Make it an even 80!

Everyone say hello to Andrea –

Andrea heard about my little do-something-good-for-yourself challenge and emailed
me begging (OK, maybe it was more of a friendly plead) to be the 80th person on our list. I do think 80 sounds better than 79, so I told her she was in.

I happen to be posting from Whistler, in breathtakingly beautiful British Colombia and I just got back from a 5 mile jog amidst sunny blue skies and snow-capped mountains. I’m afraid it doesn’t get much better than this — except maybe for the deal Vicki Leff is offering everyone who is signed up for our runner’s challenge. Vicki, the author of the RunnerMom book which spawned this whole thing would like to help us all reach our goals. So, she is offering …

The RunnerMom book for $7.95, (normally $12.95)
A free (stinkin’ cute) RunnerMom water bottle
and … Free shipping
(This is a total of $9 in savings!)

Vicki suggests using the running log in the back of the book as a way to track your goals and really measure your success.

If you’d like to take advantage of this generous offer, simply email Vicki

I just want to say thanks to everyone who has fowarded me their address — I’ve ordered some very cool BIG Picture cards to send you; thanks to Andrea for sending me her picture and coming on board and thanks to Vicki — isn’t cool that there are experts in every walk of life to help us achieve our goals?

and now, I’m off to the spa — I know, it’s tough, but somebody’s got to keep them in business!


  1. Yes, I love round numbers! Glad you joined Andrea!
    Enjoy your spa treatment! Sounds like a beautiful jog you had this morning!

  2. kathy st. louis says:

    Stacy I was having trouble sending you my address through the blog link.
    I emailed you at bigpicture.
    I hope you got my address!

  3. Donna,
    Enjoy the beauty of Whistler – you know you are in the heart of the 2010 Winter Olympics!

  4. Round numbers are good. My DD was at Whistler just last weekend. Said the snow was not so good but they did a great job of grooming the trails.
    Enjoy your vacation and BD celebration with your son.
    I’m on my 3rd read of The Big Picture.

  5. I bought this book and love it :)

  6. Andrea beat me to “begging” to be 80th on the list….but I’m still going to do a ten mile “race” (race used VERY loosely!!!) the first weekend in April!! Good luck with your goals everyone!!!!!

  7. Oh enjoy Whistler.
    I will be up there for a crop in April and have not been there for a few years, silly when it is just in my backyard.
    Too bad we could not have tainted your weekend away with a jaunt out to our LSS. We would have been so so so happy to have you come to shop and hang out with you. There is a spa next door if that makes it a little more attractive, but hey I am sure the candy store of scrapbooking would do that itself.
    So now we know that you would cross the line and come up here again. Shall we talk?
    Have a safe drive home and enjoy your time.
    PS: Make sure to have somr COWS ice cream, Smarties chocolate candy and some Purdy’s dark chocolate….hmmm…see the pattern here.

  8. to my anti-chronologist friend (that just cracks me up… but is that actually a word???)
    yeehaw stacy… i just had to tell you how EXCITED i am to be taking your “do you know what you could do?” class in provo this may!!!! it’s my second class, i am totally psyched!! still waiting for L2S to get in TBP… cannot wait, let me tell you!! i also saw in your “in the end” article about the sweetwater “week in the life” mini album & i can’t wait to get my paws on that puppy, lol!! too cute!!
    glad you had fun in whistler, yes, it is gorgeous!!
    have a GREAT day, chickie!!
    your stalker in edmonton!!

  9. Just e-mailed Vicki about the book! Now that’s a way to keep organized and focused for something good. Thank you for the link and the info! :)

  10. Oh and Congrats Andrea!!! Way to go! :):):):)

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