Sold Out Again ..

Can you believe it? My books are gone again!! None, zippo, zilch — zero in the warehouse. Weird eh?

If you are still holding out, go now to your local scrapbook store. If
you need one for a good, but small-minded friend who is in need of some
big picture thinking go now to your local scrapbook store. And, while
I’m on my promotional rampage, please take your seats and be very
jealous, because I just got my copy of Clean and Simple, The Sequel — so if you’re not yet convinced, go NOW to your local scrapbook store and make sure you they have a copy on order for you.

Tell them Stacy sent you and then ask them
to see pg. 61

Now, I know your thinking "How could book two come anywhere close to book one — everyone knows sequels just don’t live up." Trust me, Cathy has delivered again. She is so freaking [and that's as close as I ever get] amazing and so very clean, and oh so simple!

It’s going on 4:00 a.m. and I’m still reading …


  1. Hi Stacy
    May I just say that I read through your book on Sunday and had dreams about it all night. I am so lucky that I had purchased it before our vacation, though I didn’t get a chance to read it because I was reading “Jesus, Life Coach” by Laurie Beth Jones, great book btw pick it up. But your book did go all the way to the Bahama’s with me : )
    Anyway, I am a photographer for newborn’s, babies and children and I started my love of photography with starting scrapbooking in 1996 with the birth of my son, then I became a DOTS demonstrator (sound familiar : ), then I started my photography business after my daughter was born in 2000. I have put away my scrapbooking because it is too overwhelming and I am now all digital and don’t have any of the photos printed. Your book has turned me around with my thoughts. I have been thinking if I would have started your ideas at anytime I might actually remember what I was doing last whenever. Life moves so fast at this point but I am going to a. start a blog to encourage my clients to start doing this and b. I just bought Renee’s book, waiting for it, to digital scrapbook and c. start a scrap/journal to actually remember in a day, month, year what I was doing and what my children were doing right now.
    I want to say THANK YOU Stacy because you have sparked my spirit again to take up scraping again, something I obviously loved. I can totally understand why your book is flying off the shelves because it is INCREDIBLE.
    God has used you in a wonderful way.
    Thank You ! Sarah

  2. Suzanne Balvanz says:

    I CANNOT believe that you’re shocked by the sell-out?
    Woman, it’s a BIBLE for scrappers! (and I mean no sacrilege by that)
    It’s a GREAT book and I treasure my copy.
    NOW you should come out with your own line of simple kits. They will FLY off the shelves. Do them on QVC though, I buy everything they sell…
    who lost another 2# this week for the Challange! (doesn’t hurt that I had the FLU!)

  3. I’m still waiting for my order of your book and Cathy’s first from! Hopefully soon!! :)

  4. Madeline St Onge says:

    Stacy I am not surprised your book is sold out again. It is an inspiration to me, I am on my second read through, don’t want to miss anything. I carry it around with me so when I have a couple of minutes I can read a few pages. Love it, you rock girl.

  5. Mom2Nick says:

    Your book is awesome – not surprised here that you are completetly sold out. I am so looking forward to getting Cathy’s new book.
    Just wanted to let you know that I finished my Colorful You project and I LOVE IT. I am definetely going to go get me some more of those mini albums and create a few more. Thought it would be a good gift idea for my best friend’s birthday coming up.

  6. Gosh Girl! Of course your book is sold out again – it’s AWESOME!!! I was lucky enough to get it when it FIRST came in to the LSS where I work and I sell it to just about EVERYONE who walks through the door…and then, I send them to BPS! Your ideas ROCK the scrapping world, so keep ‘em coming!

  7. Stacy–
    Feeling especially happy that I ordered your book– and according to ups it should be here today! YAY! So glad I did not miss out (again)!
    I am a Cathy Z addict– and mild-mannered blog stalker– thinking I should not delay this time around!
    Missy– photographer, scrapper, LIFE ARTIST!!!

  8. LOL! Of course it’s sold out how could it not be YOU ROCK! Oh and thanks for the info on Cathy’s book cause I pre-ordered mine! Can’t wait! Yeah!

  9. Lori Carlson says:

    I’ve had a great time doing some projects from your fabulous book–I even modified your album with the prompt words about every family member (is: has: reads: wishes: needs: ) and used it as my Christmas letter this year! My non-scrapbooking girlfriend came over and saw my big picture tag book, and she started reading through it, thinking it was such a great idea, and then she said, “So, this woman Stacy Julian, she’s your friend and she just made this for you? That’s so nice of her!” And I say, “Um, she’s actually a celebrity and it was in the back of her best-selling book.” It was so cute. . .
    Happy Wednesday!
    Lori Carlson

  10. WOWZERS!! What an amazing feeling to know that something you created is SOLD OUT again. I can’t put my mind around it!! Thankfully I already have the book. whew!! I am SO jealous that you have Cathy’s book already!!

  11. WOW and CONGRATS on the Big Picture…I am not surprised…it is wonderful…and I am SO JEALOUS that you have Cathy’s book in your hands…can’t wait to get this….she’s awesome!

  12. MaryAnn Perry says:

    We have your books at We have 14 in stock!

  13. Stacy, Your book is awesome. I purchased it about a month ago when it finally arrived to my LSS in Puerto Rico (mail to Puerto Rico can be slow ).. I have read this book three times.. I just love..Pick it up all the time, when I am on the phone, watching television, or just lying around. It does not surprise me that its sold out..I’m just glad I got my copy.LOL

  14. Cat Geiger says:

    I can believe your book is out again-it’s incredible!! Can’t wait for Cathy Z’s now book too..please let us know when your Family Fun Library Class is going to be held?? I can’t wait for it and want to plan ahead if I can!! Thanks so much!

  15. no wonder your book is all sold out again…it is so dang amazing and completely changed the way I think about scrapping! Everyone out there needs to get this book!

  16. Michele Monet says:

    Stacy – I bought your book the first time it hit the shelves. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I saw the DVDs you made with Wendy.
    I love Cathy too – and I’ll be stalking my LSS to get her sequel.
    Now, when can we expect the Big Picture sequel?

  17. Jennifer says:

    Feeling quite fortunate to have gotten my copy already! I didn’t think I’d ever love a book more than your Simple Scrapbooks book years ago, but I think Big Picture just might surpass that one! Congratulations on another sell out!

  18. Oh man! Lucky! I can’t remember if I pre-ordered the sequel. I think I did…did I? Ai yi yi! Too much stuff in my head to remember. Congrats on the great sales of your book! Well-deserved!

  19. I cannot find this book ANYWHERE! I have looked and looked! *sigh*

  20. WOW! How do you do it? Up until 4am? You have more energy than I had even in my teens! No wonder you get so much done. I’m not surprised your book has sold out again – it’s wonderful. I refer to it constantly for tips and ideas and it has empowered me to let go and just scrapbook! I’m also taking most of the classes at BPS and love them and the philosophy. Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement.
    I was at CKU-A in Dallas last year (the premiere) and your presentation on color moved me so much, I had tears in my eyes. I’ve always loved lots of color and now I know why! Stacy, your passion shows through big time – thank you. Also excited about Cathy’s new book – I’m sure it will be great, just like the first one.

  21. *finally* reading The Big Picture…I even blogged about it today :) Even though I was already totally on board with the philosophy of scrapping all the little things that matter, I’m loving it. I hope everyone who’s ever felt any guilt or pressure about scrapping the “right” things or being “caught up” runs out and buys it…and apparently, a lot of people are!!

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