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It came in the mail day before yesterday and it’s from Amy Williams, a very talented scrapbooker and wonderful teacher. I became acquainted with Amy a couple of years ago at a convention outside Boston. In fact, I sat in on a class she was teaching and was so impressed with the care she had taken and the manner in which she presented that I asked her to take some assignments with Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Amy has for the last two years developed great SS classes that are taught at the CK Conventions, across the country. She is now also teaching at Big Picture Scrapbooking (Check out her Talk Chalk class here.) Last year sometime and quite out of the blue, Amy emailed me a photo of a darling tote bag she had made with scrapbooking product, photos and some plastic tubing. I loved it so much that we made it a bonus download at with our November/December 2005 issue.

Amy has a classic style and yet she isn’t afraid to try new things. In fact she has surprised me several times with her resourcefulness.

To Amy and others like her, I dedicated my Wednesday’s Words:

Once in awhile it really hits
people that they don’t have to
experience the world in the way
they have been told to.

                                   Alan Keightley

Why not use business cards to construct a really cool tote bag!
Thanks Amy — I love it.


  1. Madeline says:

    Stacy real cool tote. Now I am even more excited about the Tlak Chalk class, can’t wait

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love the tote!! Would love to have one myself…wonder where you can get one?

  3. Meredith says:

    I just LOVE that you sprinkle what looks like Skittles in front of the tote bag to make it picture presentable…so cute!! :)

  4. love that business card idea… love it… and ur bag is way cool!

  5. Oh I love it!

  6. I love Amy’s classes! I will get to take 2 of them at CKC-Manchester in May and I’m psyched!
    Very cute bag!

  7. That is too stinkin’ cool! I love it!! I think I need me a business card now! LOL

  8. Holy smokes…that is the cutest thing ever! I might have to use some of my BPS cards and modify that idea for my CKU-SJ carrying case…how cool would that be??? Go Amy…that rocks!

  9. I just got “The Big Picture.” I mean that literally and mentally!

  10. Andria B. says:

    Hey… I used that download to make my sisters, mom and I totes for Christmas. We are taking them with us to CKU Provo. It is such a cute little bag and we have all gotten a lot of comments about how cool they are. Amy, you rock!!!

  11. That’s really cute!

  12. Very cool tote!

  13. I so want one of those bags it’s just too cute!

  14. I am so lovin’ the bag. Too Cute!! I love Amy’s clean and simplistic style too.

  15. woman! YOu are my hero. that book of yours is prolly the most amazing thing!
    I just have to say my favorite LO is Disco Dishes….if you could see me dancin’ to my 80s music in my kitchen, it’s like I can’t do the dishes unless it’s on. Guess i’ll have dh take some pics of me next time.
    thanks for inspiring! I want to know when you’ll be on the east coast???????

  16. hey stacy! got my happy mail and posted a thank you on my blog! thank you again so much!!
    ps-quote is awesome!

  17. just finished your book, in two days…I have so many ideas I think I’m going to explode (if you have time you can check my blog, I posted about it!) I can’t wait to begin.
    You are my hero and I’m your biggest fan! Thanks for the inspirational motivator. Your book really is great! Hope you are having a happy Saturday.

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