Can you feel the LOVE?

Happy Valentine’s Day.




From our family to yours!

I told my boys I want them to celebrate V-day by doing something for at least three people to demonstrate their love.

I filled up my hubby’s gas tank last night!
One down, Two to go.



  1. Hi Stacey, what a great family you have, have a wonderful Valentines day all of you.

  2. Awesome Idea, and what a lesson for your boys. Love the table setting! Great Mom!!

  3. You have inspired me to be a better mom. I love it. Great job!

  4. If the whole world had Mom’s and valentine’s breakfasts like the one pictured here it would feel like Valentine’s Day everyday! A little bit of Heaven here on earth. Your boys are gonna make great husbands someday…or drive their wives nuts saying, “That’s not the way Mom used to make it!” happy random-acts-of-kindeness-to-show-people- how-much-you-love-them day!! Sweet.

  5. Love it! How fun is your little v-day breakfast?!! My son Tanner and I made homemade valentines for our family…they were a big hit. I love celebrating the people we love…

  6. You are an awesome mom! I don’t have any kids yet, but I like to think that when I do I’ll celebrate like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Looks like you all had a lovely morning! Feeling the love and wishing you and yours a great day.

  8. So fun. I am down with a nasty strep bug and usually am so good about making things “special.” This year the kids had to settle for a quick Valentine’s send-off on the big bed with me… we opened our gifts and off they went. But hey, that’s part of life, right? Thanks for sharing your day so I can enjoy it vicariously….

  9. Erika Hayes says:

    Are there sprinkles on that? **sending (mental) sprinkles to Stacy***
    one down two to go… wait.. My friend had a birthday today and she was surprised when she arrived at a meeting to find flowers and a bunch of other fun stuff for her…
    two down one to go…
    Does spraying your unsuspecting hubby with silly string count.. cause that will be 3 when he gets home! hehehehhehe
    Have a great Valentines Day

  10. love ur pics Stacy.. thks for sharing.. what a cool mom u are…!!!
    can’t wait for your library class.. can’t wait to get my stuff more organizing.. I am always feeling sooo behind!!!!

  11. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! Love the challenge to your boys!

  12. Such an awesome Idea!! Beautiful family!! Hugs Wanda

  13. that is such a GREAT idea. Thanks for sharing it….can’t think of a better way to learn… :) You’re making great future spouses.

  14. Happy Valentines DAY…a day late! :))) I hope your day was filled with lots of joy! From the looks of those photos, there is not doubt that Love was in the air at your home! :)))
    I love all the fun decorations for Valentines day too! :)))
    PS. Erika’s little friend she gave flowers to and fun gifts was me…what a special friend she is indeed. :)))

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