I have a new favorite store!

it is called FireWorks and their tagline is celebrating art in life. I can’t even begin to tell you how inspiring this place is. I stumbled in their Bellevue Square location about three years ago and saw for the first time a Sticks piece of furniture. I knew then that I would someday have this stuff in my home [and studio] Last November I went back and bought an inspiration piece [it's also a lazy susan for our kitchen table] to help me pull together colors etc. for our kitchen/living area — anyway, I love it. Now there is a Fireworks store in the SeaTac airport that I wandered around in on my lay over there. I bought some quotable cards. Was especially drawn to this one:


it does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise,
or hard work.
it means to be in

the midst of those things and still

be calm in your heart.

I am at peace. I hope you are too.


  1. What a great quote. Thanks for sharing it! I love that store, too. I spent at least an hour in the Pioneer Square store when we visited Seattle last summer.

  2. I have that quote on a magnet on my fridge! I’ve been financing that company for years and years with my purchases. : )

  3. so true so true :)

  4. Sticks is cool. Of course I’m biased because it’s right here and I drive by their studio/factory every day. Their place is even used for proms and special events. Their art is so colorfully happy. Hmmm. It would be cool to have a scrapping event there!

  5. Ahhhh Sticks. Yes, I love that place. I take all my friends who come to town there…and I lust over this one headboard. Oh how I love it. I’m apparently in DM with Tracy :) And those cards are the best. It’s truly amazing how powerful words are.

  6. oh, stacy… you forgot all about the highlight of your trip to edmonton, where you met your great new friend, janna!!! but that’s okay, i’ll forgive you… as you said, you’re tired..
    girlie you are so so awesome, so down to earth & genuine, what a blessing it was to be in your company! your class was informative & totally derailed my regular train of thought!! AWESOME!! {I AM SO FAR AHEAD} so thanks for the wakeup call, i really needed it. renee will be carrying the big picture at love2scrap.ca, we’re believers!!! can’t wait to get my copy!!! glad you’re coming back to canada… and you will find whistler to be far more scenic than an autobody shop across the street.
    take care, eh?

  7. Love that Sticks furniture…I had no idea that was what it is called but I have been coveting the grandmother clock for years…we carry the furniture at a store here called “Wits End”..BTW, did you see that “asparagus and lemon” tile they carry at Fireworks? Its on the website. Home, page 11

  8. My husband and I ran across Sticks furniture in Boston about 9 years ago and were lucky enough to purchase a stool and a game table/coffee table – they are the center pieces of our family room. The table has even managed to survive being the main play table for both my kids – now that’s well made ART!

  9. I LOVE Fireworks. I just had a trip cancelled to Seattle…I think I was more bummed because I was really looking forward to their cute little shop at the airport. :)Have a great day!

  10. okay…that quote is awesome! Love the those Sticks! Thanks for sharnig these links!

  11. i have to tell you a sticks story. about 17 years ago i bought one of their mirrors for my sister’s college graduation. i customized it to fit her personality and it still hangs proudly in her home.
    there’s NO WAY i could afford to do that now. it’s an artist that i can say “i knew when”. i actually think i spoke to her directly when we were designing the mirror. just so cool to see her success and then to have you mention her again. had to hit the site….so cool.
    anyway, just had to reminisce!

  12. Love love love Sticks… Their studio is in West Des Moines and is absolutley incredible. so awe inspiring… it oozes creative energy! : )

  13. great links to check out! that’s an awesome quote!!!

  14. so true and yet not often believed.
    A good message… Peace in yourself is being close enough to hear your heart.
    Thanks for reminding us to be peace first.

  15. Oh, I lust after Sticks furniture! It’s my dream to own a piece one day. I love those kinds of craft galleries — like ArtCraft in my once and future home of Alexandria, VA (also in Savage Mill, MD) and The Real Mother Goose in Portland, OR. Just love them.

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