Ali in the house!

Such a good day. Got up early, had some solitude, went for a jog — cold, but sunny — ran fast and felt good. Had granola and strawberries for breakfast — all good stuff. The cherry on top is of course that fact that Ali is staying at my house — OK, let’s be totally honest, how lucky am I? Got to take her Perspectives class, which was just so cool. Three hours flew by — felt like about 30 minutes. Munched on peanut M&Ms generously shared by my tablemate Debbie. Got to sit by Cate, who works at Apropos — so talented [btw, you simply must check out Cate's CHA album on her blog -- so awesome] and Paula [official photographer!] and just had so much fun creating.



Came home finished our BPS meetings — so excited about the improvements and ideas we are working on. Ali showed up just in time for dinner — hung out, and played her the tape of her interview on the morning news.

Watching her this morning made me think "Hey if that guy can interview Ali, so can I!"
So … here you go …
Download ali_and_stacy.mp3


So fun with Ali in the house.


  1. so jealous…wish I lived there so I could join in the fun. You guys are great and I love checking your blogs for inspiration. It gets me going each morning.
    Kim Bolyard

  2. That is so awesome – sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I can’t wait to see the BP changes. I bet they will be awesome too!

  3. sounds like you had so much fun… love Ali.. love you!!!! One day.. I wanna have fun like that for a weekend!!!!!soo jealous right here in MN…. so jealous!

  4. I’m taking Ali’s Perspectives class in May. So glad that you enjoyed it!!

  5. I want to be there. I want to take an Ali class.
    This is so fun to hear you guys chat.
    Ali, get someone in MN to have you out to teach, and you stay with MEEEEEEE!
    hugs and kisses to you both!
    : )

  6. Darlalou says:

    Sounds like more fun than one (or two) gals can hadle! So awesome for you! You are a sweetie, you deserve a bit of fun! :OP

  7. yay! you can FEEL the fun oozing from the pictures! hehe.

  8. Thank you so much for posting the Ali interview on your blog. That was incredibly cool! You both ROCK!!
    I am loving the workships on the Big Picture!!

  9. I would so much being here with you! Some people are so lucky!!!
    I’m going on to scrapbook in Normandy, in France, dreaming of the day when I could meet all the great designer I admire…

  10. Thank you!! So amazing to hear your voices. I feel like I know a lot about you, Ali, Donna, Cathy. . .but to hear you speak to me. . .it brings a whole new perspective. I enjoy your blogs and the insights into your lives I get through them, and through your scrapbook pages as well. . .there’s just something about the sound of your voices. . .it’s REAL. And Stacey – you sound NOTHING like I imagined. lol not goor or bad – just different than what I expected. Great job – hope you do more!

  11. Michelle says:

    I have a question for Kathleen about her upcoming class:: I am wondering which size page protector is “Style A” and “Style B” for the scrapworks albums? (Sorry Stacy, I don’t know how to get in touch with Kathleen!). Thanks! Michelle

  12. How great it is to hear your voices! This adds a whole new dimension to the blog(s). Thanks so much for sharing! We need to get you both to the Palo Alto, CA area for a scrapbooking class!

  13. very cool! Thanks!

  14. Great interview! Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Stacy it was so great to meet you on Saturday at Apropos! Is there any way you can send me the picture of us! It will make for a great scrapbook page “The ONE who got me back to scrapping!”

  16. Great interview…. great discussion… you are both so right on TARGET!!! (perhaps why we ‘all’ love each other so much.. we speak the same language). You get it. I get it. No thought bubbles needed. Decorative scissors optional. Just tell your story. Live your life. With intent. With satisfaction. With humor.
    Love you both, because you get it. Thanks for sharing ‘it’ with all of ‘us.’

  17. Wow, so inspiring to put your voices to the faces! I’m now refocusing, trying to be more thankful, more reflective, more day-to-day…and to show that in my scrapbook pages. Thanks for this awesome interview. :)

  18. Ooohhhh, I can’t wait foe Ali to head our way in August LOL and I am signed up to do her Perspectives class (happy dance) and all her other classes as well (super happy dance)

  19. So Fun, thanks for sharing!!! I am LOVING that you both said scrapping is a way for life (I recently said that in an interview in Scrapbook Magazine (a British Scrapping mag) and my darling (and supportive) husband teased me and said it sounded “corny”…..well guess what honey….if Stacy and Ali say the same thing, it can’t be “corny”!!!

  20. What a treat – to hear two of my favourite people! I really enjoyed your “interview” – thanks for sharing with us! To actually HEAR your voices, after so long READING your words, was just a delight! Funny thing, you both sounded the way I expected you would. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to the future with both of you!

  21. Just wanted you to know I am loving the classes at BPS. Wonderful job, S.

  22. Stacy, it was such a pleasure meeting you this past weekend at Apropos. Thank you again for the autograph and photo. I loved Ali’s class. The interview is great! Can’t wait for Colorful You.

  23. Fun stuff. You guys are great!

  24. Sooo cool to hear you both “live & in personal”!! SO FUN!

  25. How cute are you guys doing your little interview! FUN!

  26. How cool that Ali was your “houseguest” this weekend!! Oh I bet you had the best time!!
    I just recently found your blog, so I am going way back to catch up on things. LOL
    Thanks for being such an inspiration!!

  27. Kate Teague says:

    Alright you two are too cute!! I agree- Scrapping is so much more than just paper and deco scissors. Go Ali!!!

  28. I’m just over the river in CDA. Wish I could have joined you. :) Sounds like y’all had a great time.

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