Just talked to Cathy Z …

and I have to say — I just adore her. She tells great stories and she makes me laugh. I stayed up all night last night — seriously, all night. Haven’t done that in a while. But I really needed to catch up. There was about an hour between 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. when my inbox was empty — no new mail. That’s a good feeling.
We are leaving this afternoon to drive to Seattle, drop off some boys and then head to Whistler, Canada to celebrate Clark’s 13th birthday. Just Dad, Mom and Clark. OK, now there’s something — my child is thirteen. Thirteen. It’s been thirteen years since I gave birth for the first time. How is that possible? Wasn’t he just nine? I mean I remember my thirteenth birthday party really well — how did this happen? So freaky.

Had a wonderful time in Edmonton last weekend. Got to hang out at Memories Wholesale and visit with a fine group of retailers from all over Canada. Have been saying eh? to my kids since arriving back home. Also got to visit with Wendy Johnson — visionary behind the Joy of CardMaking special issues from Paper Crafts. I’m thinking she should come teach some card stuff at BPS? Can I just say the magazine doesn’t even do her cards justice — they are just so darling. Also got to hang out with the one and only Heidi Swapp. I’m trying my best to lure her over to BPS too! You know what makes Heidi so cool — like, I’m going to be able to list all the reasons — she is just so darn real. She is so like off the charts cool and yet she isn’t, you know? She is smart and grounded and personable and extrememly busy. We talked about being moms and finding balance and working hard and working smart. Of course I love her sidekicks Emily and Jodi too — fantastic women that I’m now hunting down husbands for [another story for another day.]

Had the most amazing brainstorm on my drive to the airport last Thursday — love it when that happens. Someday when this next "dream" of mine comes true. I’ll say, remember when I told you about the brainstorm? It was February 22, 2006. And you’ll say "Oh yeah — so this is it huh? And I’ll say "This is it!"

Back to Cathy. She is writing another book  — a sequel to her industry-altering original and I cannot wait to crawl into bed and read it [lack of sleep] Anyway, thanks friend for reminding me that I have a blog. I’ve now rambled on sufficeintly and it’s time to go.

p.s. My books are back in and shipping — this is good!


  1. Oooh, a card making BPS class would be wonderful!!!! :)

  2. Please work really hard at getting Heidi to join up with BPS! That would be awesome, also Karen Russell…. gotta love her with all the transparencies. Both are very busy…but very talented women. The chipboard and rub-on stuff is so hot right now….I am still trying to make it to the Spokane store to take Ali’s class, in March, as it will be nice to talk with you again. If not then, for sure at CKU-Provo…. tonight is the registation! …… Keep up the good work with BPS!
    Mill Creek, WA

  3. Kathy – I just got my copy of the Big Picture yesterday, satup reading it then laid awake for nearly an hour trying to sleep with all the creativity floating around my head from reading the book! It is awesome! Thanks for writing it. Even my husband was reading over my shoulder.

  4. Just wait till your oldest is ready to get his driving permit! ;) My son turns 13 this week too…happy birthday to yours! :)

  5. Edmonton? I can’t believe you were here… lol! A couple of weeks earlier and you would have enjoyed our balmy weather without ANY snow… today we’re having a powdery skiff of the white stuff, float down upon us all. Hope you enjoyed our city…
    I’m enjoying TBP… *smilingcreative*

  6. I am so sorry I missed you in Edmonton, I only live 2hrs away! That would have been so cool to meet you! Welll the next time you are in the region hopefully I’ll be in the loop! I hope you had fun in our “frozen” north! LOL

  7. 13! My oldest is 5 but, I can hardly believe it. I know its cliche to say but, “they really do grow so fast!”
    Enjoy your getaway with just your son…what a precious time that will be for you guys!

  8. Just saying Hello….and thanking you for all of the inspiration today…I am SO fired up about being a part of BPS!

  9. Have a great time in Whistler – we love it there! If you’re looking for something realy cool to do check out http://www.ziptrek.com

  10. Great news about THE book! :) I’ve been patient, put it on my christmas [2005] list and didn’t buy it for myself. My adorable husband ordered it for me even though it was backordered by then :( and I’m still waiting! Color me happy when it arrives at my doorstep.

  11. Ditto what Sherry just said. I’ve been utterly patient, too. I CANNOT WAIT to get my package in the mail! Oh Happy Mail day that will BE!!!!

  12. Isn’t it amazing how time flies. My oldest turns 13 in May. I can’t beleive my baby is almost a teenager. Of course he can not wait to be a teenager and be given all the permissions that he thinks a teenager should receive.

  13. If you get Heidi to teach a class, just sign me up right now…you have my debit card on file. LOL
    Of course, the same can be said for your Family Fun Library class coming up later this spring. I’ve meant to email you and tell you how much your book has meant to me…suffice it to say that it is truly the best book in my idea book library, and I am constantly inspired by your message, your casual and fun approach to scrapping, and your pages themselves. Can we get a sequel to BPS??? :)

  14. Stacy-
    Your book arrived in my store this week and I immediatley brought a copy home (there’s always one that get “damaged” during shipping that I need to pull for myself;) )- I love it! Your comment on documenting the memory and then finding photos to illustrate it really hit me. And those cute little notes tucked into the envelopes…made me feel like I was reading your personal notes.
    btw-My oldest turned 17 a few months back; talk about a wake up call! When I realized that his dad & I were engaged at his age I wanted die! Thank Goodness he doesn’t have a girl in his life or I’d really be frightened!

  15. Hope you are enjoying Whistler, it’s one of my favourite places to hang out and relax. Happy Birthday to your son.

  16. I was at the Memories Wholesale event in Edmonton, it was the first time I had been able to attend. You are a very dynamic, inspiring speaker. I enjoyed your session immensly and came home pumped to move forward. Thanks eh!

  17. Yo should be very thankful that you were not booked to be in Edmonton today. We had a huge snowstorm lastnight and got about 2ft of snow! Looks beautiful though…

  18. That would be awesome if Heidi would offer a class at BPS. Love her stuff! Thanks Stacey!

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