and the winner is …

Nancy in the Netherlands. I sent Cathy a hot pink mini-binder from R+H with some really cool mini-pocket files inside, and I’m sending Nancy the lime green one!  Now, here’s where it gets good. Nancy emailed me telling me that since she lived on the other side of the world it would be OK if I chose not to actually mail her her prize — cost of shipping might be a bit steep. Can I just say how cool I feel that I have a friend in the Netherlands? That someone on the other side of the world reads my silly little weblog? You’ve got to be kidding me — how do you put a price on the feeling of global kinship?


I don’t think you can.
And all this because I scrapbook — cool hobby.

p.s. I’ve been to the Netherlands. My brother served a mission for the LDS church there and I spent half a day with him in The Hague — not near enough time. So Nancy, when I come back you can buy me lunch!


  1. It’s a small world after all! My dad lived in the Netherlands for two years when he was a little boy because of a work assignment my grandfather had. I’ve always wanted to go there too. So far I’ve just sampled their delicious chocolate!

  2. Nancy is so cool :)

  3. This hobby is so cool and so are all of you!
    I think it’s cool that Stacy is taking a class from Ali (just like I did when Ali was here in Indy at Scrapbook Xanadu last November). It’s cool that we can learn from each other.
    And it’s cool that Stacy challenged all of us scrapbookers to do something physical. And it’s cool that a bunch of us took her up on it.
    That’s what is so great about this hobby. It brings us all together. We’re all different, but we have this awesome hobby and other things in common. We can celebrate our differences. We can learn from each other and movitate, inspire, challenge, and appreciate each other. How cool is that?

  4. Love the Netherlands (I’m a Seattle-girl who has been transplanted to England….LOVE IT!!) So Happy for Nancy!!!! Love your blog!!

  5. heather deboer says:

    WOW, I am SO insanely jealous right now, I was reading your post from March 3-4, and then saw the Iowa t-shirt and wanted to cry…I’m from Iowa, and now live away and haven’t been home for over a year…and then I see that you were in Iowa, about 1 hour from my home…on my 22nd birthday!!!(March 4)
    I hope you had a great time!!! Iowa is a great place…good people…I’m sure they treated you well!
    Oh, and for the Netherlands, the people there are great…my husband was born there, and immigrated with his family when he was four…we still have his little klompen (wooden shoes) that he DID wear as alittle boy!

  6. Oh, Stacy, you’ve made me cry today! But in a good way… :)
    Thank you so much for your kindness! I honestly hope that I’ll be able to buy you that lunch some day soon, and I’ll throw in dinner and a tour of the Netherlands if you’d like? ;)
    Jennifer, you are so right, I couldn’t have said it better (no really, I couldn’t, english is not my mother language, lol).
    Almost every day I think about how small the world has become using internet. How easy it is to connect with people from all over the world, people who share my love and passion for this hobby that has become such a big part of my life. So many inspiring people, such kind people…
    Stacy, thanks again for making this a very very good day (and I say that while seeing my own head almost lifesize on your blog, I know I said I could live with this picture, but it’s huge!! lol).
    And thanks everyone for your kind comments… Ali, that picture of me was actually taken outside the day we met at the Scrapbookers Fairytale in Doorn…
    Having these warm and fuzzy feelings, it’s a good time to go to bed, I think :)
    Hugs to you all,

  7. You have a reader in Sweden also ;-)

  8. Narelle Jurss says:

    Nancy you look amazing in the photo! You go girl!
    Stacy…you have a reader (actually I am sure there are heaps) in Australia also – love BPS! Thanks for your inspiration and gorgeous BLOG!

  9. And another reader from THE NETHERLANDS!!! It’s so much fun reading about my own country on your blog!
    Love your online classes and be shore to let me know when you will be visiting the Netherlands!

  10. Another Altogether Too Happy blog reader in South Wales (United Kingdom) :-D And I’m LDS too!

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