life artists unite …

I’m feeling some Monday musings coming on — could be long.


So, a few weeks ago I missed an annual event that I’ve attended for several years. It’s the Crop Because You Care event that Karen Glenn organizes to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Utah. It was one of those times where I simply double-booked myself. Since I cancelled last minute, I sent a whole stack of these 8×10 headshots to replace my real self. Wendy and Angie from SS magazine were at the event and held a little decorate Stacy’s face to win something cool contest. Last week or so I got a package of my heads in the mail — delightfully adorned in a variety of unique and creative ways. Taft, who later reveiwed them with me, made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t like it when people mess with mom’s face. He asked me to throw away any that had actually drawn on or over my features [for example Masked Mom below.] He found it especially disturbing when my eyes were drawn on. I think that should say something to moms about children and they way they feel about looking into our eyes — it’s a connection for them, I think more than we may know. Our eyes are windows into our soul and I believe that while children come to us initially unable to speak, they are able to communicate with the light and life that is in our eyes, and they learn at a very early age who they can trust by looking into their eyes. Just found that interesting.

Anyway .. thought you might get a chuckle from some of these funny faces.




They didn’t scan very well — but you get the idea.

I’m feeling exceptionally optimistic for a Monday — have my weekly to-do list made up, my new RealSimple desk calendar from Target and my BPS checklist that helps me track the editing of upcoming classes. Wish me luck, because I’m going to get it all DONE!

Now, I would love to think out loud a bit about the amazing Donna Downey and her year-long class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Many of you are commenting that you are falling behind [which, if you know Donna you know "falling behind" is considered scrapbook profanity] and I have to say I’m confused by this. I feel a need to remind you what this Big Picture Scrapbooking thing is about. It isn’t about completing the projects in order and on time. It is a unique opportunity for you to learn more of and connect to Donna. To hear motivating and inspiring messages each week, to see how she finds and uses inspiration — especially the monthly themes and quotes in the SS planner. Donna’s class is about Donna — who is in my estimation, one of the most prolific and inspiring women in scrapbooking today. She has helped us all think way outside the box when it comes to  telling our stories in fun, accessible and totally hip ways. I read a message board post that someone forwarded to me, where a couple of participants commented that they had only completed 5 or 6 projects all year. I thought to myself — it’s only March and you’ve completed 5 or 6 scrapbooking projects?!! Who does that? I happen to think that anyone who can complete 1 or 2 projects a month is doing a fantastic job of lifestyle scrapbooking. Donna’s class in my mind is like a "live" idea book — an idea book that sends you an email every Wednesday night and says "Hey, here I am, open me up and come see what I’ve got in store this week, come see what new page or project or idea you might want to try."

I guess I just feel as creator of this BPS community that I need to remind you how different we are. How much its not important to us that you keep up, but that you keep connected. I don’t scrapbook half as often as I’d like to, but that’s because I’m living life, continually collecting more experiences to scrapbook — I make an effort to stay connected, inspired and motivated by eagerly seeking out those activities and people that inspire and motivate me. Does that make sense? Even if I follow through on only one of Donna’s ideas each month [my personal goal,] I’m going to be twelve ideas ahead at the end of the year! I will have completed twelve perspective altering pages/projects/activities that help me see my life in a different way! And … the best part, I’ll have a whole notebook full of other ideas to refer back to when I’m ready.

OK, got that off my chest. Just hoping that if you are in Donna’s class you will know how we intend for you to benefit by it and if you haven’t yet taken a month with Donna that you will jump at the chance.

NOW … one more thing. I’m so totally and competely Cafe imPressed with this! Just can’t believe how this hobby is truly turning into a lifestyle for so many and how it has the potential to help people live more consciously and gratefully.

Life artists unite — life is worth your art, whatever it is.
Have a fabulous week!!!!!



  1. Ok…first of all…LOVE the headshot art…too funny….and so true about our kids and our eyes…great observation!
    I TOTALLY stocked up on ALL of the REAL SIMPLE organizers at Target…so scary how happy they make me.
    And…GO Donna…and Go BPS….SO SO INSPIRING!! :-) Lisa

  2. Stacy thanks so much I too have not completed all my projects but I am still so motivated. Since starting Donna’s class I have completed quite a few of the projects but I also started working at the local school district and now I am also teaching a monthly year in review and card class at my local scrapbook store as well. Donna truely does inspire me I only wish I could meet her in person someday. Also a big thank you for creating BPS I love it.

  3. Love this! Words we all need to hear at some point. Thanks for the Monday inspiration.

  4. Thanks Stacy.
    You hit the nail on the head.

  5. Mom to Nick says:

    I saw the REAL SIMPLE books about a week ago when I was at Target and they were stocking the shelves with the stuff – I loved EVERY ONE of the journals.
    By the way, I just got my pictures in today from (my 2 x 2 photos). What an awesome job they did. I will definetely order more prints from them in the future. Thank you for the recommendation.

