This could be long …

but I want to share what I’m thinking, about the Family Fun Library workshop and a few other things too …

The workshop at BPS will be an eight week course, with the goal of setting up and customizing a library system of albums for 8 1/2 x11 or 12×12 pages. There won’t be "weekly projects" per se, but rather weekly steps that focus primarily on organizing or re-organizing the way we "share" our memories/finished pages with our families. There will be an audio message each week and some kind of download (checklist, photo-organization task or challenge, sorting/labeling assignment etc) — that build on each other to help us accomplish what could otherwise be an scary or overwhelming change/process. I really want workshop participants to be actively participating in the process as the workshop is being taught.

Now, about albums — we [BPS] are in partnership with so that we can provide you with an online resource for class and workshop materials. I got word last week that they now have available,  two album lines that I feel will work really well as Family Library systems. The first is the We R Memory Keepers linen albums. These post-bound albums come in an array of rich beautiful colors [in 8x8 and 12x12.] They are a bit pricy, but if you are looking to create a collection of albums you can display in your family or living room — these are stunning. The second is the American Crafts super-cool davy board albums, that feature colored spines. These a 3-ring albums available in 81/2 x11 and 12×12. For those of you that want to purchase albums before our workshop begins, you will need a minimum of four albums in different colors [size is totally up to you.] Please know that you don’t have to use either of these album lines. You also don’t absolutely need different colored spines/albums as you can do other things to indicate which albums holds which type of memories/pages. If you have more than 3 or 4 people in your immediate family, I would suggest getting two albums in the color you intend to use for your "All About Us" or personality-based pages. I am currently using the following colors for my topics:

Yellow – All About Us [I have 7 of these albums]
Red - People We Love [I have 2 albums]
Green – Places We Go [I have 2 albums]
Blue – Things We Do [I have 3 albums]

I do have to say that with children, the color thing is so fun. Color quickly and easily communicates the content, so it is very easy for them to find and enjoy the red album with grandma and grandpa and the cousins inside!

The really good news is, both of these companies will continue to manufacture their albums, so that you can add individual albums as your collection/library grows.
I am actually considering switching out all of my albums for one of these two lines. I am also considering adding 12×12 albums to each of my color categories, so that I can make layouts in either size.

If you have additional questions, at this time, post them with a link to your email. I am currently developing the workshop and would love to know what questions/needs you have as you consider a library system.

For those of you that have NO idea what this post is about, you will as soon as you read my book The Big Picture — which by the way should be restocked and ready to ship in about a week!

side note: one of the main reasons BPS
exists is because as an experienced teacher in the industry, I have
long felt a need to do a different kind of teaching — something that
is really more like coaching; I want to be able to guide/walk students
through processes that aren’t easily addressed either in the retail or
live event venue. I know there were several students in my creativity
workshop that felt they didn’t get what they expected; that what was
shared was not directly related to scrapbooking — and I’m hoping to
blog my feelings about this soon. BPS will
provide many classes and workshops that are similar to what is
currently available elsewhere, but we will also forge a new kind of
interaction between teacher/coach and human being/scrapbooke
I think for the industry to really grow we’ve got to address
scrapbooking as part of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Yes, it’s a
craft/hobby and in the case of very talented people an artistic
expression — but it is also more than that. We’ve got to start
teaching and sharing with eachother the fundamental processes that lead
to "creativity" and the ability to reflect and record our stories in
unique and meaningful ways. So, ramble, ramble .. BPS will be fun pages and projects
you can complete at your convenience in your pajamas, but it will also
be a different kind of education portal — a place where people can
interact and exchange ideas over an extended period of time; a place
where these ideas can grow into concepts and concepts can be customized
to liberate and enrich individual lives [and scrapbooks!]

whew! Got that off my chest.

We are so appreciative of your interest so far in this new adventure and we love the feedback [both positive and negative] regarding anything that we do. Please remember that the comments page at BPS is not an email box. If you need a response to your comment or question, email it to us at It is our policy to immediately delete any mean-spirited comments left on the site. Negative is fine, mean is not. Teachers that are willing to come and share at BPS need to feel that they are working in a safe environment where their personal character is protected from thoughtless comments. Just thought you should know.


