BIG things …

make me happy. Little things make me happy too, but right now this BIG letter "S" is making me exceptionally happy and reminding me what a fun industry I work in and what a blessing our dedicated manufacturers are. I love the innovations, I love the quality, I love the beauty and I most of all, I love the creativity it all sparks in me — this one is going on my shelf.


Thanks Stampin Up!


  1. How cute is that? I love the tag…such a happy flower!

  2. Very cool stamp. And I love that flower tag!

  3. That looks like a BIG S! I love it. How much fun is that?

  4. LOVE IT!!!

  5. I am SO loving this! That is fabulous! I don’t want it, I NEED it!

  6. Oh I love it!

  7. What a great stamp!!! I love the flower – I’m all about buttons.
    Have fun stamping Stacy!

  8. I’m gonna wanta need this. And definitely the S (the start and end of my monogram), and the Z, and the W, and the R…..

  9. I’ve seen these IN PERSON and they are very VERY cool! If you do it right you get TWO stamps out of it! The letter by itself, and then the background with the letter missing – mount one on either side of the wood…. way cool.

  10. Andria B. says:

    What a great idea Ann! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Staci Miserlian says:

    I have been loving my big “S”! I actually bought all of the letters to spell “SMILE”! They look so neat lined up at the top of my craft armoire!

  12. I fell in love with those big monogram stamps the first time I saw them! I can’t wait to add a few to my collection. Enjoy your “S”!

  13. Hi Stacy J. Just stopping by and catching up on a few entries and I feel led to invite you over to my blog this week as I am celebrating my daughter, Teagan’s birthday on Saturday. She’s my four year old that was killed in our accident- and yet I find I can’t not celebrate her birthday. Your post about happiness and it not being dependent on circumstance is one of the mottos of my life. In fact, today the title of my blog post is, “Create your own joy.” Anyway, even if you don’t get the chance to stop by, I hope you will choose to do something fun or outrageous or spontaneous with your kids- simply because you can this weekend. Even if you are away and have to call and tell them a silly joke. I’d give anything to call Teagan to hear her laughter on the other end of the phone. Never take the moment we have with our loved ones for granted. ANd in honor of Teagan, I hope you celebrate- simply to celebrate life! Sweetly~

  14. Jody.. love what you shared…. ur a strong woman. so strong.
    Stacy… love the stamp… I gotta get me some of those.. can’t wait to see what u are gonna use it for!

  15. I LOVE that Letter S! I have it (my last name starts with S)…. and I use it all the time…I just used it yesterday to make a cd for a friend… Put the big S in the center of the cd holder and outlined it with the Sakura Black gel pen! It is YUMMY. On the side I hand wrote words that started with S – Support, Spirit, Survivor, Stampers….. It was for a friend going through breast cancer!

  16. How fun!! I must get an “A”!

  17. I think Ali E. should get the big “A” for her letter A collection.

  18. Love it!

  19. Have you seen all the comments over at Tara’s blog in response to her very tepid “IF” post??
    You’re gonna find a way to make this happen, right?!
    Also, love how several have posted that they will “travel” to get there, so many have yet to learn about the wonder of BPS.
    I’m hoping the “if” becomes a “when” soon!

  20. Just thought I’d let you know that I posted your site info over at SCS – hope you get lots of good “hits” and great business!!! We are all dying to know if the flower stamp is from the new catty Ü and what other “big” things SU has on it’s way. Thanks for sharing this with us and I’m guessing SU is pretty tickled too Ü

  21. yeah, you’re so right! little as big things HAVE TO MAKE US HAPPY everyday!!!
    as for an example, here I’m happy to send you a post, I’m happy to see birds threw my windows, with some sunrays… :-)

  22. aaaaaaaaa! I love it! BUT…I can’t get past the D.O.T.S. gal showcasing SU! LOL

  23. Peggy (mountaindew*pea) says:

    I LOVE the new monogram stamps. I’d love to have them all. But I think my dh would not be happy!! lol

  24. sooooo many possibilities with that S – sassy, sexy, silly, stupid, snotty, swit-swooooo, sashay – simple scrapbooks!!!.
    too cool xx

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