  6. Wow so this morning I commented on your blog because it really hit on a conversation I had last week with a close friend. Then this afternoon I was reminded of your words again, in a conversation with another group of women. I have been so inspired by those in this “hobby,” such as yourself, who believe in scrapbooking as life art. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share this wisdom with other women today. To be able to share that freedom that comes when you take away the obligation and the guilt of scrapbooking and begin to really enjoy it. So once again I had to say thanks! Keep that wisdom coming :)

  7. HI Stacy! I am Ngaire and I live in Brisbane Australia.
    LOVE your philosophy.
    ( loved your decorated heads too LOL)
    LOve that you are out there, inspiring women to “take themselves on”, the way they take on all the othere loved ones in their lives.
    VCool baby, very cool!!
    Kind regards,
    peace and love,

  8. now that is CLEVER!!! love the Mrs.Incredible!!!!
    Now onto falling behind..i totally agree..scrapping is a lifelong activity for me..I bounce around from pic to pic–I do what strikes me creatively..there is no falling behind as there is no schedule!!! I hope that i am never “caught up” for what would I do!

  9. LOVE the tiara!

  10. Love, love, love your comment about children learning who they can trust at an early age by looking into their eyes. Would you mind if I used that quote one a page? (fully credited of course!) I have absolutely the PERFECT photo for it – look for it on my blog in the next day or two – I’m inspired!! Thank you!

  11. The real simple calandar link wont work and ofcourse, gotta find one! can anyone help out?
    thanks so much!

  12. Cindy McDannold says:

    I have made a notebook of Donna’s class and even if I don’t “complete” each weekly project they have been read and thought about..put in my memory bank and can be recalled at the necessary time. I have truly enjoyed each one. I am hoping that scrapbooking can help women to understand their importance in the family, community and the world. Keeping memories and a nurturing way of life thriving. Cindy

  13. love what u shared. You continue to inspire me and to push me further. I sincerely hope to meet you one day, and who knows? Maybe even write for your magazine.. (one of my dreams, I can admit it!) loveya!

  14. I just completed my COLORFUL YOU mini album from your one day class and it turned out great. My daughter is 22 yrs old and I took photos of her from her preschool days and put them in this album. As for Donna’s class at BIG PICTURE, I absolutely LOVE it! I haven’t completed all the projects yet either, but I print out the messages, supply lists, and downloads and keep them all together in a binder. I WILL do them all at some point, (because all the projects are way too cool NOT to) but this way I don’t feel pressured to complete them all right away.

  15. Jenn Guymon says:

    I was one of the ladies who did your headshot (though, not one of the ones you posted). It was so much fun! We missed you at the event.
    I agree with what you said about “falling behind”. I am in Donna’s class (the full year) and definitely have not done all the projects, but I don’t feel “behind”. I, too, am keeping a notebook of the projects for all of the classes I’m taking from BPS and figure that when I have the time, I will be able to go back and do a project or two.
    Thanks for all you’ve done for us through BPS!!!

  16. Love the headshot with the flowers around it… great idea!
    Regarding Donna’s class… I, too, am way behind but am not stressed about it. Just keeping all of those ideas in a notebook for future reference. Most of the ones I’m behind on are ones where I need to have photos resized and that’s on my to-do list. The projects are great and I don’t want to miss out… will certainly continue on and complete the projects I want when I can. Donna is coming to my lss in May so I’m totally excited about getting to meet her in a smaller setting!
    Keep up the great work at BPS… I’m loving it!
    Pam C.

  17. Amen sister. Stacey – you have changed my lfe with your BPS. . .I have completed more projects – more meaningful and beautiful projects this year, then I have in total in my last 4 years of scrapbooking. You have liberated me to scrap what I want – when I want. Cathy Z has inspired me to keep it simple. Donna D has ignighted creativity and enthusiasm I didn’t know I had. Ali E (not yet on BPS. . .but maybe soon??) has also inspired me to be more artistic – stretch – just be.
    Thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for all you do and all you bring to the table. The Donna D year-long class is wonderful – I wouldn’t change a thing!

  18. Ceci O Hurtado says:

    I have not completed all the projects from any of my classes but I have made more meaningful projects than ever! Living in Germany is hard to get crops or classes as CKU or other so when you started BPS I felt connected to this wonderful hobbie again.
    I will enroll myself in more BPS workshops, I am loving it! I am waiting for Tara, Ali, Heidi…..Cathy again…..the family library from YOU!!!

  19. Thank you so much for reminding everyone what BPS is really about. I am totally with Donna, “feeling behind” or “never getting caught up” or “feeling guilty” in scrapbooking is PROFANITY! ;D The projects will be there when you’re inspired…just file them away and enjoy the process. Donna has wonderful things to teach us. I’m inspired and delighted every week! I happen to have the luxury of time unlike so many of my peers, so I’ve had the pleasure of working on each of the projects, learning new things along the way. I totally look forward to Thursdays now…my oasis in the week to play!

  20. Love these Pictures, you made me smile! Thanx!

  21. I saw a thread a few days ago on this idea of being caught up in Donna’s class. I had to post to it saying I never thought I would do all the projects in the week they came out. That’s just overwhelming! I love your thoughts on being connected. That’s exactly how I see it – I look at the project, listen to the message and I keep it all in mind. In fact, I’m coming home (to Spokane) in May (I’ll be there for Bloomsday!) for a wedding and Donna’s week 11 project sparked an idea for a mini-book that I would like to do about the Spokane I remember growing up. I can’t wait to get started and make lists of all the places I need to visit and things I need to photograph when I’m there. That’s what I love about this class – sparks of insight that will translate into more meaningful projects.

  22. Rebecca says:

    I love the real simple stuff at Target. I love toting around my cleaning caddy. My husband saw me wiping it off after cleaning and just thought I was nuts!

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