  1. I am very excited about your Family Albums class. I was struggling with how to organize my layouts until I read The Big Picture. I will admit, though, I haven’t implemented your system. Taking this class will help me implement it. Thanks for sharing your system with us!

  2. I am also very excited about your family albums class. After reading the Big Picture I really got my mo-jo back to scrapbook. I can’t wait for it to start and get my albums organized.

  3. I ***LOVED*** the creativity class Stacy. I totally feel that I’m a creative person. I’m on a well-known design team, I do design for a living, and I try to create new art or layouts on a weekly basis. However, I got a lot out of your daily emails, the projects, and just your thoughts about creativity in general. No matter how creative we feel we are, we can all use a fresh creative outlook every once in a while. You couldn’t beat the price of that class either. It was worth WAY more than the paying price. I haven’t been able to do all the exercises or much in my creativity journal yet, but I will.
    You are an inspiration, and I for one am greatful that you all have embarked on this new teaching/coaching venture. Please keep on doing what you do. Some people will get it, others may not. I’m just glad that you “get it” and can share that with others.
    – Tammy

  4. Stacy…I have not taken your creativity class, but I understand COMPLETELY what you are saying about how the class functions and why. So many times I have come to realize that it isn’t the step-by-step directions that people are really asking about when they ask how I did a certain project, but yet rather they are trying to get into my head and find out WHERE that inspiration came from and HOW I took it from inspiration to implimentation. I believe that creativity is ingrained into each of us as a result of our own creation, but I also realize that some people need a gentle push (or heavy shove ;) ) to be able to learn to release that creativity. Unfortunately some people out there figure that if they sign up for a class that the creative part will be “fed” to them in a way that keeps them from having to really work out the process. This is one of the things I hate about doing make-n-takes…people can get so hung up on having their project look EXACTLY like the teacher’s that they lose the point entirely. So I guess what I am trying to say in all my rambling is, keep up what you are doing…the number of people who are excited about your teaching and the BPS mentallity far outmeasure the number of people who don’t. Thanks for spear-heading such a needed revolution!

  5. I enjoyed reading your Big Picture book. I had been trying to decide on a way to organize my pages that makes sense, without necessarily being in chronological order. You family fun albums hit all the major topics and a few I’d like to include in my own.. Can’t wait for the class on BPS.
    I enjoyed the cre8tive class. It was a new way to recognize creative thought processes, without being focused on an end result right away. I think the final week really pulled it all together. It created a link between everyday creative thoughts and finished pages/projects

  6. Hi!
    I’m so psyched for this class on BPS! After reading your book(which I feel compelled to say I LOVE)…I purchased 5 of the AC albums. I’ve had them for weeks so I’m already to go!

  7. I loved (and continue to enjoy) the creativity class and I am so excited to sign up for the family fun library class. I think it is so important for your family to see the scrapbooks and recognize what they are a part of — a family and all the details that make up your individual family.
    I have loved the whole concept of BPS. It is something I have truly been waiting for. Scrapbooking and its root, creativity are part of a lifestyle. And a great one at that, if you truly live it. You have been such a great example of that. Thanks for giving of your time to start this wonderful project or “revolution” as Dawn said.
    Thanks for all the details.

  8. The Family Fun Library sounds like it will be an awesome class. I am loving the UR 2 Cre8tive class and totally get it! Even if I haven’t done everything, I get the meaning behind it and that in itself has helped me, I am so happy I took this class and love that you shared your creative process. I feel so blessed to be apart of BPS and look forward to the future.
    Thanks YOU STacy!

