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After my class at Reminisce tonight, Pam from Bettendorf said she made me something. I said "Oh, how sweet are you?" and took her gift. It looked like a cute yellow notebook or what I figured was a bank accordion album — I said "thank you so much" {big hug} and put it down on the table beside me. I mean it was all wrapped up and stuff. She said "No, dork … you have to open it" OK, she didn’t really say dork. But when I opened it, I about flipped.


not a great picture, but look close. These are photos taken in Iowa and each photo contains a letter. So, my 6-panel accordion album spells J-U-L-I-A-N — can you see it? Pam and her husband have started a business called Names Around Town and they have big plans to grow their very unique take on destination photography.  I LOVE IT. Makes Me So Happy.

I had a beautiful woman named Lori in my class tonight. She came early to a little meet and greet with two friends [who btw I had met at CKU Provo last year.] Paula, my partner at BPS was taking photos and captured this one of her — pure joy.


I love what I do. It makes me nervous and sick to my stomach from time to time, but it is really, really fun to meet and connect to amazing women everywhere.

lucky me.


  1. What a nice gift! I just started a new job this week that is, in a way, VERY public, so I know what you mean about the nervousness – just remember how appreciated your efforts are and how much you enrich the lives of those you teach. Thanks, Stacy, we’re inspired!

  2. Am I a bad person if I copy her idea? That is SO COOL.
    And Lori’s obvious joy, what a treasure.
    All in all, I think what you do is worth a little Pepto-Bismol once in a while, eh?

  3. Amy Stultz says:

    Holy cow girl, that is the coolest gift EVER!!! I love that idea. Totally neat, totally fun. We are heading out for a fun filled family day of errand running. Wonder if my husband will mind me taking a camera and capturing some letters???
    We are going to Target and I could use the “T” from the sign in my name. Oh, how fun!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. what a great gift!!!! I can see why it made it “so happy”!!!!!

  5. Color Me Happy!
    I had such a blast at your classes, Stacy! I am finally excited about color & learning new ways to use it. I could just never get into the color wheel thing…seemed too technical, and I’m such an emotional scrapper. Thanks again for everything, it was such fun.

  6. That is such a great idea and a unique gift! I wish her much success in her new business!
    Glad the appearance went well!

  7. We love what you do too!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. If that is not the coolest idea…EVER !!!!

  9. THANK YOU for a great week-end!
    I loved everything about it (except the driving back & forth!). You are such an inspiration in so many ways … thanks for sharing a piece of yourself!

  10. aren’t Iowans just the best! I miss them sooooo much!

  11. now that is a cool book!!! i CAN’T WAIT myself to meet you one day!!!!
    i HAD A GREAT TIME with dd this past weekend here in MN, took one of her classes… it rocked! Posted all about it on my blog… love all you ss gals!!!!!

  12. I just have to tell you that I have been “talking you up” nonstop ever since I got home. I so enjoyed your classes and your message. Thanks so much for coming to Iowa. You made my month!!
    Lisa Cloud

  13. Wow! What a cool book Pam made… awesome idea! I’d buy one from her! And, yup… that photo of Lori is just about perfect, isn’t it?

  14. Thanks Stacy! I’m so glad that you like your gift. I’ve always admired you and now that I have met you in person, I am blown away. I learned so much more from you than a sbing philosophy. Never again will I say “I have 2 boys and a business. I’m too busy”. I’ll just think “what would Stacy do?” Hmm… a new quote for my sudio wall??? Thanks so much for your inspiration! I’m off to buy some sprinkles and hug my sons! Pam

  15. Stacy – As I told you, I have been stalking your blog for awhile now and have thought, “what a neat person”. After meeting you in Iowa this past weekend, “neat” doesn’t give you justice. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You truly shared your passion not just of scrapbooking but of your faith and family. It radiates from you. Thanks again so so much for sharing that with us. What an inspiration you are! When I see yellow I will from now on always think of Stacy Julian!
    Nancy Bathen

  16. Tammy Vangen says:

    Stacy, Thank-you so much for coming to Iowa and sharing with us! You are truely an inspiration! Lorie loved meeting you!!! She has shown everyone she knows her Big Picture Book with your picture and note to her – she was thrilled to meet you! She told me that about 5 or 6 times on the way home! Thank-you for being so kind to her! (by the way could I get a copy of that picture of her – I love it! It just captures how happy she was to be there!)

  17. Francine Mittenthal says:

    Stacy – You are the most genuine, inspiring, enthusiastic, giving woman I have ever met. As a former CTMH Supvsr., I had the honor of hearing you speak, and the joy of hugging you. Your love of life, family, and scrapbooking is something I’ll never forget. You inspire me daily, Stacy. Relax – leave the performance anxiety behind! We love your work because it is the epitomy of who you are. Be yourself and you will ALWAYS excel! … And isn’t Andria wonderful? Just met her at CKU-A. Lucky ME to have been around the two of you!!!

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