Colorful YOU!

My first little project class starts today at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Last time I checked, I have 579 people signed up — how totally cool is that, that you have all responded in such a magnificent way to this little dream of mine. Over the next week, hundreds of scrapbookers across the globe will stop by a virtual classroom, download some inspiration and instruction and then go create their own version of a concept that will help them celebrate someone colorful and unique!


I just want to say Thank YOU! You bring so much color and happiness to my life.


  1. it looks like such a fun class Stacy, I know it will be awesome!

  2. yihaa! I’m one of the 579 colorful people who signed up for this class. Can’t wait to do the project. Thanks, Stacy!

  3. Hi Stacy, I’ve downloaded my class notes already and look forward to getting started. Had the little albums sent over by my SIL in Chicago as we don’t have any that small in the UK and it looked too cute! Keep up the good work.

  4. Meredith says:

    I was up and at ‘em this morning and quick to download my notes for this class. I love it and have already planned 3 variations in my head for my kids, my mom (color me pink!) and my dad (with your idea for “True Blue”).
    Love it…thanks for inspiring us.

  5. can’t wait to fully dive in…just curious – who’s the manufacturer of the album you have displayed? love the colorful blocks!

  6. Nick's Mom says:

    I am one of the lucky ones in your class. I love this idea – it’s going to be all about my son Nicholas. I selected pictures this morning and will be getting printouts from I LOVE their website – very user friendly, and I love the idea that you can get your pictures in a variety of sizes. I actually have been emailing “Doug” the owner back and forth this morning.
    Thanks so much for all of the inspiration – I can’t wait to put this book together.
    And to Laura T. (I am actually a Laura T. myself) – Stacy covered her book from Close to My Heart with SEI paper.

  7. Hi Stacy,
    Make that 580 (at least) by now – I just registered too! The information is great, and I’d love to leave work right now to get started! Guess what I’ll be doing tonight …?
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Starte my mini album and I am lovin’ it…have deciede on photos to use but I am almost done with everything else needed for the album.

  9. I’m one of your students, too. I’m a digi scrapper, so this is going to be something new for me. Love your lesson and the whole concept. Off to gather pictures now :).

  10. 579 really! how many were in the Creative class…I loved that…changed the way I looked at everything, THANKYOU. And I consider myself pretty creative…you challenged that for me :)

  11. Sherri S says:

    Hi Stacy!
    I got up at 5:00 am this morning because I was so excited to start on my “colorful you” project! Why waste time sleeping when one has so many more fun things to do :)
    Anyway, I have mine done as far as I can go. My 2 x 2 pictures should be in the mail tomorrow so I can finish it up tomorrow afternoon. It is turing out sooooo cute!
    Thanks so much for everything you do and all the great classes you offer on BPS. I have taken MANY of them and plan to continue!

  12. Love love love your class Stacy. The first thing I did this morning was turn on the computer and download all the bits for the class. It’s such a great idea and I’ve bought 5 of the little albums (which are just SO cute) and am going to do one for each member of my family. I can just tell that I’m really going to enjoy this one.

  13. Diane S. says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I am too excited, just downloaded my notes and stuff for the class. I have been working on selecting photos and papers earlier this week. Such a fun project and you are right these would make great gifts! I am a CTMH consultant so I already had the album and am using some of our papers too.
    Thanks so much for sharing your creative flair, it inspires me, frees me up and makes me smile. Looking forward to taking more of your classes.

  14. I’m one of your students too Stacy and just love this little project. I had the mini albums from my CTMH rep and wasn’t sure what to do with them – this is just PERFECT! I’ll do one for each of them and I’m sure they’ll just love them. Thanks SO much for this BIG idea!

  15. Can’t wait to get started on the project!! No work for me tomorrow and the kiddos are in school so I am ready to dive in!

  16. WOW so cool!!! (and BIG)

  17. Ceci Ortiz de Hurtado says:

    Yes, I am one of the 579 cibernetic students, here in Germany!!
    Adapting the proyect,here I can not find a so small album!
    The project is very fun and ovb colorful!!
    I am enjoying it as much as the creativity workshop!
    Thank you for realize your dream for us!

  18. I’m also one of the 579 (or is it 580 now?). I had to work to find the little albums but a very nice CTMH consultant ordered them and mailed them to me. They are beyond cute! I need more! I also got pictures from and they are awesome – love the square sizes! Now, I need to order more because I didn’t get the ‘personality’ idea right. But, in the meantime, I’m going to get the album ready. One for each of my kids. I just love it and love all the classes here!

  19. Madeline says:

    I am one of the 580 in your class. I love this idea, I could not find the albums here so I altered a 4×4 childs board book and it is coming great, it is a “True Blue” for my DH…I am planning on doing more of these for family members.
    Thanks Stacey, this is awesum

  20. thank YOU Stacy!! For bringing so much inspiration and fun to our lives! I was so bogged down and now I want to scrap 24/7!! I’m waiting on my picture order to get started but what FUN!!

  21. Amy Zarrella says:

    I bought 3 CTMH albums because I knew this would be such a cool, easy way to display all those photos that never make it to my “big” scrapbook pages! I love this idea and I LOVE YOU STACY! You are such an ispiration. I can’t tell you how many times I have read “Big Picture” cover to cover. You are the greatest! THANK YOU!

  22. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Hi Stacy…………I just love my little album. I used a 7 Gypsie with a spiral binding. I wish I could show it to you, no gallery though for this huh? I am Lisa Damrosch’s mom. She is excited about teaching for you. I have posted my album in a small message board at MDW, I hope that is okay but it is stirring up interest when I post my BPS stuff once the class has passed. Thanks so much for this great idea of yours. I am signed up for the second quarter of Donna’s class and the Digi class (to challenge myself) I am sure I will be begging Lisa to help me on that one!! LOL Have a great day!

  23. So much fun!

  24. aaahhh! i haven’t been able to get started yet and i WANT to!! tomorrow is going to be my colorful day!

  25. Denise Stoner says:

    I’ve read the comments, and I’m really upset. The time got away, and I had registered for your class, but didn’t get to do the class or get the downloads. ;-( Is there any way I can get that information? Thanks! Have a great day! Denise Stoner

  26. Stacy,
    I just found this website when I became bound and determined a week or so ago to try digital scrapbooking. I found the class via the CK message board, and I’m so glad I did. I’m signed up for Renee’s class that starts tomorrow, and I can’t wait. However, I was reading your blog and saw the picture of the Colorful You album, and I fell in love with it. Then I read these posts, and I really want to do this project. Please, please, please make it available to us again! And by the way, thanks for creating BPS. It’s my favorite new site!

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