  9. I almsot forgot 2 things…
    1) When do you think you’ll be conducting this class?
    2) Thanks so much for Shimelle’s classes! (I’m one of the two folks that won the class from you!) We are close to finishing our third and last album with her class…simply amazing! It’s been a joy to work and learn from her! :)

  10. I too am looking forward to this class. Enjoying “UR 2 Creative” right now and find myself still doing some of the daily emails automatically. Like saying to myself “I am creative” and not just when I see my little signs, hear a bell and stop and look around me and I could go on. I need help seeing this in myself and getting to my creativeness and I thank you for sharing all that you have. It is appreciated!
    I love the idea of this Family Fun Library…I am ashamed to say I just have been placing my finished pages in cheap albums, no organization, no order. I have been buying nice linen albums lately with hopes of “doing it right” but have yet to take them out of the packaging. This class is going to help me in so many ways. Thanks and I can’t wait!
    Also happy to hear book will be stocked again soon. It’s been sitting in my cart since Dec 10th at one of my shopping sites, will be so happy to get the email telling me it’s finally being shipped!

  11. I have loved everything about The BP…your book, classes,and the ideas behind the concept. I’ve been waiting patiently (not so much) for your Family Library class and so excited to find out more. Yes, there is a point to this post…I was wondering if at some point during this class will you be talking about picture organization and organizing/storing memorabilia? Can you share if you have any dates in mind?

  12. Stacy, I just want to say thanks. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and lots of others. Thanks for putting Big Picture together, not only because I feel so very blessed to be a part of it, but because I truly believe in what it’s mission is.
    I’m on my third read through the book already….and still feel just as excited about it as I did the first time you showed it to me.
    Can’t wait for this class. It’s going to be a great one!!

  13. karen Hobbs says:

    Stacy- What they said!!! Really, your basic philosophy is so right on!! I have always take lots of photos to preserve my family history but only recently do I feel like I am actually preserving all the important feelings along with the images!!!!
    I am inspired by my creativity class, I share the daily posts with my family even if I don’t do it all. I think they are becoming more creative too!! I am also taking Shimelle’s class and Beth’s class too, right now and that’s why I don’t have time to do all your
    prompts, but I do find I am branching out a bit more in those classes, choosing more interesting colors or putting more of my own touches and not copying exactly.
    I LOVE the BPS concept!!!!! I will gladly take all the classes I can!!! ( But not 3 at a time anymore!!)
    THANKS so much!

  14. Stacy,
    I am lovin’ this whole BPS thing and I am enjoying your book. My question about your system is about photos that aren’t scrapped, either the ones you have before you scrap them and the ones that you decide not to scrap. Looking forward to this class!

  15. Hi Stacy!
    So excited to read about your upcoming Family Fun Library Class at BPS. I have been waiting for this one, and hoping it was still being considered. Some of the things that I hope to learn in the class are some ideas for how to label/tab each section of the various volumes in the library. From just reading Big Picture, I have some idea of what I want my library to consist of (the main four, plus theme and “snack-size” albums -love that phrase!). I would like to learn how you attach tabs for your library system and maybe an idea of products that would work. I am also very interested in more information on how your photo triage works and how you label pictures with dates before putting them into your photo organization which I believe is not chronological. Interested in what your photo categories are as well.
    I am a very happy student in the Cre8tive class. While I haven’t been able to do everything every day, that is the wonderful thing about email. You are waiting in my inbox folders for when I get a chance and want to be creative. The class is what I expected–seeing creativity in everyday things that we are often too busy to notice or take in the details. I think people “miss the boat” if the only creativity they look for in scrapbooking is in scrapbooking LOs and products…just my opinion. I guess I am trying to say that I feel like I got a VERY good value for the tuition I paid, and I am thankful for it. It has taught me to look at things in new ways and to try new things. I will be looking very forward to your email announcing that enrollment for Family Fun Library is beginning. Thank you for the book, the website, the classes–they have all helped enrich my scrapbooking, take pressure off of myself, and to get my creativity flowing once again. :)

  16. I loved the creativity class and am so excited for the Family Fun Library. After reading your book I redid my whole scrapping library, but didn’t really get new binders, so I am excited about the ones you pointed out and I can’t wait for the class and many more to come! Thanks!

  17. Another thank you from another person continually inspired by your message. So amazed to be a part of BPS and looking forward to all the future holds.

  18. Stacy,
    OH MY GOSH! I did this after hearing about your book. I reorganized my albums into themes and then color coded them. They are not all from the same company.. But all the Special Events are in dark blue albums, no matter what the company! That is crazy! I love it! Thanks for helping me reorganize!

