Big Ideas and New Solutions …

are on the agenda this weekend. I’m not even sure I’ve told you what an amazing team I’m a part of at Big Picture Scrapbooking! Paula Wessells and Kayce Rehn are my partners in this BIG exciting adventure with me, and we are all together for two days of meetings — and then [drum roll] one day of class with Ali E, at Apropos right here in Spokane.


We are pretty excited — work hard and then play hard. I’ve only known these girls a short time — but I love them already. To see different perspectives, strengths and talents come together for a shared vision is exceptionally cool.

Anyway .. just thought you should know that I’m looking forward to today and tomorrow with my BPS team — Oh and I’ve been meaning to do some shameless promotion for my little sister’s class [remind me sometime to tell you about the day she was born -- best day of my childhood life.] Not long ago, Paula and went to Utah for some meetings and stayed with Darci [my sister] and she showed me this adorable wood board with photos, ribbon and hooks that she had made for our parents’ home. LOVED IT! We decided right then and there that we had to share it at BPS. It is seriously so cool. You really should check it out — the class is already available for download — but you can still register until Saturday morning and it’s only $5. There are some great new classes/workshops open for registration. If you’ve taken a class or workshop that is now over, be sure to give us your feedback on what we can do better!

I’m off to work on my homework for Ali’s class!


  1. I downloaded Darci’s class yesterday, it is really cute and I’m planning on making it this weekend. I can see more than one board being made!! Keep up the good work

  2. Kristen Joshi says:

    OMG!!!!!!! Stacy – thanks for that “shameless plug” – I signed up for the class…was thinking of it before and your plug pushed me to it. I *LOVE* the work your sister’s got up there. So excited to make some boards!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ok Ok you talked me into it Stacey! I will go sign up now for Darci’s class. I am currently in Donna’s class, have taken your ur2 cre8tive class (which I have learned soooo much from), and enrolled in your Colorful You class so why not one more? I love BPS and you are doing a wonderful job for all us scrapbookers!! Thank you!!! I also am looking forward to taking your family fun library class.
    Have a good weekend and Play Hard!!!

  4. Enjoy your weekend, be productive! :-) You’ll have to tell Miss Paula hello for me and give her a hug!

  5. I’m currently taking Darci’s class and it is WAY cool! I decided to paint my board with magnetic paint first so that I could some cool magnets that I have. I will definitely be making LOTS of these…what an awesome gift for the grandparents! Thanks for all you do at BPS Stacy! YOU ROCK!!!

  6. I’ll see you at Apropos! I am so looking forward to taking Ali’s classes!

  7. How cool that your sister teaches for BPS! How Neat! Tena

  8. golfgirl says:

    whoo hoo! great picture of your three……of course it is, “I” took it!

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