I’m going to bed …

in IOWA. This statement has significance for two reasons. One, I didn’t go to bed last night, and two, I’ve never been to Iowa.
I am a guest of Andria at her store called Reminisce. Andria and her husband are also the creators of the Reminisce line of scrapbooking product — which btw, I used on my time capsule in the Jan/Feb issue. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a big basket full of fun stuff, including a yellow IOWA T-shirt, decorative napkins and tissue and among other yummy treats a bag of dried cherries, which I am chewing on as I post.

After a much appreciated nap, I headed over to the store to eat pizza and hang out with a fabulous group of employees — check out the signage. It’s this kind of thing that always makes me wonder how I got myself in this mess in the first place. I think, why is my name on that sign? And then I get a very sick, nervous feeling in my gut.

I think I’ll just relax and have fun.
Honestly, what are my alternatives?


  1. I don’t think that I will be able to sleep tonight because I am going to be at Reminisce tomorrow night with you! I am so excited. You have truly inspired my scrapbook style and philosophy. Like so many others..I cannot put your book down. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun. I cannot wait to meet you….
    Kim G
    Davenport, IA

  2. Iowa… I’ve been there and I really liked it. Very pretty in the summer with all the corn fields as far as the eye can see….
    You’ll do so good! You always do! You’re Stacy Julian… you have the gift.
    Good luck!!

  3. …and this after you told ME to go to bed last night? LOL Truthfully, I didn’t either. But then again, I wasn’t getting ready to go to Iowa, either. :)
    I love the way you described the feeling you get looking at that sign – even though you’ll be wonderful and they’ll love you. Have fun. :)

  4. Karen Greenfield says:

    I’m impressed you recognised your name…….I’ve only seen mine on a sign like that once, and it just looked so not right..not my self-image at all! I kept thinking “that can’t mean me…is it misspelled??” And no it wasn’t and yes, it meant me. Took a good 10 minutes to work up the courage to go in the place!!

  5. Your name in lights…how awesome is that. One day I would love to say that my name was in lights. Hats off to you, you deserve it. You work hard and inspire me. This Kim Bolyard and I have met you at CHA and Memory Trends…I am the one that workd with Terri Gordon from Stonecreek Creations/krafterspures…love your blog
    Kim Bolyard

  6. totally cool, Stacy!!!

  7. There are a lot of us out there who would love to trade spots with you and get to hang out in the “mess” of your life for a week or two. I know I would do it and love it…until I get to the part where I am training for a marathon. Thought about it for years- but just don’t know where the time or energy comes from to do that! ANyway, enjoy the stuff that you find yourself getting into these days. You never know when it could be ripped from you. I don’t mean that in a bad way- just to be grateful for the simple, wonderful experiences you enjoy everyday! Thanks for sharing your yellow, happy goodies with us.

  8. Suzanne says:

    Iowa is HEAVEN. My husband is from there and I love going there for visits!
    I have three special needs kids and there is no state that is kinder and more accommodating to special needs citizen.
    I love Iowa….if I had known YOU would be there, I would have found an excuse to go visit someone, anyone! :)

  9. I used to live just north of Coralville in Cedar Rapids and miss the midwest soooo much. I’m in Suprise, AZ now and will be taking your class when CKC comes to Mesa…can’t wait!

  10. Shelley Haganman says:

    Stacy, Just wanted to thank you for spending some time with us on Thurday night at Reminisce. You are such and inspiration and I feel like I could take those ideas you talked about and apply them not only to scrapbooking but to my life in general! I spent all day in the OR thinking about E-E-E-P! It was great!!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here in Iowa City. Sorry I couldn’t join you for the rest of the fun but my 24/7 mom job comes first! Thanks again! Shelley (a Reminisce employee!)

  11. You silly girl, you’re a “supah-stah”…. didn’t you know? Oh SHOOT, we forgot to send you the memo! (wink) I have no doubt that my home state with treat you kindly and with love.
    Signed, your biggest Stacy groupie.

  12. wow.. your name up in lights.. how cool is that?? I met Andria last year at CKU KC, took one of her classes.. she is soooo great.. isn’t she??? Soooo happy you had such a blessed time. Great ppl is what makes the sb industry so much fun!!!

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