  19. So the “Family Fun Library” is a great idea, but what about us single scrappers? :) I for one will be adapting this class for me, since I am not married nor do I have children. Ever since reading your 2nd book, I’ve been inspired to do something like this, but am not sure how to start. I would definitely take this class! Thanks for the info!

  20. Stacy -
    I cannot wait for your Family Fun class! I would love to know more about how the sections are organized. For instance, in the all about us album, there is a “Stacy” section, are the layouts in here chronological? I assume not, since you mix old and new pictures, so do you just put them in the order they were created? I too would like to know more about the dividers/tabs you use. I work in a 8.5×11″ format so I’m thinking regular notebook dividers would work, but do you have something “cuter”? :D
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  21. THRILLED to hear that I may get my copy from Amazon sometime soon. My hubby ordered it the week after Christmas, for me, and I am patiently awaiting it’s arrival!!!!
    The new class sounds right up my alley! Thank you for encouraging us, Stacy

  22. Amy Mercik says:

    This is the class I have been waiting for. After reading your book, I knew that I wanted to change the way that I do my scrapbooks. As 2006 started, I thought this would be the year to change things up…but wasn’t sure where to begin. I can’t wait to sign up for this class and have you walk me through the process of setting this scrapbooking system up. Thanks!

  23. Stacy – I have been waiting to hear what you had planned. . .after reading BPS for the third time – I’m hooked. I feel so liberated. In fact, I completed my first 8 1/2 x 12 LO this weekend, all thanks to you. Between you and CZ my entire approach to my scrapbooking and memory keeping has altered – for the better. I am more productive and feel less pressure. I am enjoying my hobby and taking joy in the LOs and projects I complete.
    I do want to say that I was hoping for an album that was 3-ring and would house both sized LOs. . .I have an unnatural fear of making a mistake (DD is very helpful with this!!!) I worry that I may not need one in each color in each size. . .but then again, I’ve been so productive – maybe I will!!
    Thank you – this is quite an experience and I am so glad to be along for the ride.

  24. I’m sorry, Stacy, for what you have had to go through. I am taking your class and I’m getting a lot out of it. Just keep on chuggin’. You’re doing a great job. I love your attitude. Don’t let the whiners get you down. Life’s too short to be negative.

  25. Tricia from says:

    I’m really excited about this class too. I started reorganizing my layouts, then stopped out of sheer laziness. With you pushing me, I should get it done.
    (I’m also happy to hear the Big Picture is restocking. They called this morning and said its shipping to us this week. YAH!)

  26. Stacy,
    I am so totally digging the Creativity class. If nothing else it gave me permission to do my goofy layouts.
    I have never scrapped chronologically per se. I have done chronological albums, like my Navy album-it made since to do it that way. I have a lot of “just because” layouts that I never could figure out where they fit. I plan to go thru my yearly albms and divide them up into catagories that fit.
    You have inspired me, and helped me realize that my albums don’t have to be in order, nor do I have to get up to date. I never have worried about being caught up anyway.
    It has been fun to allow my inner muse freedom to roam. I love being 2 CR8TIVE!
    Thank you!

  27. Stacy,
    What you are trying to do with BPS is change a mindset, an approach to this (hobby? craft? art? obsession?) that takes it down a new, broader road. And not everyone is going to feel comfortable with that change, not right away. But given time, more folks will come around.
    And the change you are spearheading is not just in WHAT we do, it’s in HOW we talk about it, HOW we learn it, and WHAT we learn. So it may take a bit for the revolution to take hold. That’s ok – from the looks of the responses here, and other forums I read, you’ve got a large band of willing foot soldiers who will follow you anywhere!
    Keep on doing what you’re doing, you are adding an important dimension to what we do.

