Fun pics from CHA

Doodlebug_boothSS editors in the Doodlebug booth. From L-R Wendy Smedley, yours truly, Cynthea Sandoval, Creative Director for Doodlebug, Angie Lucas, Lynda Angelastro, Jenny Grothe (SS Ad Rep), Lin Sorenson

Man I love these girls!

Ki_memoriesKimberly Sabel, creator and visionary behind KI Memories standing in front of the new Color Theory line — yellow and green are of course my favorites. The best part of all, are the matching tin [in my hand] — one for each line. Salivate.

Sa_girlsLouise and Sarah — organizers of the South African event I attended last September. So fun to see them again — along with Anita Oldham.  I’m writing a feature story on our trip right now — due on Friday [yikes!]

Also hooked up with the folks at I’m every excited about working with them on Big Picture classes, etc. They now have some wonderful albums for my upcoming Family Fun Library workshop [I promise, more info coming soon]


  1. Linda Beeson says:

    Too fun seeing your pictures of CHA – did you make it by the Paper Salon booth? If you did, I was gone at that time. I kept running into Lin but not you – so HI – a little late!

  2. how cute and fun is that doodlebug booth! I’m green with envy for your trip :) Looks like you really had a blast.

  3. Fun pics! It was great to see you again! :)

  4. How fun! Wish I could go to the CHA show one day…oh well, at least I can live through your pictures!

  5. Thanks for the pics!
    Looks like a blast!

  6. Ceci Ortiz de Hurtado says:

    Is the Family Fun Library workshop going to be one class at BP????
    Please, say yes! make my dream come true!!!!

  7. I love all your fun photos from CHA! It was so fun to meet you too.
    So excited about all the classes at the Big Picture too! Such a fun idea. :)))

  8. what fun pics!
    it was so so GREAT to meet you in person! i have a picture of the two of us from the Designer Dinner, that i’d love to forward to you by email. looking forward to signing up for some of the great online classes offered at The Big Picture :-)

  9. I loved CZ’s class at BPS, and am anxiously waiting more info on your family fun library class (it has me holding off on buying albums right now!).
    BUT…what I am truly praying to see is a photography class by Tara Whitney. Is there any way you can make her do this??? Her photos are so inspiring, and given that she is self-taught, and so down to earth, and good with words, I think she’d be the best teacher.
    Well, no use just wishing it so I thought I might as well ask!

  10. Just wanted to say I have been loving your BPS creativity class! As a recreation major in college we also studied The Theory of Flow and all the profs pronounced his long crazy name: Shitz- Ma- Hi
    Sounds a little profane but we are all adults here right?! tee hee Keep up the awesome inspiring work!

  11. I read this blog because of the smiles, Thanks for not letting me down the happiness is so contagous.

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