Got a little carried away …


with the vegan cookies.

It’s one of those things where you have one, and it’s really good and then you go to the website and you think how cool is it that you can order cookies online and you feel so ultra modern for doing so and then in 3 days a big box of cookies is at your door and you question your sensibility and say to yourself "OK self, that wasn’t the smartest thing you’ve ever done."

Still love the cookies. Anyway — got lots of cookies and was thinking it might be fun to share them. How about first person to guess how many calories in the lemon poppyseed — gets the cookie and some happy mail.


  1. 330

  2. 280

  3. 240

  4. forgot to cute is that logo? and how sweet are you for sharing your sweets??

  5. I’ll guess 230 calories

  6. 150

  7. Yum. I’ll guess.. 80 calories?

  8. I’m going to guess 140 :)

  9. I want to change my vote, but someone already stole my number! Okay, I peeked. 240. But I’m ordering the cookies! lol

  10. You’re so funny! You totally make me laugh…

  11. Ceci O Hurtado says:

    ok I am too late… 240 calories
    count saying 60 calories from fat???

  12. 230 … they look delicious!

  13. Guess I’m late…240. But, I had fun playing, does that count?

  14. I guess 90.

  15. grammie_meme says:

    I’m going to guess……….145

  16. Hi Stacy!
    I’ve had these cookies and they are soooo good. I make it a point to get one everytime i am in whole foods. chocolate chip is my fave!

  17. I’ll go with 130. I’m craving them now…thanks! LOL

  18. My guess is 48 calories in each cookie.

  19. I’ll guess 180.

  20. Eileen Zetoff says:

    120 for one cookie.

  21. Must order some and have them waiting for me in Seattle (I’m currently living in lovely England, but will be home for a visit next month!)

  22. Dominique says:

    There are 480 calories in one cookie. One cookie is 2 servings. So 1 serving is: 240 calories. So it depends on what you wanted to know! Per cookie or per serving. To be save I wrote down both answers.
    Take care,

  23. 150? I’m guessing that the more-knowledgeable ladies who preceded me here have the correct answer, but I’ll jump in for giggles anyway.
    But – do YOU know how many calories in my husband’s warm asparagus salad? (yum yum)

  24. My guess is 110!!!
    Kim Bolyard

  25. Oh … guess I’m to late … and I guess you wouldn’t ship them to Germany anyway – huh?!? *lol* But anyway … what a fun idea ;o)

  26. Danielle says:

    my guess 69

  27. Shannon Stamp says:

    I would say about 115 calories in one cookie.
    Shannon Stamp
    Mill Creek, WA

  28. 100!!??!!
    thanks for the chance!

  29. I say 240 calories!!!! I think I might just have to order some and give them a try! Who doesn’t love cookies!!!

  30. 223 :)

  31. 170- don’t know why- the number just came to me! Sally

  32. My guess would be about 160. They look great enjoy them. Don’t sell them in Holland so I can only think about how they would taste.

  33. 130?

  34. Michelle says:


  35. I think 120 per cookie.

  36. Oh 320 I will say! This made me laugh as I thought this sounds alot like me :) Do enjoy them though!!

  37. Meredith says:


  38. 85? I’m going low here. :)

  39. 480 calories/cookie. Hope you enjoy your goodies! After seeing them, I’m half tempted to order some myself.
    Crystal :)

  40. haha, this is hilarious!

  41. how about 63?

  42. 365 calories in one cookie. Am I even close?

  43. 120 calories per cookie

  44. How about 300 per cookie? Am I too late?

  45. Mmmm! Now I want cookies!

  46. 210??

  47. I’d say 225 calories. By they way, it looks real yummy!!!

  48. 240!!! – and yummy in my tummy!

  49. 173

  50. I cheated I went to the website, so my guess is 240. But your little contest got me to the website, everything looks yummy! thanks for that!

  51. I LOVE those cookies!!! Have one of them and a smoothie! It’s perfect!

  52. 196 -

  53. My guess is 160!!

  54. Andria B. says:

    480 per cookie… 240 per serving – but I see that others have posted that number too. Boo hoo! Have a great day!

  55. 172.
    Yes, a totally random guess, but it was the first thing that came into my head. :)

  56. 235—is it really worth a great workout? Isn’t life just not fair sometimes!?

  57. My guess is 265 per cookie.

  58. 240 per serving….. that would be 2 cookies so …..120 for 1 cookie…… only because I have some sitting on my desk……..yummy!

  59. 240 per serving of 2 cookies. They look very yummy!!

  60. 144

  61. How about 120 per cookie! I love anything lemon and these sound like they may be a hit! Happy eating!

  62. Lynne Hardy says:

    How about 52?

  63. I see a lot of other people already guessed it, but I’ll put mine in too, just in case you decide you are feeling extra generous and want to give me some vegan cookies too!
    240 :)

  64. 110

  65. I’m not the first, but I’ll try anyway! LOL! It’s 480 per package. There are two servings per package, each serving has 240. I have no idea how many cookies are in each package. I’m guessing two, then it would be 240 per cookie, but if it’s just one than it would be 480 per cookie.
    OK, I’m totally confusing myself now. Can you tell math is not my thing??? I’m a scrapbooker! How about if I just tell you what shade of Bazzill would look best with the cookie? I think I’d do much better with that! LOL!

  66. the same number of calories as chocolate chip cookies but you’d think it’d be less. ok, I’m guessing approx 240 calories but so what! Do calories really matter? Not if you lead a healthy active lifestyle and eat in moderation. So, let’s indulge and savour every bite of that lemon poppyseed cookies! I can’t wait to try some as I’m a big fan of the lemon poppyseed muffins.

  67. I’m gonna say 100!

  68. 105

  69. I am guessing 230 and they look yummy!

  70. UMM i’m hungry,lol… 199 calories?

  71. 280? I love those cookies!!!

  72. 2 servings of 240 calories.
    Is it sad that I memorized the backs of every kind of cookie the Alternative Baking Company has made, even the seasonal ones? ahahaha
    I cant help it, they’re so good!
    Peanutbutter Perswasin is my favorite, even though I cant spell it =]]

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