  28. Oh yeah, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  29. Stacy,
    I want to thank you for all that you do. After reading your book, BPS, I understood so much better what it is that I am doing when I scrapbook. I got the Big Picture. It got my creative juices going and I was able to take the pressure I was putting on myself off. I was trying so hard to impress people who would probably never see my pages, instead of just enjoying what it is that I was doing. I will probably never have the extra money to attend a CKU, so BPS is the closet I will come to learning from people that I admire. Thank you for doing this.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  30. Stacy,
    I will be upfront and honest. I have not read your book, taken a class. I do, though, love the concept and have wanted to start a scrapbook.
    I found you through a friend’s blog where she mentioned taking an online class from you. She was on her way out the door for the day and hoped that the five people she would tell about the course were basically going to “trip over her.” I am sure I was not one of them she was thinking of.
    I am going back to your site and looking into taking some of the classes. I like the color coding you mention here. I like the great idea this has presented to me.
    Thank you,

  31. Totally excited about the album class – and, for that matter, all the BPS classes. Loved your creativity class, love the way the site works, love the philosophy of the project, love the way the classes are structured – I am just one happy student. :)

  32. Stacy,
    I just wanted to say Thank You for the wonderful concept of online classes. I am taking Donna Downey’s 1 year class and signed up for Amy’s All Boxed Up. I would love to take your Big Picture Class once it’s available. The online classes make it possible for everyone, no matter where they live, to be able to take classes from industry icons and to have actual feedback on finished projects. You have done us all a favor and I thank you.

  33. I’m so excited to see some more details on this class!! Do you have any idea of a price range yet so I can budget my “me money”? :O)

  34. Stacy,
    I just wanted to echo what has already been said. I liked your class…and I felt like it was exactly as described. I usually would see an idea and copy it…but when I made my you are creative sign (its on my fridge!) I realized that I could make something just as cool as someone else! I was totally inspired. I loved your book and I am in the process of buying my albums and will sign up for your class. For the first time, I don’t feel overwhelmed by my pictures, and I am enjoying the freedom to scrap whatever I want. And I am taking pictures of the everyday and connecting a memory…or I am thinking of memories that I need to scrap. Thank you for all that you have done, and put together for all of us. It has changed the way I think about what I do for my family.

  35. Jenn Guymon says:

    I can’t wait for this class to become available! I love your book and the class I have taken from you. I think the FFL class will be just the think I need to get my creativitly juices flowing even more and will help me get even more meaningful scrapbooking done.
    Thank you Stacy! We love you!

  36. WOW! So many newsy, informative responses! I am in your cr8tive class. I must say I a really enjoying it. I love that it is different. I love that it encourages creativity. It is my first online class. I know I am creative…I just needed the encouragement to act on it everyday. Thank you. I simply adore your book. I have read it over numerous times. I have spent my free time in the last month completely reorganizing ALL my stuff. I have ten boxes with color sorted elements and such. I have purged and cleaned and organized to my hearts content. I am about ready to use my new creative freedom to start fresh! Thanks for reaching out and doing something a bit different.

  37. Stacy, I’m really enjoying the UR2Cre8tive class. I know some of us from the UK have found it a bit too “different” but I’ve really enjoyed it :)
    I’m so looking forward to your family fun library class too, as I am really finding it hard to justify scrapbookign to myself, so I’m hoping this should help me remember WHY I do it!
    I am in a good mood today, I spilt tea on my Mac Laptop, I didn’t tell DH, but the repair team called and they caught me out, so I owned up to DH and so far things are not as bad as I thought ;)
    I’m hoping this is a sign of a good day – just had to share

  38. Just reading this makes me want to rearrange my albums. I’ve been a chronological scrapper for a long time but now I’m getting to the piont where I have pages that don’t ‘fit’ anywhere. I even had a thought how could a single girl like me use this systme and it totally works. I might not have albums for kids but I think it’s all emcompassing.
    Can’t wait for this class to start, but I would take any class you teach. I’m loving the creative class and wish it woudln’t end.

  39. I am soooo loving all the classes I’m taking (or have taken) at BPS. From CZ’s 5 Random things (my very first LO about me) to DD’s all year class to your creativity class – I love them all! The best thing about your class? It gives me something to think about each and every day – I look forward to dashing to my computer for my “Stacy fix” before I get the kids up and ready for our day. My family is getting a kick out of it too – even my husband is feeling more creative! :)
    I can’t wait for your Family Album class. Reading your book helped me feel like I’m not alone in NOT scrapping chronologically and I can’t wait to work on re-organizing my LO’s! The one thing I’d like to see is how everyone in the class displays their albums in their homes! (Including you!)We put so much work into them, how do you display them at their best for everyone to enjoy them?

