squash. Maybe I will have to change my answer to corn. That is yellow. Or yellow bell peppers! I’m pretty sure plenty of people have guessed those two! And I don’t know about your favorite brand…but it seems like a lot of the ribbon in your layouts looks very similar to ribbon I have from Michaels. I looked…it says it’s their own brand…I’m guessing there is a “real” brand somewhere out there, as well! I do know you like the gingham ribbon. I’m post 65 or something…I won’t win…but it’s fun to play!

  66. i think just about every veggie has been listed but i was going to say artichoke.
    and ribbon….as long as it’s yellow i think you like it all! :)

  67. Going out on a limb here and guessing artichokes and red gingham ribbon, 3/8″ wide to be specific. LOL!!

  68. I’d say cucumber and Heidi Swapp ribbon

  69. Dana Buol says:

    I am going to guess Potatoes :)

  70. I’m not even going to guess because I think it’s been covered. But I have to say Shimelle’s Christmas Journal class was wonderful. Loved seeing what others created and it really made Christmas more meaningful for me.

  71. When it comes to ribbon, I think it’s black & white gingham or polka dots that you use the most.

  72. Mary Mitchell says:

    I’d say Broccoli and how about SEI ribbon

  73. Although I’m far too late to post for the contest, I do want to say that I really enjoy Shimelle, too! I TAed for her Guide Words class and got messy as a student in Hang it on the Wall. I combined what I learned from her and had my 9th grade English skills students create Christmas gifts–they loved it! We also altered their journals at the same time. It was a very crafty week in my classroom!

  74. Allison Barnes says:

    I know the ribbon is Close to My Heart and the veggie I should know, but not sure. I know lots of other wierd things you like to eat….yogurt with lots of strange things sprinkled on top….soggy cereal…High Nooner sandwiches…can we go when I come visit? My favorite veggie you make is fresh steamed beans.
    love reading your blog! Miss ya..

  75. Jennifer C. says:

    I’m going to guess artichoke as your favorite veggie . . . and I’m going to say ANY ribbon is your favorite ribbon!! Thanks for sharing on your blog. I enjoy reading it.

  76. I’m so late here due to different time zones (my excuse) but I’d say butternut squash and velvet ribbon. Who knows if I’m right, but it’s fun checking out your blog anyway!!

  77. well, i know my favorite ribbons come from May Arts so i hope yours do too! as for veggie…well, corn is ALWAYS a good standby and yummy! hope i’m right :-)

  78. Your favorite veggie is probably asparagus, since that is what it says in your book! But, I’m going to guess avocado because they’re awesome and out of 77 responses so far, no one else has guessed those. (Are they even a vegetable? Maybe a fruit, like tomatoes. Oh well).
    Loving BIG Picture Scrapbooking!

  79. I will guess squash is your favorite vegetable and doodlebug ribbon.

  80. Cyd Houghton says:

    I’m sure I’m much too late, but just in case there will be more classes given away, I’ll guess asparagus and strano ribbon. Thanks for bringing us the BIG PICTURE! Cheers, Cyd

  81. i’ll guess tomato
    and as far as ribbons I say gingham, I think black adn white, don’t you say it goes with everything?

  82. Love Shimelle so much I even drove to CK Bellevue just to take her guidewords class just on the off chance I could get in (pre reg was closed) and oh happy day I did!
    Guess coco beans as fav veggie and that you never met a ribbon you didn’t like.

  83. I’ll take a guess that your favorite veggie is lima beans and your favorite ribbon (I have NO idea) is May Arts!

  84. How about onions? Nothing tastes normal without a few chopped onions, right? Well, my real guess is tomatoes but that’s been said a few times already. Ribbon–definitely gingham and polka dot ribbon in black & white, plus yellow and your other happy colors.

  85. Um, I don’t want to win a Shimelle class – I love her so much that I think I’ve done nearly all of them. I just came on to say that I’m looking forward to the Big Piccy classes coming up, and yes, I do love Shimelle, and she knows it, lol.
    PS – what about Sweet Potatoes – something the English don’t understand.

  86. I’m going to guess that you love big red juicy tomatoes.
    I do!
    and for ribbons, well
    American Crafts is my guess.

  87. Stacy, I think your favorite ribbon is black and white checked (I love it, too!) and your favorite veggie is homegrown peas. Katie

  88. Twistedsoda says:

    I don’t need to win…I am already in her class and I love it. Its really bringing out a whole new style to my artwork. SO…go get that class ladies! Its enlightening!

  89. Vegetable: Brussel sprouts
    Ribbon: Black/white gingham from CTMH
    Thanks for the fun!

  90. I guess strano AND broccoli! Just cuz I love it too.

  91. going out on a limb here…but how about lima beans?

  92. I know what they are. Asparagus and stripes and ginghams ribbon! I just purchased The Big Picture at my LSS store today and just let me say it’s incredible. That along with my online class with Donna is making this my best year ever in scrapbooking!!!!!Thank you so much for putting it all in perspective for me!!!!! Happy Scrapping!

  93. your favorite ribbon is black gingham and polka dot that goes with everything and I think your favorite vegetable is beans as they grow beautifully and grow healthy boys.

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