  40. Ok, This sounds like something I need. Stacy, this is Kim Bolyard, I work with Terri Gordon from stonecreek creations/Krafters purse. I met you at memory trends and just a couple weeks ago at CHA, do you rmember me???? I have been wanting to sign up for one of your classes on BPS and this one is what I need. Now that I have taken the pressure off of myself to scrapbook in order and chose to scrapbook what pictures and memories I feel like I need some type of system to organize all those layouts that are shoved any album with no rhyme or reason. I am looking forward to learning more about organizing my photos and memories so my family and friends and myself can enjoy with out having to look through 20 albums to find what I want to share. Take care and look forward your class and seeing you at future events.
    Kim Bolyard

  41. Just wanted to let you know if you have a Hobby Lobby nearby they have the We R Memory Keepers albums and some Linen American Craft albums half off this week. Great week to stock up for your family albums.

  42. oh stacy I’m one step ahead of you- someone online refered me to the amarican craft albums and they are being shipped as we speak. So excited about this new system. I disliked going in order by date so much. and its liberating to think I don’t have to scrap every event every year. ie. christmas. and scraping photos just because I WANT to— YEAH!!!! I look forward to you class.
    I do have to be honest- no flames please. the UR2 Creative class was not what I expected. I did take away some great ideas. but it just wasn’t for me. dispite that I LOVE what you are doing with the site… it’s revolutionary. So please keep it going… i know I will be signing up for more courses. m

  43. Jaime Jackson says:

    Love the book. Love the crea8tive class. Love you.
    Can’t wait for Family Fun, however, I too would like to know a price range, so I can budget that + cost of the albums. I have always scrapped in 12×12, Chronologically, but am considering going 8 1/2 x 11 for the new organizational, FFL format. Seems like I could get more done in a smaller amount of time. Can’t wait for the new categories…..I know it will take the pressure off of “keeping up” with my albums!
    Thanks for your dynamic approach to scrapbooking. Thanks in advance for price range information.

  44. Hi Stacy,
    I love your book. Have read it cover to cover twice. I had started 8 1/2 X 11 layouts this summer of pictures I loved, but didn’t know what to do with them. I have two albums started now–Just Us and Family and Friends. I’m really looking forward to the BPS class. There are some very concrete questions I have but most of them have been asked in earlier comments. Dividers, for one, but also what do you do with photos from your garden, for example? I also love your organize by color technique. It has made my scrapping faster and also helped me use lots of embellishments I might not have considered.
    The URCreative class was pretty frustrating for me. I’m a full-time elementary school teacher and a lot of the daily email ideas were impossible for me to tackle. I’ve saved them all but I would have liked more activities that were more flexible. Bells, for instance, don’t work in a classroom! But I love the creativity journal and think I will keep up with that. I’m planning on taking three of the spring classes and loved the CZ page class. Finally did a layout on me! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  45. I love your book and I love the online BP classes. One question –how do you store your photos until you are ready to do a layout? Did I read that you keep them in an album with pocket pages? Will that be part of your class? Thank you.

  46. Totally excited about your workshop. And I must say that I LOVE Beth’s class at BPS. I will be so, so sad when it is over. I really hope she is signing on to do more!. :)

  47. Stacy,
    Could you please address the fact that I scrap in 8.5 x 11, 11 x 8.5 and 12 x 12? I wonder if 12 x 12 albums would be better for me and put all of my LOs in there. Also, are your albums in chronological order once you have them divided up?
    Can’t wait for your class.

  48. Jennifer B says:

    another one asking about the time frame… I’m due with our fifth (eeek!) in less than two weeks… don’t want to miss sign ups :)
    After reading the Simple Scrapbooks book I feel in love with the Family Fun Library idea and then crashed and burned when I tried to implement it. With your guidance with the class, I’m determined to make it work for me this time. Thanks!

  49. Stacy – Boy this is a love-fest, huh? :) You deserve it! I still haven’t split up my 7 albums although I have every intention of doing so. I want to take your Family Fun class. I have issues with a slow dial-up connection so I haven’t signed up for any classes yet. I’ll have to go to my hubby’s office to watch the videos I guess. I personally would love to see more of your layouts and where you put them. That was my favorite part of your new book. It’s like I “got it” when I saw where you put each layout. Also, I’d like to hear more about your mini-albums and albums like “Just Because.” One of my friends is starting a Just Because album and she mentioned it today. It makes me so happy to hear people using your ideas!!! You’re my hero! heehee

  50. I am looking forward to my first class — everything that I’ve read here suggests that I’m in the right place. There are lots of other sources to get information on techniques but I need help/ideas/direction on what it is that I want to do with scrapbooking. So many of the how-tos are about technique and not thought process or creative organization or any of the broader needs. Don’t get me wrong — I love learning new techniques, but your efforts are speaking at a higher level, more holistic and I appreciate that. I hope to take the Cre8ive class if you offer it again. I need some challenge to help me think in different ways, take my efforts in different directions.

  51. Wow, can’t wait to register for this class, do you know when I can sign up? Love going trough your book and enjoyed the Cr8tive class so much.
    So let us know soon about when, how, and where??
    LOL, where: LOL

  52. I loved the Creativity class too-I miss those daily emails! I am an artist, but sometimes I get so wound up in making everything just right that I get “frozen”–this class was so great for getting me to pick up my pens and pencils again and try new things. Loved it. And I just had to tell you–when my 8 yo daughter saw my fun book, she immediately wanted to spend the last of her Christmas money to buy a book just like it. She has decorated hers (in the style of mine, but all her own ideas) and gets it out to draw or make something every single night. She is a real inspiration! Thanks for all you do, and I plan to keep taking every class I can fit into my life.

  53. I absolutley love BPS. This was like created for me, wasn’t it?? I have to admit I hadn’t really scrapped in well over 6 months probably closer to a year and I wasn’t motivated. But reading Big Picture really got me excited and I’ve been in Beth’s Power of 10 class. Wow! It’s been amazing and I feel so much more motivated and accomplished!! Okay now to admit, I have not followed through on the creativity class. I didn’t feel like I had the time right now to do it right. I was kind of hoping for more hands on project kinda stuff but I suspected the class wasn’t going to be that from the very beginning. I have saved all the materials and the emails so I can do this later at my leisure (and pleasure).
    I, too, am looking forward to the Family Fun library. I think this is going to solve alot of dilemmas for me personally. Are the We R Memory Keepers albums a true 12×12 postbound? I gave up postbound because the albums I was using were not a true 12×12 and you can only cut off an 1/8 inch and get it on the wrong side of your layout for so long before you get majorly discouraged! I’ve purchased what feels like a truck load of 12×12 d ring albums but they are so long they don’t fit on a bookcase nicely at all. I’d like to get rid of them but only if I can find something I truly like. My biggest question, though, is do you recommend restructuring current albums to fit the family library??
    By the way, you totally ROCK!!

  54. Stacy, I am planning on taking your class and seriously considering switching to your library system. I haven’t read your book yet- I’ve been waiting for that-you’ve read all the idea books you have moment-to go out and get another one. But that’s basically silly, and the more I hear the more I want your book and with CZ’s new one coming… All that to say forgive me if this is an ignorant question. When I switched to your system would I refile all of my pages from previous albums or just start going forward? Also I am thinking of getting the We R Memories Keepers Albums. I love the Orange Zest, but am not sure if this would be a good choice for one of my colors as I’m not sure they’ll be always make Orange. Is that why you choose basic colors? Thanks!

  55. Heather says:

    I’m new to BPS and loving it!! Just started your book…what a WEIGHT off my shoulders! I now have an intelligent reponse to those who ask “how can you NOT be CAUGHT UP?!!!”
    Thank you so much!! I’m looking forward to the album class!!

  56. Stacy,
    When do you see this class taking place? I can’t find it on the BPS calendars.

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